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									There are numerous reasons why infertility is caused in women. Some of these
reasons are stress, poor diet, ageing, infection or injury caused to reproductive organs,
endometriosis etc. Natural Infertility can be treated using drugs and other procedures.
However, there are natural infertility cures that cause no damage to the mother and are
highly inexpensive. Other than this, these types of infertility cures are highly effective
as well. Let's take a look at these extremely beneficial natural infertility cures;
 1] Eating a Nutritious diet: Egg plant is considered to be effective in decreasing
natural infertility. Eating gently cooked eggplants with buttermilk for a month can
cure infertility in women. Lots of herbs are found to be beneficial in improving
fertility. Winter cherry is one such herb that is helpful in lessening natural infertility.
 Vitamin B6, B12, C and E can be termed as fertility boosters for women. Intake of
food items rich in these vitamins can be highly beneficial for women wishing to
pregnant. Flax seeds are rich in beneficial fatty acids. Regular intake of flax seeds can
prove to be highly favorable for decreasing infertility.
 Folic acid is such a vitamin that has proven to be a boon for those women who desire
pregnancy. A research conducted recently showed that women who regularly consume
folic acid had 20 percent more capacity of producing eggs. Women desiring
pregnancy are supposed to take in 0.4 mg of folic acid on a regular basis after
stopping birth control.
 2] Herbal Cures for Infertility: Herbal remedies on female infertility work without
giving any side-effects. These cures are low-cost and completely safe. If you wish to
get pregnant without going through expensive drug treatment then try herbal
infertility cures.
 Red clover is one of the best natural infertility cures as it is rich in vitamins,
magnesium as well as calcium. It aids in providing nourishment to the uterus and in
relaxing the nervous system. Red clover should be taken in as tea on a regular basis.
Another great herb for infertility is raspberry leaf.
 Raspberry leaf contains high quantity of calcium and hence, helps in restoring
hormonal balance. When taken with red clover, it produces excellent results. In order
to regulate menstrual cycle, lady's mantle should be drunk as tea everyday. False
unicorn root helps in maintaining hormonal balance as well as in stimulating ovaries.
 It also ameliorates [improves] ovulation. Other herb that assists in regulating
ovulation and hormones is stinging nettle. Stinging nettle is extremely rich in
chlorophyll and minerals. It should also be taken as tea on a daily basis.
 3] Proper Exercise: Yoga has gained popularity in many western countries, however,
very few know about the extreme benefits of this ancient Indian method of exercise.
Yoga is a very effective natural infertility cure as it restores hormonal balance,
regulates menstruation and improves ovulation.
 Yogasanas or Yoga postures facilitate fertility in women. Yogasanas such as
Paschimottanasana, Sarvangasana, Shallabasana, Ardhamatsyendrasana have proven
to one of the best natural infertility remedies.
 If you follow the above natural infertility cures then you may soon be rocking the
cradle and changing diapers
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infertility that has been researched for over 15 years. The outcome of this work has
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children naturally even though the conventional medical community has deemed them
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