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					                                           February 2006 • Volume 2 • Issue 1


                  International Office
         Stellenbosch University

Hat trick for International Office
AT THE 9th annual conference of
the International Education
Association of South Africa
(IEASA), the International Office of
Stellenbosch University was
awarded the prize for excellence in
internationalisation for the third
consecutive year. The award was
based on the quality of information
supplied to international students.
The University of Cape Town and
the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan
University in Port Elizabeth were
awarded the second and third
positions respectively.
       “The award recognises the
effort of each staff member in the
International Office to contribute in    commenting on this, Kotzé said “It        tive.”
their own unique ways to ensure that     is indeed an compliment when in-                 IEASA also hounoured Kotzé
the information we provide interna-      ternational students indicate that        for his contribution to
tional students with, is correct. In-    their experiences reflect the infor-      internationalisation in higher educa-
formation in our brochures and           mation we supplied them with. If          tion and the role he played specifi-
documents correspond with infor-         you promise something, you must           cally in the Western Cape: “Under
mation supplied to prospective and       be able to deliver it!”                   his leadership the Western Cape
current students electronically and            The competition is sponsored        meetings were regular, informed and
via our website. Information is ac-      by the Golden Key International           became the forum responsible for
curate, up to date and well pre-         Honours Society in South Africa. It       much of the mutual respect and
pared,” said Robert Kotzé, director      was introduced in 2003, when the          cordial relations that there is today
of the office.                           focus was on international students’      between the four institutions’ inter-
       The Norwegian Ambassador          involvement in activities hosted by       national offices…” read a part of the
to South Africa, Mr Ove Torsheim,        the International Office. Last year       citation. Kotzé’s feelings regard-
also congratulated the international     the spotlight was on student ex-          ing the award is as follows: “ I re-
office on the quality of information     change programmes.                        gard it as a feather in the
available to international students.           “This third consecutive award       University’s cap for giving us at the
After conducting extensive inter-        presents us with a challenge for 2006     International Office the opportunity
views with Norwegian students            and the Office will have to keep on       to be creative in exploring possibili-
studying at Stellenbosch, Mr             functioning in top gear , since we        ties for international mobility.
Torsheim congratulated the univer-       only find out in May which aspect                This recognition will motivate
sity on the fact that the students re-   of Internationalisation will be the fo-   us even more to further the cause
ported that information supplied to      cus of next year’s competition.           of adding a international and multi-
them before their arrival in             However, we are motivated. If we          cultural dimention to all the func-
Stellenbosch corresponded with           always do our best to further             tions of the university. It also
what they experienced upon their         interantional academice mobility and      confirnms that the Western Cape’s
arrival and during their interaction     we implement our strategic docu-          coopetition-model holds advantages
with the International Office. When      ments, the results should be posi-        for all participating institutions.”
International Office Stellenbosch University                                                              Newsletter

  Third intake of AIMS students
welcomed at Stellenbosch University
THE       INTERNATIONAL               Four of the newcomers this year       bwe and Lesotho (two students
Office has welcomed another 42        are South Africans.                   from each country) and one each
students from 16 countries – the           The other 38 come from           from Comores, Ethiopia, Malawi
third intake for the                                                                        and Swaziland.
Postgraduate                                                                                      During the
Diploma in                                                                                  last two years,
Mathematical                                                                                many of the
Sciences being                                                                              AIMS gradu-
offered at the                                                                              ates enrolled at
African Institute for                                                                       Stellenbosch
Mathematical                                                                                University for
Sciences.                                                                                   master’s de-
      This office                                                                           grees in the
deals with the ad-                                                                          fields of math-
ministrative pro-                                                                           ematics, physics
cess of getting all                                                                         and computer
the AIMS students                                                                           science.
to South Africa
each year. UCT and UWC are the        Nigeria (eight students), Sudan      PHOTO: The new arriv-
other participating universities in   (six), Cameroon (five), Zambia als, pictured outside the Inter-
the AIMS programme. AIMS is           (three), Congo, the DR Congo, national Office when they vis-
situated in Muizenberg.               Madagascar, Tanzania, Zimba- ited campus recently.

