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					Being a motorhome enthusiast for five years now, I’ve always dreamt of that extended
trip of twelve weeks or so in Guernsey. Being a self employed agricultural advisor, I
finally realised that I was in a position to make this dream a reality. My wife Olga and
our faithful dog Barney were more than willing to be travel partners on this trip of a
lifetime. So after much research, planning and packing we were finally on the road to
Guernsey. My motorhome is a six year old four berth, A Class Chausson with a Fiat
Ducato engine and our previous longest trip was a seven night trip to Wales, covering
800 kilometres. This trip started with a rough ferry trip, to take us to the continent,
followed by a pleasant but long road journey to our destination. We decided to make
three overnight stops on our way there and these were mainly in campsites, which
suited us perfectly, as it broke up our journey. One feature of the journey was finding
the local fuel prices very consistent, but certainly cheaper than we have been used to
on other trips. Our Magellan satellite navigation system was pretty useful, although
traditional maps are a must on a journey of this type. In fact we used maps mostly for
navigation and the sat nav to identify nearby fuel stations. On arrival at our
destination, our first impressions were satisfactory. The small, commercially run
campsite clearly had absolutely all the amenities we required and was very like the
pictures in the online website that we had viewed in our preparation. For a site with
one hundred or so pitches, we found the staff rather friendly and the site was very
quiet even during the day. The weather was very good, considering that we travelled
in Spring. The local market each Thursday was a great source of fruit, vegetables,
meat and cheeses. The overall experience was an enjoyable one and I would
thoroughly recommend a motorhome holiday at Guernsey.
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