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					Online Green Card renewal is one of the ways in which you can get your green card
renewed. A green card signifies your lawful permanent status in the US. Though your
status is permanent your card is valid only for 10 years and has to be renewed
regularly. This is USCIS's way of keeping information about lawful permanent
residents updated.
 Considering that the green card is the proof of your status in the US, it is mandatory
that you carry it with you at all times. However, it has to be mentioned here that, most
people prefer leaving it in a safe place to prevent theft and loss of the card. Keeping
that in mind, it would be your best option to carry a photo copy of your green card
with you at all times.
 Not only do you need to have the green card with you at all times, you need to have
a valid one. Which means that you should not be carrying an expired green card. The
green cards come with an expiration date. Green card renewal has to become a part of
your life in that you should remember to get the card renewed every time that there
are only 6 more months left for the card to expire.
 Application to renew green card
 You will have to file the I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident card for a
green card renewal. You should file this form when there are 6 months or less
remaining for your card to expire. Even if your card has already expired you will have
to file the I-90 to get it renewed. This is the same form that is used for green card
replacement. The I-90 has to be completed and submitted to the USCIS along with
some supporting documents. The I-90 can be mailed to the USCIS or filed online.
 The I-90 can be accessed online. You will have to create an account on the USCIS
website. You can then login and complete your application and submit it. You will
then have to mail your supporting documents to the USCIS. After you have
electronically filed your application for green card renewal, the USCIS will mail you
a biometrics appointment notice. It may take several weeks before you can receive
this notice. This notice will carry all the information regarding the time, date and
location for the biometrics.
 After you receive the notice, you will have to appear for the biometrics appointment
at the specified Application Service Center with the notice and photo identification of
yourself. The photo identification may be your passport, driver's license, military or
state-issued photo identification. You will be photographed and fingerprinted. An
interview will be conducted if necessary. If all goes well your green card will be
mailed to you. The whole green card renewal process could take up to 180 days on
 Please note that not everyone is eligible to file online for green card renewal. A
permanent resident can file this form online to replace a lost, stolen or destroyed card,
to update biographic information on the card, to replace a mutilated card, to renew an
expiring card, when changing status from resident commuter and taking up permanent
residence in the US, when the status is automatically converted to that of permanent
resident, and to replace an older edition of the card with the latest type.
 A conditional resident cannot file for online green card renewal but can file online
for the replacement of lost, stolen or destroyed green card, to replace a mutilated card,
and to update changes in biographic information.