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No Delays On Time And Efficient Fractional Jet Ownership


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									Efficiency is another major reason why elite businesses, wealthy individuals and
corporations are becoming fractional jet owners. If a business operation requires that
employees or managers do a considerable amount of travelling by air, being a
part-owner of a private jet is the best way for the company to save time and money. A
sizeable investment is needed to become a fractional jet owner, but the ordinary
preparation and maintenance expenses of that aircraft are shared among the owners.
  Investment in fractional jet ownership may run from about £40,000 to £100,000
annually for certain aircraft to as much as £20 million for a half-interest in a Boeing
Business Jet. This is still just a fraction of the total costs for outright ownership of
such an aircraft, and over time the investment should bring a company generous
savings over standard commercial flying.
  Time is money, and when using private jets for travel, those business travellers are
able to take off closer to home and land closer to their destination. On board the
aircraft, the atmosphere can easily be structured to facilitate in-flight work sessions or
Internet research. Time savings on average can equal as much as eight hours of
executive pay per person.
  Jet selection can match company requirements for distance and speed. Smaller jets
have a distance range of at least 1,100 miles, while larger aircraft approach an 8,000
mile range. Speeds also vary by model, from around 430 mph to 510 mph. Popular
business jet manufacturers include Hawker Beechcraft, Boeing, Dassault Falcon,
Bombardier Learjet, Cessna and Gulfstream models.
  These benefits are just the start for business and personal luxury travel. The aircraft
can carry from two people to large groups of 20 or more. The jets may be outfitted
with luxury seating and comfort amenities, such as access to luggage, computer
stations, audio-visual equipment, meeting or work spaces, and custom menus. Jets can
even be outfitted to carry the company logo in prominent places, inside and out. The
captain, all crew members and maintenance personnel are included in the shared
ownership. There may be some ongoing fees and contracts to run by the company
legal department, but the positive aspects of fractional jet ownership make this an
increasingly attractive option for businesses, celebrities, and others who wish to travel
in private luxury.
  NetJets Europe offers the best fractional private aircraft for all your business needs.
Customers can visit their website at for further information
on private jets and fractional ownership.

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