My Lovely High Heels by djsgjg0045


									Oh! These black suede booties are so beautiful. How can I select suitable words to
describe these boots? Let's see. Maybe "delicious", "stunning", "dreamy", "sexy",
"divine", "want-so-badly I can't stand it"...... That's right, those words sum up my
feelings pretty well.
  Wearing these will make others mouths open and all eyes on you without doubt! Yes,
I love them very much. They will absolutely be in my shopping list this summer and
fall, though they maybe a little bit pricey. Let me describe how lovely they are. These
ankle boots feature some scalloped cutout details, a round toe which can achieve a
sultry sense. Besides, there is a zip fastening at back and that’s quite considerate. The
high heels are characterized by their elegant 4.5 inches heels and the Christian
Louboutin signature red soles. They are quite a big temptation for me!
  I'm completely a fan of gladiator- style boots. As you can see, this pair of shoes is
quite similar with the one I presented above. Let's have fun before this fall come with
these sexy high heels from L.A.M.B. These shoes are so adorable with a perfect
combination of sultry and fierceness, and high heel and boot. They make me fall in
love with them as soon as I see them.
  Though it may be impossible for me to own one by myself, I still swoon over them
inside my heart. You may think that they are too simple, but I think they are well
designed. Don't you agree with me that those stylish shoes or garments always look
simple, but are actually stylish and gorgeous. The upper of the shoes are made of
twisted leather and suede. They contain leather lining and leather insole which make
them more comfortable to wear. What's more, there is a zipper on the back so that it
will be much easier for you to put on and take off.
  I like the heels of them most. The shape of the heels is quite special and original, I
have never seen heels in this shape before. My friends also agree with me that these
heels are very adorable.
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