On The Home Appliances To The Countryside On Our Preferential Agricultural Policy_ Revelation by djsgjg0045


									Abstract: Since the 15 consecutive on since the introduction of China's preferential
agricultural policies that the system is based on some theoretical background and the
actual economic situation, on the one hand, comply with the spending power of
farmers and the demand trend of escalation, achieved some success; other On the one
hand has also exposed some of China's preferential agricultural policy shortcomings,
such as policy implementation and the system runs counter to the beginning of the
table, policies, lack of a long-term mechanism. To "

 Appliances to the countryside "For example, attempt to explore the benefits of
agricultural policies continue to play an effective role in the implementation

 Keywords: home appliances to the countryside; preferential agricultural policies

1 from "appliances to the countryside" in China to implement preferential agricultural
policies on

 1.1 preferential agricultural policies lack a reasonable gradient

Poor areas in developing countries subsidize the standard appliances in poor areas do
not take into account the market classification. But all give 13% subsidy. This can
only meet the needs of well-off farmers, and some are still in poor areas often
inaccessible to poor farmers. With

 Refrigerator For example, the minimum market price of 2,500 yuan for refrigerators,
farmers can enjoy the 325 yuan of subsidy, but affordable does not mean affordable,
high electricity charges and few cold

 Food Makes the country's active consumer policy often exist in name only, the
original can not afford or can not afford the present. This activation of rural spending
power, explore a potential consumer of the original intention of this policy is very
different. Thus, the majority of our preferential agricultural policy-making is not
really practical for the farmer research groups, for the benefit group does not have a
very good distinction, and benefit farmers do not have a reasonable intensity gradient.
Instead, the rural market as a big hole to fill blindly rely on the financial results often
have little effect.

 1.2 links preferential agricultural policy, too cumbersome to implement

For "home appliances to the countryside" are a lot of farmers started applauding,
Zhikua the party's policy is good, but in the real process of implementation is worried
and helpless, and many farmers sigh, "claims the procedure was too complicated . "
Although a number of people working in the city, but the account is in the province
and other rural areas. Although the province in accordance with policies and
regulations can be either "home appliances to the countryside"

  Sell Store to buy products to rural areas, but the purchase of "home appliances to the
countryside" products, you must return to domicile to receive subsidy payments, and
sometimes they go to apply for subsidies, fares even higher than the subsidies they
receive, often resulting in them not willing to buy "home appliances to the
countryside" products. The situation also reflects the widespread implementation of
China's preferential agricultural policy, a drawback. As the structure of our system of
special rights, and the full realization of the traditional mechanism, resulting in the
process of policy implementation in China costs surge. These costs are often derived
from the policy implementation mechanism in China is too burdensome.

 1.3 to implement preferential agricultural policies compatible with the lack of
infrastructure and market environment

 Home appliances can not do without the corresponding use of the consumption
environment and conditions, present, many public goods in short supply in rural areas,
poor infrastructure, to some extent constrained "household appliances to the
countryside" effect. Good use of the power facilities are the basis of household
appliances, electric power facilities in China's rural areas is not perfect, which makes
appliances to rural areas lack the basic conditions for implementation of the policy.
Perfection of the social security system and essential for the economic capacity of
slightly better, with the purchasing power of farmers, they may consider for their
children to marry and maintenance expenses and the elderly to give up their savings
for old age to purchase. This is China's rural social security system is not perfect
embodiment. Therefore only "home appliances to the countryside" is not enough, but
also supporting the improvement of infrastructure, not only the farmers can afford,
can afford, but also willing to buy.

 Sale of products at the same time the countryside

Service Can not be left behind. For example, the better the living conditions of some
farm families, color TV, washing machine appliances need replacement, but they do
not need subsidies for some products range. Also some farmers would rather not
specify a "home appliances to the countryside" in stores


 Machine, rather than enjoy the policy on purchase, because the same product, the
price is not specified, only the store than to "enjoy policy" by 20 yuan, but it is
delivered to your door with installation.
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