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					Most people nowadays get enlisted within any Medicare health insurance plan
provided by the government for the security of their future. The expense of the
medical treatment in the hospitals has increased a lot and it has become a real problem
for the elder citizens. Old aged people do not have the ability to work and earn the
necessary money for their treatments and due to this they have to face serious
problems. The introduction of the Medicare health insurance plans hashelped millions
of elder citizens so far; government of many developed and developing countries use
these health insurance plans nowadays for the common people to have a secured
future. However, the Medicare plans do not cover the entire medical bill of a person’s
treatment and leaves a huge gap. Sometimes this leads to serious troubles for the
helpless elderly people as they have to squeeze their pockets to pay the remaining bill.
There remains some uncover able gaps between original and the exact medical bill
payable, which is pretty difficult for any common person to pay. This has led to the
introduction of the Medicare Supplemental Insuranceplans; which are otherwise
known as the medigap plans as they cover the gap left by the Medicare policy.
  The Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans are sold and administered by the private
health insurance companies and these companies pay the necessary amount of money
for covering the gap left by the Medicare plans. Although the private companies
provide these Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans, they cannot change them as
the rules are fixed by the government. These rules cannot be modified under any
circumstances. In total there were 12 Medicare Supplemental Insurance plansdenoted
by the first 12 English alphabets, ranging from Plan A to Plan L till last year; but two
more plans, Plan M and Plan N have beenintroduced lately. These two plans provide
more facilities than the previous plans, but they cost more than those previous ones.
Each of these medigap plans have different features and provide separate facilities.
People can purchase any of these 14 Medicare Supplemental plans according to the
original Medicare plan they are enlisted with.
  However, any person cannot buy any of these Medicare Supplemental plans if he or
she does not have the original Medicare health insurance plan. The Medicare
Supplemental plans are meant to bridge the gap left by the Medicare plan and hence
they are just inactive without the Medicare policy. A person must fall within the Plan
A or Plan B of the originalMedicare policy to get eligible for any of the 14 Medicare
Supplemental plans. The job of the private companies is to sell these policies to the
common people and provide the necessary facilities. The 14 Medicare Supplement
Insurance Plans are quite beneficial to the elder citizens; these plans provide enough
financial support when the original Medicare plans fall short and people are in
desperate need of money. The gap that these Medigap Health Insurance Plans fill save
a lot of money and relieves people from financial problems.
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