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									12 Month Millionaire: Audio Coaching Sessions With a Multi Millionaire to help you
Grow your business..
  If you are a newbie or a widely experienced internet marketer, there is always
something to learn to help grow your business.
  Russell Brunson recently relased a program called 12 month millionaire , which is a
6 part audio interview with a highly successful direct mail marketer. This is based on
an out of print book by Vince James called 12 Month Millionaire.
  This former felon makes more money every year than most CEOs of large
corporations; He reputedly has made over 100 million dollars through direct mail
which is an offline type of marketing. He taught internet marketers many ways to
make money in his book. Russell Brunson interviewed him to see how his already
great internet marketing business could benefit.
  Russell has since made millions simply applying the techniques learned from this
man, Vince James.
  The information in this program can be extremely useful if you would like to take
your online business offline and that is the reason for this interview. Vince talks about
advertising in other non-internet media and these techniques can be adapted to grow
your business on or offline. Perhps a mediopcre internet marketer may not get some
of the points in this interview but a smart marketer is almost certainly going to pick up
many useful points and apply them to the marketing of his business.
  The topics covered in different sessions of this interview are: Session 1: This session
is about how a 21 year-old boy got started in a million dollar business, his niche and
how he achieved success in it. Vincent will also show you how he set up his
membership site and sold over 65,000 memberships within a single 12 month period.
  Session 2: Product creation and information publishing are the focus of this module.
Vincent shares his secret on how he sold mmay information products through both
direct mail and direct marketing.
  Session 3: Listing building and maintaining the latest information of customers and
prospects are of paramount importance to your business so you will learn techniques
on how Vincent handles his list and maintains the latest contact information of his
subscribers. Here you will also learn about the life time value of a customer and how
to develop your customers into your continuous income stream.
  Session 4: This module is about the advertising techniques used by Vincent that
helped grow his million dollar business. This vital session is on how to drive your
business and monetize your traffic.
  Session 5: This session is about more advertising techniques such as TV and radio
advertisement. for the generation of buying leads.
  Session 6: Of course there are always potential problems that arise throughout in a
million-dollar money making path. You will learn anticipate and avoid them as well as
what action to take if you find your product being copied by unauthorized people.
  This will give you valuable tips on how to earn through both on;ine and offline
marketing whether you are a newbie or you already have some marketing experience .

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