New baby- - crying in the first weeks by djsgjg0045


									There are very few mothers out there who can calmly sit back and listen to their baby
鈥渆 xercising its lungs 鈥? You may even end up in tears yourself having tried
everything you can think of to comfort your baby yet she still remains distressed. You
end up wondering desperately if your baby is ill, or hungry, or even dying 鈥?You
may feel so inadequate that you cannot sooth your own baby that you unavoidably
become angry and resentful. This is a natural reaction and there is no need to feel like
you are a failure or a bad mother because of it. Keep in mind that some babies are
more naturally distressed than others, and they would more than likely carry on crying
even if your baby was in other hands. If you become tense you can and more than
likely will transmit the feeling to your baby, making matters worse. You may have
heard that over time you get used to your babies cries and will be able to recognize
exactly what it is looking for, but in actual fact, spectrogram studies have shown that
while there is a difference in pattern in cries made by babies with down syndrome or
serious illnesses or brain damage, the sound pattern of normal babies however does
not vary at all. Therefore, although your bay may cry loudly when in pain and niggle
when hungry, they sound wave pattern remains the same. The fact is, parents have to
decipher what their baby is trying to tell them from obscure information. What
happens over time with experience is that the possible reasons for the baby crying are
gone through quickly by the mother and she is more likely to make a correct, educated
guess as to what is wrong and were to comfort the baby as needed. While all babies
are different, it helps to know the immediate background, as well as the experience
before the crying started. Therefore, the more intimately involved you are with your
child, the better you are able to read his or her distress signals.
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