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					There are hundreds of NLP Techniques out there; these techniques range from simple
ones to really complicated ones. Each NLP Techniques does targets specified 鈥減
roblems 鈥? thus, it is safe to say that you do not have to go each one of them. NLP
Technique does something for everyone, if you think you are not good at
communicating and influencing others. There is a technique that enables you to
quickly establish an element of trust and rapport with other people whether it be in a
large or small gathering. Again, there is a need to stress that there are hundreds of
techniques available for all of us depending on which area in our lives we are
deficient or lacking.
  In NLP it all starts with the potential you possess. I 鈥檓 sure all of us want to
succeed in our lives. Who wouldn 鈥檛? Unfortunately, not all of us will be successful
and that is a sad reality. However, NLP promises that if success is what you want you
will get it. Scientifically, it has been proven through research that us humans only use
a 3 or 4 percent of our mental capacity. NLP proposed that with right NLP techniques
you will be able to use more of your mental capacity in order for you to become better
in everything you do.
  Most NLP practitioners would argue that if you do these NLP techniques properly
there is no such thing as 鈥淔 ailure 鈥? However, it still boggles me why there are
some people who still doubt and why these claims still exist. The only answer that I
could come up is that just like anything in this world it cannot be helped that it just
simply did not work for them. Not that I could blame them though because again NLP
and NLP Techniques are not an exact science.
  You might ask why most people would resort to NLP Techniques even if it is not an
exact science? The answer is plain and simple, most people believe in it because as
what I have stressed out earlier in NLP and using NLP Techniques there exist no
failure. A great analogy of what NLP does is, if you intend to go let say reach the
moon, however you weren 鈥檛 able to land on the moon. Do not worry about it, just
because the outcome is not what we originally intend to happen that doesn 鈥檛 mean
we have failed. What we need to do is learn from that journey and rethink what you
did or what you failed to do that made the landing in the moon unsuccessful in order
for us to safely land to the moon next time we try to do so.
  Therefore, to be successful in using NLP Techniques, it is very important for you to
know what you want. You should have a clear idea what you want. Next, you need to
be alert and be what you're getting and where you are heading to. Also, there is a need
for you to adapt to the changing situations, you must be flexible enough to continue to
the direction to reach your ultimate goal.