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                  There’s Nothing Like Australia Campaign Factsheet


Tourism Australia’s new campaign lets Australians invite the world to share their favourite Australian
place or experience.

The campaign has been developed to involve Australians because they are the experts on what
makes Australia unlike anywhere else.

Research by Tourism Australia also shows that Australians are eager to get involved in promoting
their country, with 8 in 10 Australians saying they know what makes their country unlike any other.
And 8 in 10 say they would help to promote Australia to people overseas.

The campaign is a first. It combines the insight of Tourism Australia’s 40 years of experience in
knowing what international tourists want, and the Australian people’s knowledge of what makes
Australia special.

This campaign is built to last. It has been designed so that the core message can continue for years
to come. It is much more than a 30 second television commercial. Whilst still important, the television
ad is only one part of a multi-faceted campaign.

Phase 1 – Australian Consumer Promotion: Announced 31 March 2010

The first phase of the campaign will start from 31 March with Australians being invited to start taking
photos of their favourite place or experience in Australia and to come up with their 25 words or less
why There’s nothing like Australia.

From 15 April to 12 May 2010 Australians will have the chance to upload why they think There’s
nothing like Australia onto, a website created by Tourism Australia for
the new promotion.

Entrants will also be eligible to win prizes. A winner will be chosen from each state and territory to win
an Australian holiday valued at $5,000. An overall winner will then be selected to win the ultimate
Australian holiday valued at $25,000.

Phase Two – International Campaign: To be launched in May 2010

Following phase one, Tourism Australia will use all the entries to create a new interactive map of
Australia, made up of all the things Australians think are special about their country.

It will be searchable by experience type, location, and by 1,000 keywords. That map will be housed on, which attracts more than a million unique visitors each month, and also at


    Once the site is ready to go live to the world in late May 2010, Tourism Australia will launch it
    internationally. It will be launched along with the There’s nothing like Australia television commercial.

    Tourism Australia will also choose a number of the best entries from Australians, in phase one of the
    campaign, to be used in online and print advertising globally.

    Tourism Australia will also be working with airlines, travel agents, tour operators and media partners
    around the world building the commercial part of the campaign to make sure that everyone who sells
    Australian holidays can use the campaign tagline and imagery for the phase two roll out.



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