New Nissan Pathfinder London by djsgjg0045


									The Pathfinder is an SUV manufactured by Nissan since 1986. In 2004 Nissan
launched a completely redesigned Pathfinder; it was to have a 4.0 litre V6 petrol or a
2.5 litre turbo diesel. A six-speed manual gearbox is standard; an automatic is
available as an option on top-spec versions.
  The Pathfinder boasts up to 64 different ways to arrange its 7 seats, to not just fit a
family but everything else that goes on a family trip too. The Nissan Pathfinder comes
with Nissan’s ALL MODE 4x4 System, low-ratio transfer box and separate chassis
making it a genuine 4x4 too. Due to its size, the Pathfinder suffers a lot of body roll
on tight corners; its slow reacting steering does not help either. The ride also becomes
harsh and unsettled on poorly surfaced roads.
  The Nissan Pathfinder blocks out road noise, and wind noise is not an issue at all.
The engine can be quite noisy on idle and vocal over 3000 rpm. The manual gear box
also has issues where gear changes do not seem convincing enough. A New Nissan
Pathfinder in London will set you back near enough £29,000 for the Acenta model,
the Tekna is £31,595. The Pathfinder is priced to undercut most of its rivals but, the
resale value may not be as strong.

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