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					Make Up
                                                         MONDAY        CLOSED

Day Make Up                               £20.00        TUESDAY        9.30am - 5.00pm
Evening Make Up                           £24.00
                                                    WEDNESDAY          10.00am - 5.00pm
Bridal Make Up                            £55.00      THURSDAY         9.30am - 8.30pm
Wedding day bridal make up price includes
trial                                                      FRIDAY      9.30am - 7.00pm

Call us about discounts for bridal party make          SATURDAY        9.30am - 4.00pm

up. A local home visit on the day of the wedding
can be arranged for an additional fee.
                                                         SUNDAY        CLOSED

Top to Toe

Your choice of treatments to suit your every
need or any occasion! Call in or phone us for
more details.
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                                                                                                 Ellis Taylor Beauty Studio

Ellis Taylor Beauty Studio (etb) reserve the
right to alter prices and treatments at any
time. These prices were correct at the time
                                                       We appreciate 48hrs notice of a
                                                    cancellation otherwise a cancellation fee
                                                                may be charged.
                                                                                                01322 667625
of going to press.
Facial Treatments                                        Waxing                                                 Nailcare
Crystal Clear Deluxe Oxygen Facial            £55.00     Using the roller waxing system, this is one of the     Throughout our entire range of nail treatments we
This facial stimulates cell regeneration and visibly     most convenient methods of removing unwanted           only use NAILTIQUE products.
plumps out lines and wrinkles - incorporating a          hair.                                                  Manicure                                     £15.00
mask, head, shoulder and foot massage it is the          Waxing - Single Treatments                             Pedicure                                     £20.00
perfect rejuvenation treatment with immediate            Full Leg                                     £20.00    Re-shape & Varnish                            £7.00
results. Treatment time approx 1hr 30mins.               Half Leg                                     £12.50    With the use of special rehydrating parrafin wax,
                                                         Bikini Line                                    £8.00   we can provide extra care for your hands and feet.
Oxygen Treatment                            £35.00       Underarm                                       £7.00   Luxury Manicure                              £25.00
This incorporates cleanse, scrub, oxygen, serum          Arm Wax                                      £11.50    Luxury Pedicure                              £30.00
tone and moisturise for approx 45 mins.                  Brazilian                                    £15.00
                                                         Hollywood                                    £20.00    Massage Treatments
The Combined Facial                             £65.00   Chest / Back                                 £15.00    Soothe away stress and strain with your choice of
This is incorporating Crystal Clear                      Patches                                        £6.50   massage.
Microdermabrasion into the Deluxe Oxygen Facial          Upper Lip                                      £5.00   Full Body Massage                           £35.00
for optimum results. Effectively two facials in one!     Chin                                           £5.00   Back, Shoulders & Neck                      £19.00
Treatment time approx 1hr 30mins.                        Waxing - Packages                                      Feet & Legs                                 £16.00
                                                         Full Leg, Underarm & Bikini Line             £34.00
Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion                £45.00    Full Leg & Underarm                          £26.00    A Little Extra!
This is a safe and controlled method of skin             Full Leg & Bikini Line                       £27.00    Infrared heat treatment can be incorporated into
resurfacing offering a progressive solution to open      Full Leg & Brazilian                         £33.50    all of the above treatments for only:        £9.00
pores, blackheads, pigmentation, acne scars and          Half Leg & Bikini Line                       £19.50
much more. Also helps to increase new collagen           Half Leg & Brazilian                         £26.50    Body Scrubs
and elastin fibres resulting in a firmer more toned      Half Leg & Underarm                          £18.50    The ultimate in exfoliation. It will leave your skin
texture. Treatment time approx 1hr 15mins.               Half Leg, Underarm & Bikini Line             £26.00    smooth and soft.
                                                         Half Leg, Brazilian & Underarm               £33.00    Body Scrub                                       £25.00
Dermalogica Facial                          £33.00       Half Leg & Patches                           £18.00    Leg Scrub                                        £15.00
Using the highly acclaimed DERMALOGICA                   Lip & Chin                                     £8.50   Back Scrub                                       £15.00
product range, we can offer a personal treatment                                                                A Back Massage Scrub                             £40.00
programme devised for your specific needs.               Electrolysis                                           (Incorporates a relaxing back massage with a full
Treatment time approx 1hr 15mins.                        A disposable needle is of course used for each         body scrub)
Multivitamin Power Exfoliant Facial            £38.00    5 Mins                                      £7.50      Tanning Treatments
The ultimate facial from DERMALOGICA to combat           10 Mins                                     £9.50      Full Body Tan                                  £25.00
premature ageing by stimulating cell renewal. This       15 Mins                                    £14.00      Leg Tan                                        £15.00
facial will noticeably improve your skin elasticity,     20 Mins                                    £18.00      Full Body Scrub & Tan                          £45.00
tone and texture after just one treatment.               30 Mins                                    £26.00
Treatment time approx 1hr 15mins.                                                                               Ear Piercing
                                                         Eye Treatments                                         A disposable cassette system is used to maintain
A 6 week Power Exfoliant Course              £216.00     Eyebrow Shape / Wax                           £6.50    high standards of hygiene, using gold plated
                                                         Eyelash Tint                                 £10.00    studs.
Quick Fresh Facial                              £22.50   Eyebrow Tint                                  £5.50    Pair Of Studs                              £10.00
An ideal introduction to facials, suitable for any       Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint                       £15.00    Single Stud                                  £6.00
skin type. Includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation and      Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint & Shape               £21.00
facial mask. Treatment time approx 45mins.               Eyelash Perm                                 £27.00    ...more treatments over the page...

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