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									Many young people shy away from wearing a medical alert necklace. They may have
seen the big, gaudy metal pendants that their grandparents have worn and they felt
embarrassed by the idea of wearing them. They may have even worn some of the old
styles before and been made fun of at school. Because of these reasons, if you have a
child who is a teenager with a medical condition, then you may need to do a little
convincing in order to make sure they stay properly protected in the event of medical
 However, medical id necklaces are not what they used to be. In fact with the
numerous new styles and designs, a teenager will find it much easier to find one that
will fit their personality. Your teen may not completely understand the vital
importance these medical necklaces offer, but you can make it easier for them to
choose and wear one by showing them all the styles that are available now.
 Pendant Style
 There are medical necklaces that are designed to look and feel like regular jewelry.
With combinations of silver tone and gold tone metals, the necklaces will look no
different from any other pendant your child may wear. This way, the necklace and
their medical condition will not stand out to other teenagers and embarrass your child.
 Dog Tag Style
 Dog tag necklaces are quite popular among today's youth. Often, these dog tags are
engraved with various details. Because of this, medical alert necklaces that are made
in a dog tag style could be the perfect choice for your teen. These dog tags include
only a small emblem on the front along with the needed medical details on the back.
Inconspicuous and in style, the dog tag style medical alert necklace can be perfect for
your child, whether they are a girl or a boy.
 Lightweight Styles
 If your teenager would prefer their necklace cannot be seen at all, then a lightweight
style could be perfect. These simple and small medical id necklaces will easily be
hidden under a shirt so that no one has to know they are wearing a necklace at all.
These simple styles can still include the needed medical information without being
gaudy or noticeable.
 Waterproof and Durable
 Since your child will want to lead an active life, be sure to choose from s medical
alert necklaces that is made to be both waterproof and durable. Since they will need to
wear this necklace at all times, durability is vital. Choosing the right necklace will
guarantee that they do not have to worry about damaging their alert pendant.
 Many teenagers do not feel comfortable with the idea of wearing a medical alert
necklace because they feel they will be embarrassed. If you have a child that needs
one of these necklaces, let them know that the necklaces available today are not like
those that their grandparents may wear. There are styles and designs in durable and
waterproof options that will help your teen feel comfortable with the necklace they
need to wear.
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