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					When you go into the market, you 芒鈧               ll see variety laptops with beautiful
looking, small size and light. Just imagine the 394224-001 AC Adapter is around half
kilo. A netbook in total is around 1.5kilo.It 鈥檚 notebook computer or just netbook
for surfing the internet? Will the Netbook computer take the place of the notebook
computer? or the notebook absorbs the advantages and strenthen its place? In terms of
their appearance, they look 脗 similar to each other, but their screen size will be
somewhat different. Netbook are usually 7-inch to 10.2 inch, while the ordinary
10.2-inch notebooks are basically beyond this size. From the configuration and
performance, the netbook using Intel Atom processor, basically, focus on low power
consumption and long battery life for it 芒鈧              s designed to meet the basic
requirement, while the ordinary notebook holds a more robust multimedia
performance. Another wireless netbook access capability stresses the hard disk size
which is not like regular notebooks. Netbook is often used to enjoy the surfing
pleasure, listening music, watching movies, seeing pictures and instant chat, email,
basic games. Ordinary notebook computer is of high complexity of the software that
can be installed, download, store, play CD / DVD, video conferences, process the
huge games and files. More over it can do more complex work than netbook.Its core
is the 鈥淣 etbook 鈥? the hardware is barely enough to meet the simple web and
software applications. The Netbook is indeed prevailing. While the notebook
computer market is indeed a bit weary since the economic crisis. But this brings
netbook a chance to boost. The same products for the PC, netbooks, notebooks,
desktop computers have their own scenarios. And behind them, the main chip
manufacturers such as Intel are also very careful to grasp the market positioning of
different products and price range, the access to the replacement notebook.

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