New Professor Layton game Released on the Nintendo DS R4

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					There was much hype when the second in the Professor Layton series, the Diabolical
Box (Pandora's Box in Europe) was released. Advertisements both online and offline
flooded the streets of game stores and shopping centres in the United States for over a
month before the game was released. Given the immense popularity of the game,
therefore, it is a mystery why the newest installment in the Professor Layton series
was released on the 12th of September without any hype whatsoever.
  Professor Layton and the Unwound Future is a bold addition to the series, picking up
the story where the Diabolical Box left off and hurling it into the future - quite
literally. The game begins when Professor Layton receives a mysterious letter from
his own apprentice, Luke, from what appears to be ten years in the future. Given his
attendance at an interesting time-travel related event just two weeks before the receipt
of this letter, things begin to get mysterious and sinister incredibly quickly. Layton
and Luke immediately head off to investigate how these events are possible and could
even be related.
  The newest game in the series adds a depth to the characters that we had not
previously seen in the two games before. By the behaviour of both 'future' and
'present' Luke we are able to get a much clearer picture of what Luke is really like as a
person, and various side-stories allow the player to witness first-hand Professor
Layton's private life and that he also has weakness not seen before in the series. The
story is incredibly strong (much stronger than the previous game where the infamous
'it was all a dream' ploy was used to dampen what was otherwise a wonderful journey)
and new add-ons and abilities in-game add to the experience, while keeping the
familiar there.
  You are now able to repeatedly tap an area to uncover hidden puzzles, hint coins, or
even interact with your surroundings. The mini-games in the trunk have also been
revised, with a new car game replacing the hamster of the Diabolical Box and two
brand new games for the player's enjoyment.
  Professor Layton and the Unwound Future is confirmed to be available on the
Nintendo DS with cards such as the R4 SDHC v2.10T and the DSTT card. It is also
available on the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL on cards such as the R4i, M3i Zero,
Acekard 2i, EZFlash Vi and iEDGE.

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