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									Nokia, the biggest mobile phone manufacturer, has come up with yet another mobile
sensation, Nokia C6. Nokia has record of launching good quality mobile phones to
fulfill the expectations of the consumers. Nokia provides the largest number of
choices to its customers in terms of features, designs, looks and functions. It produces
user-friendly phones using latest technology. People love to buy Nokia mobiles for
their cost-effectiveness, amazing features and durability.
  The Nokia C6 is much like N97 but price range is different. This phone is cheaper
than N97. The Nokia C6 is touch screen phone with slider feature. It has a QWERTY
keypad. However, this phone has a little snag that it has call end button which shuts
the phone even if it is pressed for a moment.
  This phone is equipped with all the features and functions which are expected from
latest mobile phones. It includes features like Wi-Fi, 3G, music player, fast
connectivity internet, 3D video games, high resolution camera with auto focus and
many more.
  If you are looking for a phone like tat of N series of Nokia but at a affordable prices,
this phone is best option for you. It offers lots of social networking and messaging
features. This 3G device operates on a Symbian^1 operating system. It is smartphone
that is Wi-Fi enabled and also supports Bluetooth function.
  The Nokia C6 also has good multimedia features also such as a 5 MP camera with
LED flash, 4 X digital zoom and autofocus. You can shoot the beautiful moments of
your life when they happen. You need not wait for a dedicated digital camera as
moments of life never wait for anything. As you carry your mobile phone always with
you, this camera phone is perfect device for the purpose.
  It also provides support for Facebook, MySpace, Hi5 and several OVi applications.
The Nokia C6 offers 3.2 鈥?touchscreen. This phone also gives business edge for
those who need to carry office work along with them. It has good set of applications
such as doc, ppt, xls and pdf formats. You can review and review your documents and
send to your partners and colleagues by your phone whenever you are not in the town.
  If you love music in your alone time, this Nokia mobile phone can be your
companion wherever you go. Its music player supports formats like MP3, AAC,
AAC+, eAAC, eAAC+. It comes with internal memory of 16GB.
  The Nokia C6 is among the latest mobiles from Nokia. You can look online for its
best deals if you plan to purchase this one.
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