 GAP Students: Building with a Purpose
“We are so thankful of what the       Through donations from another        township but they can also make
students are doing for us.” These     Methodist church in the USA they      a difference in the community.
were the words of Yvette Moses,       have now started to build the own            “The experience has really
reverend at the Lwandle               church. Because of limited fund-      been very good – hard work
Methodist Church near to              ing the church cannot                                  which is with it at
Somerset West. She was                afford to pay a contrac-                               the end of the day”
appreciating the hard work that       tor to build the church                                said one GAP stu-
was being done by international       and congregants volun-                                 dent. Because he
students from the UK who are in       teer their time during the                             GAP programme
Stellenbosch through the Global       week and over week-                                    sends student to
Adventure Project (GAP). The          ends to build the                                      SA every three
students are here to do volunteer     church.                                                months it envis-
service in needy communities in              It is for this reason                           aged that the fol-
and around Stellenbosch and           that the IO saw it fit for                             lowing group of
Somerset West areas.                  the GAP students to get                                students who will
      The congregants at the          involved with such a project. This    arrive throughout 2006 will also
Lwandle Methodist church are          does not only provide an oppor-       continue with the project and see
currently using a temporary build-    tunity for the students to interact   it to completion.
ing as their place of worship.        with the local people of Lwandle                 By Dineo Gaofhiwe

International Office Stellenbosch University                                                     Newsletter
                                                                       ISOS: Kayamandi Project 2005

      The ISOS Kayamandi Project:
     Lending a Hand to Those in Need
                                                                                                      by Mike Leslie
The 2005 ISOS-Kayamandi Project           place in four 6th grade classrooms             Fri-
was a particularly eventful one. It       as overseen by four “Teachers” who      days were
did not escape the frustrations of        were responsible for planning les-      the last of
those in the past, but it did manage      sons, activities, and maintaining as    our volun-
to improve upon some previous             much control of the class as pos-       tary efforts
efforts, and it will go down as a good    sible. Activities mostly followed the   at the Ikaya
semester for the firsts that were         general themes and suggestions pro-     Primary
achieved.                                 vided by Pam, a sixth grade English     School, and
        After the initial introductory    teacher at the school. The number       were fre-
walk-through of Kayamandi, volun-         of volunteers and emphasis upon         quented by
teering commenced with much en-           individual interaction helped many of   the same amount of volunteers as
thusiasm. Volunteers worked at ei-        the children to become more confi-      on Wednesdays. Arts & Crafts ac-
ther Ikaya Primary School or Hec-         dent and proficient in their use of     tivities were held in two first grade
tor Peterson High School accord-          English and although there is still a   classrooms and overseen by two co-
ing to different activities depending     long way to go, I think this semes-     ordinators while informal soccer
on the day of the week students           ter really had an important impact      matches were held at the field. Arts
volunteered.                              on the children.                        and Crafts was managed well de-
        Monday’s group con-                                                                spite the excitement created
sisted of eight volunteers that                                                            by 100 kids.
worked in four pre-primary                                                                        All in all, 2005 was
classrooms. Monday’s were                                                                  really a fun year. Yes, there
the most consistent of the                                                                 were some problems, but
voluntary efforts and im-                                                                  there always are. Regard-
proved upon the quality and                                                                less, the schools that ISOS
range of its efforts from the                                                              members volunteered at
previous semesters. Certainly                                                              and the children they inter-
one of the most memorable                                                                  acted with did benefit
experiences was the trip to                                                                largely from that time to-
the zoo with the pre-primary                                                               gether.
school children. This was the                                                                     The individual atten-
first field trip the pre-primary school                                           tion that was provided and the genu-
children ever went on, and ISOS                 During the second semester        ine interests expressed by many vol-
was extremely proud to help make          ISOS also continued with sending        unteers was a shining success of
this trip possible in partnership with    tutors to Hector Peterson High          this semester and I thank those stu-
the pre-primary teachers and the          School. ISOS and Hector Peterson        dents that gave their time and ef-
school. In the end, about 70 chil-        High School agreed upon a time af-      forts to be with the kids. I think it is
dren went to the zoo for the very         ter school to provide volunteers to     often that we forget how much we
first time and it is safe to say that     tutor students that were struggling     too gain from the experience of
the teachers, volunteers, and chil-       in Maths, Science, and English. Fif-    working with the kids and getting a
dren all really enjoyed the trip. I had   teen students volunteered to tutor      glimpse of how life is for them. I
the feeling that the teachers and vol-    and spent their Thursday afternoons     hope that all ISOS members were
unteers formed functioning relation-      at the High School. Despite much        able to attend at least one volunteer
ships that improved the quality of        support from the principal of the       opportunity, and imparted as much
the children’s education and I really     school, results were mixed and          on the kids as they took away from
hope that future semesters’ will be       scheduling problems again were an       it. And for those volunteers that
as successful and creative in their       issue. While the response from Hec-     came consistently throughout the
approach.                                 tor Peterson has remained positive,     semester, despite the tests, papers,
        Wednesday’s English Tutoring      we are aware that there is much that    and trips that often conflicted with
efforts probably saw the most vol-        ISOS can contribute to the school       the schedule, thank you, because
unteers involved throughout the           and we hope to do more in the fu-       you make it possible to continue vol-
course of the semester. Lessons took      ture.                                   unteering.
International Office Stellenbosch University                                                              Newsletter

