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									When overwhelmed with anxiety, people forget. When moving out from an old place
to a new location, such forgetfulness can be costly one. The move might be interstate
or even international and, if it is a valuable item that was forgotten and didn 鈥檛 get
thrown out by the new owner, getting it back might be a job. This is list of the 10 most
forgotten items while moving. This checklist can help safeguard against
 1. Off Site Items: You have packed every item you need that you can see at home.
How about those that you cannot readily see because they are not home yet. For
example, laundry, things sent for repairs, things you lent out to friends or neighbors,
etc. It is hard to make a list of such things but giving it a thought could help you
remember most of them.
 2. Phone Numbers: Important old phone numbers might be needed as much in the
new place. Take your whole directory if necessary, some phone numbers may be
 3. Pets: I am guessing you did not pack your dog, cat into a box and most moving
companies have a 鈥榥 o pet 鈥?policy. In the all the fracas, remember to include
them in your moving plan.
 4. Buried or installed Valuables: If you buried some of your valuables in your walls,
underground, etc. Remember to remove them before you move. You don 鈥檛 want
to have to get an injunction or permission to break someone else property afterwards.
 5. Records: These gets mixed up or lost in transition. Pack all original records in one
container and label it.
 6. Keys: Don 鈥檛 forget to retrieve all the backup keys and return them.
 7. Change of Address: Very important but people still forget. You will avoid missing
your important mails and late delivery if you provide your new address to all your
mailers before your moving date.
 8. Utility: People forget to call to discontinue their utilities. The bills can still accrue
even thought you turn off the services. 9. Inventory Check: If you install or uninstall
anything when you moved in, you might need to uninstall or install them back.
 10.      Financials: If your financial issues are limited to a particular branch or
location, make sure you update this at least a month prior to when you are moving.
Have some cash at hand to avoid inconveniences.

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