No more desire - Only desire is to serve the Lord and carry out his order by djsgjg0045


									When we become proper bhaktas of the Lord, our consciousness is 鈥淚 am his
eternal servant. No more bossing over, No more lording over, No more desires to lord
over, No more desire. Only desire is to serve the Lord and carry out his order.鈥?All
of us here are Lords servants to carry out His order, and to carry out the order of the
Spiritual master. This divine thought changes our entire mood. Say 鈥檚 Madhu
Pandit The Change from karmi to devotee 鈥?by Madhu Pandit Who is Karmi? A
karmi is one who tries to control the material nature. He even tries to control his own
life. A Karmi always strives to control his own eating, sleeping and mating. Who is a
devotee? A devotee is one who tries to serve the order of the Lord. He believes that
Krishna will fulfill his entire requirement to survive in this world. All material
necessities are provided by Paramatma. He doesn 鈥檛 have to work for achieving
these material goals. He works to please the Supreme Lord. His daily duties of
existence are also meant for pleasing the Supreme Lord. A devotee executes his duties
without attachment to the results. He is of the belief that he has to do his duties and
the result is all dependent on the Lord. Search Tags: ISKCON Bangalore, ISKCON,
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