 African University Day at Stellenbosch
THE INTERNATIONAL                     Adult Education, SU) and Ms         Marie Kruger from the Drama
OFFICE hosted the annual              Nan Warner (Af-                                      Department,
African University Day on Friday,     rica Links Co-or-                                    Ms Tendai
November 11, in the Ou                dinator, UCT).                                       Mugwagwa
Hoofgebou. Eighty people from               This was fol-                                  from AIMS
Stellenbosch University and other     lowed by a second                                    and Mr Gino
tertiary institutions in the region   session of presen-                                   Boussiengui-
attended the event.                   tations by various                                   Boussiengui
      After the welcome by Mr         Africa initiatives at                                from Gabon.
Robert Kotzé, Director of the In-     the University.                                             The
ternational Office, a panel discus-    Speakers inclu-                                     celebration
sion was held around this year’s      ded Mr Cori Ham                                      was con-
theme, “Quality Assurance in          of CPWild, Prof                                      cluded with
Higher Education”. The speakers       Jurgens Hendriks                                     lunch in the
were Prof Russel Botman (Vice         of NetACT, Dr                                        square of the
Rector: Teaching, SU), Prof Eli       Jessica Kaahwa                                       Ou Hoof-
Bitzer (Centre for Higher and         from Uganda, Dr                                      gebou.

 Leiden visits Stellenbosch                                                 THE DIRECTOR of
Melinda Rust                               During his visit, Mr             the Stellenbosch Uni-
                                      Jonkman met with various              versity International Of-
MR JEROEN JONKMAN,                    colleagues       on      the          fice, Robert Kotzé, was
Manager of the International          Stellenbosch, Bellville and           awarded the Rector’s
Admissions Office at Leiden           Tygerberg campuses in order           Awards for Excellence
University,                                              to discuss         in Service Delivery. He
visited the                                              matters re-        received the award dur-
International                                            lating to pro-     ing a special function
Office of                                                cedures,
                                                                            hosted by the Rector,
Stellenbosch                                             policies and
                                                         day to day         Prof Chris Brink, at the
during the                                               functions of       university’s Conser-
week of 31                                               an      inter-     vatoire at the end of No-
October to 4                                             national of-       vember 2005.
November                                                 fice.                   Robert, we are very
2005.                                                           Fortu-      proud of
      This was in reciprocity of      nately it was not all work, and       you!
a Stellenbosch representative         time for play was also set
who visited Leiden earlier in         aside: sightseeing excursions
the year. The opportunity for         included: Cape Town, the
                                      Cape of Good Hope, the Cape           tions and
networking with administra-
tive staff from our partner in-       Peninsula and the Fransch-            may 2006
stitution helps the Interna-          hoek Valley. The visit was            be a hap-
tional Office to align itself         concluded with a farewell din-        py, productive year for
with best practices in such in-       ner hosted by Robert and              you.
stitutions, where applicable.         Annemaré Kotzé.
International Office Stellenbosch University                                                Newsletter
                                                                                          Globetrotters: 2005

