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Neopost IJ 110- Functionality with Unsurpassed performance


									When it comes to choose a digital mailing system, one can certainly bank on Neopost.
Till now, it has offered us some of the best postage meter in the market, and Neopost
IJ 110 is among one of them. It is one of the finest devices in the market of franking
machines. IJ 110 is known for its agility and unsurpassed performance.
  Neopost IJ 110 is known for its processing speed and for its highly efficient franking
machine cartridges. The machine can churn out up to 250 letters per minute. This is
the reason behind its huge popularity. It offers numerous features like, Track cost,
Export reports, and many more. Apart from them, the ink tank capacity of IJ 100 is
really commendable, which is up to 134,000 impressions, and one can use it for 12
  Equipped with an inbuilt automatic label dispenser, IJ 110 effectively process the
labels of varied sizes. With Neopost IJ 110, you can get up to 10 different types of
programmable jobs. Apart from them, the other thing which will take you by surprise
is scope of imprint customization, which includes, 9 customized slogans, multiple
logos or images, 7 mail class dies, 9 user defined text messages.
  Neopost IJ 110 is a very silent machine which keeps the workplace in sync with the
peaceful environment. The noise level of IJ 110 is even less than 73dBA. IJ 110 has
been approved by many agencies and from safety certifications as well.
  Finally, the device offers minimum and maximum envelop size of 5.5in x 3.5in and
13in x 10in respectively. The dimensions of Neopost IJ 110 are 44.5in x 11.5in x 18in.

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