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Minutes _PDF - Cc Chairman Damian McAuley William McCulla _extract

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					                                               Cc Chairman
                                               Damian McAuley
                                               William McCulla (extract)
                                               Gillian McKenna (extract)
                                               Helen Kirkpatrick (extract)
                                               Alison Gowdy (extract)
                                               Steve Chambers (extract)



Attendees:          Alastair Hamilton
                    Tracy Meharg
                    Jeremy Fitch
                    Ian Murphy
                    Mel Chittock

In Attendance:      Claire Donaghy (Minute-taker)

   1. Apologies


   2. Minutes of the meeting held on 21ST October 2009 and Outstanding

One minor amendment was made. CD to action.

Agreed: Outstanding Action No. 1 to be revised to reflect PR Issues of Office
Space, incorporating Workplace 2010 protocols.

   3. Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

   4. Role and Policy of the Invest NI and DETI Economists

There was a general discussion about the roles of the economists both within
Invest NI and DETI. The discussion covered the specific areas that each part
should be involved in, sign off levels and casework progression.

Reference was made to the possibility of a further development of the RAM to
cover newer areas.
Action: SMP to provide clarity on policy and revert to TMT. (MC)

   5. Corporate Risk Register

TMT was asked to agree the changes suggested at last TMT meeting.

Action: Mel to issue note to Internal Audit Services and Board Audit Committee
re updates to Risk Register.

Action: TMT to meet at a separate session to discuss going forward with Risk

   6. Evaluation of Crescent Capital Funds 1 & 2

William McCulla & Helen Kirkpatrick joined the meeting.

William and Helen provided an overview of the evaluation, including its
recommendations, and requested that TMT endorse the report before it is
presented to the Board for discussion and then to ETI Committee.

Output against objectives was questioned and it was confirmed that the
objectives were met.

Action: A report containing the assessment of outputs against objectives should
be included prior to taking to Board.

Action: Clarification is required around the issue of public appointments process
in connection to VC funds.

Action: William and Helen to draft guidelines for PR messages/handling re
Crescent Capital Evaluation.

William and Helen left the meeting.

   7. Contactability Policy

Alison Gowdy joined the meeting.

Alison outlined the main issues in the draft contactability policy paper highlighting
response times on telephone, email and mobile.

It was agreed that Alison would make a number of amendments to the policy
paper and re-submit to TMT. The paper will then be taken to SMT.
Alison left the meeting.

   8. AOB

          •   Public Affairs Paper

TMT were asked their opinions on whether this should be handled internally or

Agreed: It was agreed that an internal person needs to take ownership of public
affairs and proactively drive it forward.

          •   Property Buy Back Scheme

Steve Chambers and William McCulla joined the meeting.

Steve introduced the Property Buy Back Scheme paper to TMT.

Agreed: It was agreed that the policy on the buy back of land would be clarified
and would include cases in which there was a material threat of closure and
subsequent loss of jobs for reasons other than acute financial hardship. Cases
would be assessed on an individual basis.

Action: William to produce a template for use in future similar cases.

          •   ASF

It was noted that a number of ASF projects are in the pipeline. It was agreed that
this item would return to TMT at a later date.

Date of Next Meeting: Monday 21st December 2009 in room 3CO2.