  50th Annual NAFSA Regional
     Conferences 2005
                                            • Hestea de Wet reports
THE 50TH ANNUAL NAFSA regional                     During the conference I at-          cussed stra-
conferences took place in Birmingham        tended various valuable workshops.          tegic part-
Alabama and Colorado Springs in the         This was a wonderful opportunity to         nerships
USA from the 6th to the 11th of             learn more about the good practices         that will in-
November 2005.                              and skills of being and International       crease inter-
       Hestea de Wet, Resident Direc-       Educator and to heighten my level of        nationaliza-
tor of AIFS (American Institute for         awareness in this profession.               tion and
Foreign Study) from Stellenbosch                   I attended the following work-       cross cultural understanding across a
University International Office at-         shops:                                      campus.
tended both conferences.                           “I studied Abroad, Now What?”               The session on “Short Simula-
       NAFSA is the Association of          This workshop encouraged the stu-           tions for Intercultural Learning” was a
International Educators organized into      dents to Process and Apply what they        practical interactive session which il-
11 geographic regions who promotes          have experienced abroad.                    lustrated the major differences be-
the exchange of students and schol-                The session on “Planning Qual-       tween cultures and the different value
ars to and from the United States. The      ity Short Term Study Abroad Pro-            systems cultures upholds.
Association sets and upholds stan-          grams “ provided a brief overview of               “Give your students a Com-
dards of good practice and provides         planning and implementing Short Term        pass” provided you with excellent
professional education and training         Programs based on practical as well         planning and implementation skills for
that strengthen institutional programs      as philosophical views.                     an effective Orientation program on
and services related to international              The workshop on the Develop-         your campus.
educational exchange.                       mental Model of Intercultural Sensi-               The workshop on Dispelling
        It also provides a forum for dis-   tivity provided an excellent tool for un-   fears that Students and their Parents
cussion of issues and a network for         derstanding the intercultural world         have about studying abroad discussed
sharing information as it seeks to in-      view and behaviour of students.             common concerns that parents and
crease awareness of and support for                “Share the love of International     students have expressed in the past
international education in higher edu-      Education across Campus: Collabora-         and how these concerns have been
cation, in government, and in the com-      tive Outreach and Internationaliza-         addressed and better ways to address
munity.                                     tion”. This excellent session dis-          them in the future.

 Samantha’s European Tour 2005
In October 2005 I was afforded              booked accommodation. After                 Munich to Paris; missed two con-
the opportunity to visit European           a long flight from South Africa;            necting trains in Belgium; and as
partner institutions; attend a              missing my connecting flight in             a result also missed my meeting
                    conference              Paris; struggling for three hours           with Lyan Ploumen.
                    and meet with           to find accommodation in                          After eleven hours of trav-
                    some of our             Munich; and attending the Grad              elling I was very happy though
                    international           School Fair; it was wonderful to            to finally arrive in Maastricht
                    alumni.                 meet up with a familiar face. I             where I attended the 10 Year
                          My first          had the pleasure of sharing a               Lustrum Celebrations of the Fac-
                    stop on this            traditional dinner and a very               ulty of Psychology. I was one of
                    whirlwind               special evening with Annette                the people fortunate enough to
                    tour was in             Lang-Edte (previously the ex-               enjoy the amazing hospitality of
Munich to attend a Grad School              change coordinator at the FH                Loes Mallee and her colleagues.
Fair. The first lesson learnt on            Nürnberg) and her husband,
this trip was never to arrive in            Alexander.                                       Article continues on
Munich without having pre-                       The next day I flew from               following page.

International Office Stellenbosch University                                                                   Newsletter
                                                                                                     Globetrotters: 2005

