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									"Longest" the 8-day long Golden Week is, indeed, consumers had enough of shopping
addiction shopping, especially the closely watched consumer electronics market is
extremely strong. According to report, the traditional dominant

 Washing Machine Still hot, over 3,000 new products into the high-end holiday

Sell A major highlight of this new pulsator which Little Swan "clothing-hyun" Water
Cube with innovative technology, much consumers welcome, since listing, sales
rising. Then the "Yi-hyun"

 Washing machine How much charisma do the laundry? Feedback from the
consumer's learned the mystery.

 Bring new clean technologies thorough cleansing experience

Clean a washing machine's permanent change of functional requirements, with the
advocacy of "zero-winding" and "fog states wash" clean new idea, Little Swan "Water
Cube" series washing machines have sold briskly, and now break the "only only with
the heating roller washing technology, "Little Swan will be a net energy washing
clothes controlled functionality into the" clothing-hyun "Water Cube among the
products to further improve the pulsator clean technology, bringing a full cleaning

 Many consumers in the process of washing clothes also note that often water, the
intensity of the master, and whether it can be fully washed clothes have a great
relationship. Little Swan using Hall sensor device, by measuring the weight of clothes
(within the error only 0.3KG), and use the appropriate amount of water and strength
so that clothes are washed, but not to excessively wash, compared with the previous
clean technology pulsator heavier.

 Health security needs of value added Laundry

, Of course, in addition to keeping fresh and bright clean clothes, do effective
sterilization, washing effect is to bring health, the focus of attention of consumers lose
points. Little Swan "Yi-hyun" Water Cube Washing Machine has a silver ion health
scrubbing technology, in the laundry process can penetrate clothing and fiber, clothing
for deeper penetration, more than 99% inhibitory effect, from the inside of the
protective clothing , the visible and invisible bacteria inhibiting them altogether, so
that clothing and body stay healthy.

 Human pursuit of simplification, "10 a" troubled life

Small Swan "Yi-hyun," Washing Machine has been able to dominate in the
Marketplace, the acclaimed, in addition seek to "clean", and "health" are two basic
points, there are many consumers use them comfortable and convenient design of

 Lot of clothes for the family cleaning, the small-capacity washing machines
appeared to be inadequate, while the industry generally defined mass of about 6.0 kg,
received more attention. Little Swan "Yi-hyun" Water Cube Washing Machine
washing capacity of up to 7.0 kg, completely solve the consumer's home for large
sheets, curtains and other fabric products, while cleaning the desire, and that a large
enough space to clothing and full roll stretched, relatively easy to winding, the
effective implementation of a one-time washing.

 "Yi Xuan" Water Cube also has a smart allocation of multi-wash it in the washing
process, for the underwear, silk scarf, or sweater, jeans, different fabric, different
washing liquid configuration, fluffy agent, softener so. Intelligent delivery procedure,
and prevent consumers because of unreasonable added, causing the clothing damage,
fading and other issues, so that clothing to keep luster.

 Same time, "Yi-hyun," a unique water-saving water cycle process ad hoc procedures,
consumers can wash the clothing according to the amount used last dehydration, a
second washing, thus effectively saving

 Energy .

 Insiders pointed out that Little Swan "Yi-hyun" Water Cube Washing Machine in a
clean, healthy, human nature embodies these general points, the mystery is not
common, the technical aspects are a big step forward, to the washing machine
industry injection of fresh blood, Little Swan in golden week "sales boom" of the
culmination, but also to the consumer a new living experience.
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