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									            Roadmap To Tom Burrell Audio

:45     Prayer Begins

1:05    We are the sons and daughters of those seeking restitution

1:30    We know that you promised our grandparents that one day

1:55    My name is Thomas Burrell…

3:00    This opprotunity that is known as the Black Farmers lawsuit

3:35    Anyone here got paid?

4:40    (Begins discuss of history)

4:50    We're here to talk about money and we shouldn't apologize. It's time black folks got paid

5:40    Two, three, four hundred years ago somone looked up from a cottom field..

6:15    This lawsuit is grounded in the word of God

7:00    I'll give it to your children in 2010 or 2011

7:30    (Explains difference plaintiff and defendants)

9:15    Nobody got a check back in the 50s and 60s

12:00   The government said when they discriminated, they didn't keep a record. Hello!

13:00   The government didn't keep a record and we didn't keep a record

13:15   Every black person who maintained that they were a victim of discrimination, you've got

14:40   They set aside a block of money to pay black folks

15:15   The interesting thing about that money is that Congress didn't put a cap on it

19:45   A consent decree to lawsuit is what a manual is to the computer

20:45   I am the President of BFAA and we advocate

22:15   Is that why you're here today -- because of the money?

23:00   She got that $50,000, but she left the other money on the table

25:05   I've known Shirley Sherod for 30 years.
25:55   Some of you all who farmed might be eligible for (Track B)

26:55   After the checks hit the street, word started to get out

27:50   Anyone here have a tracking number? (A few do)

28:15   Now the lawsuit is re-opened

29:20   Can I assume you want to get paid?

31:05   Now there are close to 100000 folks in the lawsuit

32:30   We voted for you (Obama) but we're gonna sue you for our money

33:15   (Two people in group of 150 or so actually have tracking numbers)

34:20   It's not enough money. Mathematically, you'd need five billion

35:30   We're like a union. We advocate on behalf of our members/

36:20   We have what's called legal standing

37:25   Now there are about 5 other lawsuits on the table

38:55   If you don't have a tracking number, you aren't in this lawsuit. Would you like to be?

39:40   We let the judge know, we have some folks who want to be in this lawsuit

41:40   We represent individuals who don't have a tracking number but want to be in this lawsu

45:20   More women got paid in this lawsuit than men

46:25   Isn't it strange that more women got paid than men?

47:50   If you got paid, you've got the same right to go back again

48:15   This lawsuit, first and foremost, is not a farming lawsuit. It's a discrimination lawsuit.

49:05   The judge has a $50,000 check

49:40   In this lawsuit, let's read what the judge has said the process is

51:45   So far, he hasn't said anything about farming

51:55   He's not going to try and determine if you've farmed. Hello!

54:05   The judge has $50,000 for you, you and you -- here's his first question
53:35     Did you own, lease or attempt to own or lease?

54:45     (Woman says "no")

55:40     The judge says I'm going to give you an assignment

56:15     Look at the four questions like a baseball game

57:30     You have to answer all four questions in the affirmative

58:30     If this lawsuit you can file in four ways…

59:30     I filed personally, my sister filed on behalf of my father

1:01:35   (in military) or incarcerated

1:02:00   Let's try again…

1:02:20   The judge is gonna give you three other shots at it

1:02:54   How does the judge know you tried?

1:03:25   (Congress said if you say you tried to own land -- you did)

1:04:10   Second question - let's go to second base

1:04:40   (Woman says "no")

1:04:55   I don't want to put words in your mouth

1:05:35   The judge says and Congress says if you say you went into the USDA to try and get some

1:05:50   (The night before he died)

1:06:15   (We're in a church -- you're going to have to go home)

1:06:45   I'm just telling you how the program workds

1:08:00   (Woman talks about father farming in the 1960s)

1:09:55   They will pay you because you were discriminated against,not because you farmed

1:10:45   You can talk your way into the lawsuit or talk your way out of it

1:11:45   You get paid for convincing the judge that you were discriminated against

1:14:55   The USDA admitted that they discriminated
1:18:00   (Story of 70 year old man who couldn't read or write -- approved)

1:19:05   (Explains that allegations must be detailed and specific)

1:20:20   We're going to help our members prepare an affidavit

1:20:35   Well, what made it true?

1:21:00   We're going to help you detail your allegation

1:21:55   There is a pretty good chance that if you're filing on behalf….

1:22:30   Since that judge is a thousand miles away, all he has to go on is your word. Hello!

1:24:50   (Similiarry situated white farmer)

1:28:35   Why did the judge deny (a black farmer)? SSWF

1:30:00   (explains how to get the SSWF info by going to deed office)

1:30:45   Your $50,000 will hinge on that more than anything else

1:35:50   (Relevant time period 1981-1996)

1:36:15   Of course we farmed in the 30s and 40s

1:35:45   The issue is not whether you farmed in 1965 but whether you were discriminated again

1:37:25   Did he go to the USDA office between 1981 and 1996? My sister said he did and she go

1:37:40   You have to make your decision, I'm explaining the proccess

1:43:30   (We'll ask you to provide your birth certificate to provide credability)

1:44:20   (Explains how BFAA will help fill our affidavit)

1:48:20   (Question 4)

1:49:55   (Gives example of a specific, detailed answers)

1:52:30   It's not about farming.

1:53:00   (Example of woman claiming to have not been given an application)

1:53:40   (Burrel gives exmaple of woman from Los Angeles going to USDA office, in theory)

1:55:10   (The law says she was supposed to get an application )
1:56:20   (Questions about people being denied for being too old or too young)

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