                                                              Samantha’s tour continues...
        They introduced us to the world-           the cup of rooibos tee at the end of a long   dry; and for sending information brochures
class teaching and research done within            working day and at breakfast; watching the    back to Stellenbosch for me! When I re-
their faculty; their excellent facilities; prob-   soccer match; the chat; and the China pho- turned to my hotel that evening in Paris
lem based learning; arranged meetings              tographs. You provided me with a home         they had moved someone else into my room
with our students who were studying in             away from home after two weeks of travel- and my luggage had disappeared; but after
Maastricht; and introduced us to their stu-        ling from one hotel to the next. We had       an hour of despair they located my luggage
dents who were interested in studying at           another lovely alumni and prospective stu- and I was moved into a new room!
our institutions.                                  dent dinner at Restaurant Surakarta. A spe-           On the Sunday morning I hopped
        The Saturday dinner with a few of          cial thank you to Sharon Lo Fo Wong (a        on the train and travelled to Aix-en-
our Maastricht alumni and Alex Armenis             former exchange coordinator at the Vrije      Provence for the start of the ISEP Pre-Sym-
(a Stellenbosch student on exchange in             Universiteit Amsterdam) who joined us at      posium Tour of French Universities in the
Maastricht) was a very special occasion.           the dinner. Sharon, I am very happy that      South East. It was lovely meeting up with
Meeting with the students (Marieke; Olaf;          we got to see each other again after such a   some familiar ISEP coordinators and get-
Silvie; Markus; Christiane; Alex; Gui-             long time!                                    ting to know new ones. We visited Paul
seppe); listening to their stories; and wit-               The next morning Nanda put me on      Cezanne University Aix-Marseille III; the
nessing the impact an exchange semester            the train to Amsterdam. Even though every     University of Grenoble II; and the Univer-
had on their lives. A special thank you to         taxi driver got lost with me and I was pick-  sity of Savoie. My best travelling compan-
Leopold Curfs and his wife, Marcella, for          pocketed; I still believe Amsterdam is a fas- ions on the pre-symposium tour were Joel;
the cappuccino shared at one of the many           cinating city!!! Harry Wels was the welcom-   Nancy; Reiko; Koide; and Larry. My thanks
Maastricht coffee shops on the Sunday and          ing committee when the taxi driver finally    to our French counterparts who made it
the 4-hour walking tour through the city.          dropped me off at the Vrije Universiteit      possible for us to see their institutions! I
        On my last day in Maastricht I met         Amsterdam and escorted me to Saskia           have to state categorically that the French
with Julienne Erckens and Ieke de Haan at          Bleijendaal (Faculty of Social Sciences).     cuisine was absolutely out of this world!!!
the Faculty of Economics and Business              From there I went to the Faculty of Eco-              After the three day pre-symposium
Administration. Their IT people went to            nomics and Business Administration and met    tour we travelled by train to Milan for the
great lengths to sort out all my Vodafone          with Lara Hager; her colleagues; and their    ISEP conference. The journey from the train
Mobile Connection problems and that was            prospective students. In the afternoon I met  station to my hotel made me realise that
much appreciated. Then I met with Marijke          with Willeke Jeeninga and Wouter; their stu- Italian taxi drivers might be worse than
van Hoof (Faculty of Law) after many years         dents coming to Stellenbosch; as well as      South African taxi drivers! It was great to
of corresponding via E-mail and Ina                our Stellenbosch students studying at the     meet up with other ISEP coordinators and
Engelen (University College Maastricht).           University of Amsterdam. That evening was     share our experiences (good as well as bad).
Afterwards I travelled with Olaf Poer-             the last dinner with prospective students;    The colleagues at the Universitá Cattolica
bodipoero to Rotterdam. Thanks Olaf for            alumni; and Stellenbosch students. Maggiel    del Sacre Cuore arranged an excellent sym-
the help with my suitcase and for introduc-        and Diederick, I still have your photograph   posium. Jeff; Nancy; Joel; Kay; Anja; and
ing me to “pepernoten” – I am now offi-            on my desk! Lotte, good luck with the new     Carol – those pizzas sure were out of this
cially addicted!                                   business venture! Simon; Janita; and          world!!!
        In Rotterdam I was welcomed by             Monique it was lovely to meet up with fellow          My last stop before returning to
Annegien Prins (Faculty of History and             South Africans in Amsterdam and to see        Stellenbosch was in Bern. I travelled by
Arts) and Marianne Otto (Faculty of So-            how much you have been enriched by your       train from Milan to Bern with Zoe Ghielmetti
cial Sciences: Sociology and Psychology).          exchange experience. Antje, even though I     and Gilberte Isler. We shared a lovely meal
Annegien ensured that I had a “typical             told you I would be able to find my hotel I   on the train and had very interesting discus-
Dutch” experience. She made me cycle               got off at the wrong tram station. I man- sions as we made our way to Switzerland.
for the first time in 16 years. After getting      aged to stop three friendly students and they Zoe, I am very glad that I decided to spend
over my initial shock and fear; all the            transported me on a bicycle to my hotel.      half a day in Bern. Thank you very much
bruises sustained when falling off; it was                 The follow-                                                          for opening
great fun. I also met with Ria Koolen and          ing morning I                                                                University
Petra Schenk (Erasmus School of Econom-            hopped on the train                                                          buildings on a
ics) and Sonja Balsem (Faculty of Social           and travelled to                                                             Sunday to
Sciences: Public Administration). That             Paris where I had                                                            show me
evening was reserved for another special           afternoon meetings                                                           around; for
dinner with alumni and prospective Rotter-         scheduled at Sci-                                                            the packed
dam students at Hotel New York where I             ences-Po.          I                                                         lunch to eat
met up amongst others with the actors and          bumped        into                                                           on the train;
the actresses of the Neelsie Times (they will      Devora Gryspan                                                               the chocolates
know who they are); Jaco van Schuur and            from North Western                                                           and other
Johanneke Baan (who are planning on                University outside        Samantha with Monique Ziervogel, a                 gifts I discov-
getting married in South Africa); Silvie           Sciences-Po. What         South African Exchange student, in                 ered in my bag
Poeth and Olaf Poerbodipoero (who came             a small word!!!           Amsterdam.                                         once on the
to the dinner in Maastricht and in Rotter-         Isadora, thank you                                                           train. I think
dam); and Yvette Babb who took me back             very much for meet-                                                          back fondly to
to my hotel after the dinner.                      ing with me on the Friday afternoon and for   those precious few hours spent with you in
        The following morning I travelled          taking me along to the launch of the          Bern on that Sunday morning.
to Leiden; where I was met by Nanda.               Franco-British Student Alliance at the                After a three week journey I was very
Thank you very much to all the staff mem-          Invalides - it was a very memorable evening!  happy to return home to Chloé and Adrian.
bers at Leiden University (Nanda; Arnold;                  On the Saturday morning I set off to  However, the trip once again proofed to me
Jeroen; Leonard; Janine; Rachel; Magali;           Brive (a 4-hour train ride from Paris) to     the importance of personal contact with our
Mette; Hendrik Jan) for meeting with me;           visit Elisca (a former colleague, who now     counterparts at our partner institutions. It
for sharing your information and exper-            lives in France with her rugby playing hus- also created an awareness of how small the
tise; for setting up the meetings with the         band). Elisca, a big thank you for the home-  world becomes through International Edu-
students; and for the “borrel” at the end of       made pizza; the cappuccino at your special    cation. I realised again that I love what I
the working day. Nanda and Ton I want to           coffee shop; driving me around to do toy      do and that I am very fortunate to be part of
thank you for giving me a room to stay;            shopping for Chloé; letting me do my laun- the International Education family.

