Campaign management Keeping ahead of the Joneses

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                              Campaign management
                              Keeping ahead of the Joneses
                              If you are not applying best practice campaign management, Acxiom’s Neil Boulton
                              explains that the neighbours probably are…

                ustomers are radically chang-                                              More user-friendly and functionally-rich                                                                                      your investment? Or should you out-
                ing how they interact with the                                           applications have placed the control of cam-                                                                                    source, leaving data, software and
                companies they are prepared                                              paign and data management in the hands of                                                                                       infrastructure management to the
                to do business with.                                                     marketing rather than IT. Campaign manage-                                                                                      experts while providing sales and mar-
                Expectations are high; they                                              ment software simplifies both the deployment                                                                                     keting desktop access to the full
expect you to know who they are, what and                                                of complex, customised campaigns across                                                                                         functionality of campaign management?
when they purchase, and their communica-                                                 multiple segments, and the tracking and                                                                                4        Once selected, how do you utilise that
tion preferences, all while maintaining an                                               analysis of response and return rates across                                                                                    tool to its utmost potential? Is it adapt-
‘arm’s length’ relationship.                                                             those channels. Customers eligible for more                                                                                     able to your current and long-term needs
    Building a more customer-focused                                                     than one offer can be identified, and the best                                                                                   as marketing and organisational require-
organisation requires targeted marketing to                                              opportunity presented to them every time.                                                                                       ments evolve?
more niche segments across increasingly                                                      Customer-centricity has seen the shift of
splintered communication channels. The                                                   resources from blanket marketing to more                                                                                   Make the most of best practice principles
challenge of retaining control over multiple                                             targeted multi-channel initiatives, requiring                                                                          by aligning yourself with a trusted partner to
channels and customer preferences drives                                                 automation to support and drive business                                                                               assist you to roll out a progressive, low-risk
sales and marketing teams to consider the                                                development while measuring ROI and cus-                                                                               campaign management strategy. From advising
benefits of true campaign management.                                                     tomer engagement. This is achievable                                                                                   you on optimal customer data management to
                                                                                         through the implementation of campaign                                                                                 consulting services to ensure you get the most
THE WAY OF THE FUTURE                                                                    management tools and strategies.                                                                                       out of your campaign management software,
Once considered high-risk and prohibitively                                                                                                                                                                     the right partner can help you select a flexible,
expensive, campaign management tools are                                                 “More user-friendly and                                                                                                scalable solution that will grow with your com-
now a sound and affordable proposition. It is                                            functionally-rich applications                                                                                         pany and maximise return on investment.
possible to implement a campaign manage-                                                 have placed the control of                                                                                                 As companies strive to achieve customer-
ment solution allowing a single view of your                                             campaign and data                                                                                                      concentricity, multi-channel campaign
customers and prospects across multiple                                                  management in the hands                                                                                                management continues to grow as an industry
billing, product and customer facing systems                                             of marketing…”                                                                                                         sector, with a 16 percent compound annual
in just a matter of weeks. Precise campaigns                                                                                                                                                                    growth rate from 2006 through to 2011,
can be created in minutes, at a fraction of the                                          STAY ONE STEP AHEAD                                                                                                    according to the latest Gartner research.1
cost of 10 years ago.                                                                    Before you select a solution to suit your needs,                                                                           Can you afford not to adopt best
     If you have not included campaign man-                                              however, here are some questions to consider:                                                                          practice campaign management when
agement in your company’s long-term plans,                                               1 Have you developed a strategy for effec-                                                                             your competitors are?
there is every chance that your competitors                                                 tive customer and prospect data
have, and are already realising the benefits.                                                management? Can you create a single                                                                                 As the global leader in customer data management,
     Today’s campaign management solutions                                                  customer view by continually verifying                                                                              Acxiom makes information intelligent. Our lines of
are widely varied; in addition to market                                                    and enriching all aspects of your cus-                                                                              business include: data, data services, customer data
                                                                                                                                                                                                                integration, customer management solutions and
giants such as SAP and Oracle (Siebel), a                                                   tomer and prospect information?
                                                                                                                                                                                                                campaign management.
diversified range of offerings from other                                                 2 How do you select the appropriate cam-
locally supported global players provides                                                   paign management tool to accommodate                                                                                1 Gartner Research, ‘Magic Quadrant for Multi-channel
small to medium enterprises as well as large,                                               your organisation’s size, infrastructure,                                                                           Campaign Management’, 1Q07 Adam Sarner, ID Number:
tier-one corporates a choice of far more                                                    budget, go-to market strategies and long-                                                                           G00147196, published 6 April 2007.
accessible, affordable and practicable options.                                             term strategic goals?
     Campaign management software has                                                    3 In-house or outsource? Can your techni-
evolved. Increased investment in applications                                               cal resources and expertise support an
and the resolution of functionality and relia-                                              in-house campaign management plat-
bility issues have resulted in more                                                         form? Should you obtain external
sophisticated, established and robust tools.                                                assistance to maximise the benefit from

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