International Office Stellenbosch University                                                                                 Newsletter

 International Newcomers Welcomed on Campus
THE INTERNATIONAL                    ral component. The course is      programme hosted by the Inter-
OFFICE has been flooded with taught using an interactive meth-         national Office with the view to
the arrival of 300 new international odology based on the whole-per-   prepare them for all aspects of life
students, making it the biggest son approach to language learn-        at Stellenbosch University. The
intake of new                                                          programme included sessions on
students yet.                                                          safety and security on campus,
      The first                                                        how to deal with culture shock,
group of students                                                      as well as dealing with issues per-
arrived early in                                                       taining to administration.
January to attend                                                            “The aim of the orientation
the “Pretproe”                                                         programme is not only to deal with
Intensive Afri-                                                        administrative issues, but also to
kaans Course for                                                       introduce them to the South Afri-
Beginners which                                                        can culture and to encourage them
ran from 9 to 24        GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE The Ice                to interact with local students.
January.                Breaker at the welcome breakfast was fun!             To aid this process, South
                                                                       African students who volunteer to
      The course is                                                    act as guides for new international
                                                  ing. The class atmo- students are involved with the
                                                                       programme. They take students
                                                  sphere is informal and
                                                                       on a campus and town tour and
                                                  conducive to the assimi-
                                                                       attend most of the events that form
                                                  lation of enough vocabu-
                                                                       part of the programme,” says Ben
                                                  lary for everyday use,”
                                                  says Marisca Coetzee,Nel, Manager: International Stu-
                                                                       dent Life and Services.
                                                  lecturer at the Unit for Af-
                                                  rikaans.                   Last year, International stu-
                                                                       dents on campus numbered
                                                        More than 30 inter-
                                                                       around 1900, representing ap-
                                                  national students partici-
                                                                       proximately 9,4% of the total stu-
                                                  pated in the programme
                                                                       dent body. Their presence on
                                                  this year. By the end of
 AN AFRICAN FLAVOUR                     The       the programme, they  campus is an integral part of the
 Kuyasa Dance Group                     Per- could speak social Afri-  University realising its policies with
 formed at the Spitbraai                          kaans, understand theregards to internationalisation.
                                                  gist of conversations and
a joint initiative between the In-      announce-
ternational Office and the Lan-         ments and
guage Centre’s Unit for Afrikaans.      read and un-
It is aimed at new students and         derstand the
lecturers with no prior knowledge       gist of notices
of Afrikaans. This fun-filled           and adver-
course offers a linguistic and cul-     tisements.
tural taste of Afrikaans as a lan-            B e -
guage in a wider cultural context       tween 25 and
in the Western Cape.                    29 January
       “It comprises lively interper-   all new arriv- Annie Chimphango receives her Pretproe
sonal activities in the classroom,      als attended certificate from Mariana Loots and Prof
as well as an instructive extramu-      an orientation Leon de Stadler.

International Office Stellenbosch University                                                  Newsletter
                                                                                Globetrotters 2006

    Stellenbosch University and the Importance of Academic Mobility
  AS AN INSTITUTION committed to academic excellence, Stellenbosch University acknowledges
  the importance of the mobility of its academic staff. This is reflected by the following extract from
  Stellenbosch University’s Strategic Framework:
“ Mission
        The raison d’être of the University of Stellenbosch is to create and sustain, in commit-
  ment to the academic ideal of excellent scholarly and scientific practice, an environment within
  which knowledge can be discovered, can be shared, and can be applied to the benefit of the
  Vision 2012
        With this vision statement, Stellenbosch University commits itself to an outward-oriented
  role within South Africa, in Africa, and globally.
  Stellenbosch University:
        • Is an academic institution of excellence and a respected knowledge partner
        • Contributes towards building the scientific, technological, and intellectual capacity
           of Africa
        • Is an active role-player in the development of the South African society
        • Has a campus culture that welcomes a diversity of people and ideas
        • Promotes Afrikaans as a language of teaching and science in a multilingual context              ”
        The International Office is responsible for the administration of support funds for overseas
  sabbaticals, international staff exchanges and –visitors. The tables below detail such exchanges and

    Support from the Fund for Overseas Sabbaticals 1st semester 2006

  Name                         Department               Country      Institution
  Mr Antoine Bagula            Computer Science         Sweden       KTH Stockholm
  Prof Temple Hauptfleisch     Drama                    Canada       York University Canada
  Dr Louis Jonker              Old and New Testament    Germany      Universität Tübingen
  Prof Erik Mostert            Business Management      Belgium      KU Leuven
  Prof Tony Naidoo             Psychology               Mexico       UNAM Mexico City
  Dr Tjakie Naude              Private law              Brittain     Oxford
  Prof Koot Reinecke           Botany and Zoology       Germany      TU Braunschweig
  Prof Sophie Reinecke         Botany and Zoology       France       Université Franche-Comté, Besançon
  Prof Ria Smit                Music                    USA          Princeton
  Prof Johann Thom             Ancient Studies          Germany      Humbold Universität zu Berlin
  Dr Sjarlene Thom             Ancient Studies          Germany      Humbold Universität zu Berlin
  Dr Willie Vorster            Anatomy and Histology

Support from the Bilateral Exchange or Visiting Academic Fund
          (latter part of 2005 and first semester 2006)
 Name                        Department                Destination            Institution
 Prof Neels Fourie           Industrial Engineering    Belgium                KU Leuven
 Cr Christo Muller           Anatomy and Histology     The Netherlands        Free University Amsterdam
 Dr Nomsa Satyo              African Languages         Germany                Universität Leipzig
 Prof Edwin Hees             Drama                     Austria                Universität Salzburg
 Dr M Dlali                  African Languages         Belgium                Univerisity of Ghent

International Office Stellenbosch University                                                   Newsletter
                                                                                                       Globetrotters 2006

 International visiting academics facilitated or supported by the International Office
                                   (1st semester 2006)
                      (list excludes direct visitors to departments)

 Name                                     Home institution                                       Host department
 Prof Henning Bergenholtz                 Aarhus School of Business, Denmark                     Afrikaans & Dutch
 Prof Gjert Kristoffersen                 University of Bergen, Norway                           Afrikaans & Dutch
 Prof Wim van Dommelen                    NTNU Trondheim, Norway                                 Afrikaans & Dutch
 Prof Janice Britten-Davidian             Université Montpellier II, France                      Botany and Zoology
 Prof André Molenaar                      TU Delft, The Netherlands                              Civil Engineering
 Prof Jean McNiff                         University of Surrey, UK                               Curriculum Studies
 Prof Jack Whitehead                      University of Bath, UK                                 Curriculum Studies
 Mr Augustine Bazaare                     Makerere University, Uganda                            Drama
 Mr Michael Muhumuza                      Makerere University, Uganda                            Drama
 Prof Don Rubin                           York University, Canada                                Drama
 Prof Wolfgang Maennig                    Universität Hamburg, Germany                           Economics
 Dr Ray Merton                            University of New South Wales, Australia               Electric and Electornic Engineering
 Dr Joy Wang                              Graduated from Oxford University, UK                   English
 Dr Bernd Mayer                           Universität Hamburg, Germany                           General Linguistics
 Dr Ritva Kivikkokangas-Sandgren          University of Helsinki, Finland                        Geography and Environmental Studies
 Mr Johannes Kanonier                     TU Vienna, Austria                                     Geography and Environmental Studies
 Prof Veli-Pekka Salonen                  University of Helsinki, Finland                        Geology
 Prof John Clemens                        Kingston University, Brittain                          Geology
 Prof Kwasi Ansu Kyeremeh                 University of Ghana                                    Journalism
 Prof Carel Jansen                        Radboud University, Nijmegen The Netherlands           Language Centre
 Prof Hans-Georg Rück                     Universität Kassel, Germany                            Mathematics
 Prof Paul Moyaert                        KU Leuven, Belgium                                     Philosophy
 Prof Philippe van Haute                  Radboud University, Nijmegen The Netherlands           Philosophy
 Prof Jan Baars                           Tilburg University, The Netherlands                    Philosophy
 Dr Alberto Peek                          Vogtareuth Hospital, Germany                           Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
 Prof Tim Shaw                            University of London                                   Political Science
 Prof Jane Parpart                        Dalhousie University, Canada                           Political Science
 Dr Erik Bähre                            University of Amsterdam                                Sociology
 Prof Wilhem Graeb                        Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Germany                Theology
 Prof Andreas Feldtkeller                 Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Germany                Theology
 Prof Dorothea Wendebourg                 Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Germany                Theology
 Prof Christine Schlund                   Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Germany                Theology
 Prof Kim Esbensen                        Aalborg University, Denmark                            Wine Biotechnology
 Prof Esko Mikkonen                       University of Helsinki, Finland                        Wood and Forest Science

                                            Maties Abroad
                                         First Semester 2006
  Name              Surname                Institution                          Department
  Camilla           Carboni                University of Iowa (ISEP)            Drama
  Lise Renée        Conradie               University of Aberdeen               Law
  Darielle-Louise   Cradock                Clemson University                   Sociology
  Liezl             Dick                   Radboud University Nijmegen          Philosophy
  Neville Andrew    Edwards                West Virginia University             Industrial Psychology
  Cornelia          Faasen                 University of Amsterdam              Drama
  Willem            Fourie                 Universität Tübingen                 Theology
  Simon             Freemantle             University of Amsterdam              Political Science
  Eduard            Grebe                  Radboud University Nijmegen          Philosophy
  Chirene           Jelbert                Missouri State University            Entomology
  Ansie             Janse van Rensburg     European Business School             Business Management
  Janine Megan      Klop                   Universität Tübingen                 Psychology & English
  Jenny Anne        Macrae                 Universität Salzburg                 Theology
  David             Olivier                Université Grenoble II               French
  Vicki             Pretorius              Utrecht University                   Health Sciences
  Kristel           Roets                  Leiden University                    Afrikaans and Dutch
  Rudi              Scholtz                European Business School             Business Management
  Dirk              Snyman                 Antwerp University                   Conservation Ecology
  Marlé             van Niekerk            Universidad de las Americas Puebla   Economics
  Janita            Verster                Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam         Political Science / Economics / Philosophy
  Marni             Viviers                Leiden University                    Afrikaans and Dutch
  Sindi             Wahl                   Fontys Hogeschool                    Educational Psychology and Specialised Education

International Office Stellenbosch University                                                                               Newsletter