Ray Klingsmith is the
    President of Rotary
     International for

     Chartered 17 January 1980                          HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADIBA!
  Rotary International District 9270
    P O Box 407, Westville 3630,
                                        As you all know, yesterday was Nelson Mandela’s birthday. Not
    KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
    Email: allanjfield@gmail.com        only an icon to South Africa, but an icon to the world. Yesterday
     Visit the Club’s website at:       was declared “Mandela Day” by the UN. In recognition to the man
      www.rotarywestville.co.za         who changed the future of South Africa after spending a total 67
Volume 31 • Number 2 • 19 July 2010     years as a refugee and in captivity, people around the world are
                                        asked to spend 67 minutes in “giving back” to their communities by
 Club President       Mike Lindsay      undertaking some form of charitable service. So what did you do?
 Club Secretary       Chris Owen
 Welfare Officer      Richard Squires   Groups of Westville Rotarians and Anns undertook various tasks
 Bulletin Editor      Allan Field       in our community. These are the ones your editor is aware of;

                                        On Friday, Ray Oliver and delivered blankets to inhabitants of the
                                        Kennedy Road informal settlement, which was devastated by a
                                        recent fire that left them with only the clothes on their backs.
July           Literacy Month
22nd    Board                           On Sunday, President Mike made a visit to the settlement to
26th    Anns Dinner                     distribute clothing and blankets.
31st    Master PRLS 1
                                        Gareth Morgan, Member of Parliament and shadow Minister for
August           Membership &           Water and Environmental Affairs, together with three colleagues
                 Extension                                        from the DA, visited Providence Rest
4th     Community Service                                         Home. Gareth (centre in this picture),
9th     Public Holiday                                            an ex Westville Boys High student,
10th    Foundation                                                planted two indigenous trees and
11th    Youth                                                     donated groceries to the value of R500
12th    Club Admin                                                to the home. Following the tree
14th    Master PRLS 2                                                planting,
17th    Foundation / Vocational                                   Gareth and
19th    Membership                      his colleagues spent another two hours
21st    District Foundation Seminar     at the home interacting with the
26th    Board                           residents and visitors during tea and
                                        cake which was provided by the ladies
September New Generations               from the DA. The residents had a most
1st   Community Service                                              enjoyable
8 th
      Youth                                                         morning. Six members of the
9th   Club Admin                                                    management       committee      were
14th  Foundation                                                    present, and representing both the
15th  Barnyard                                                      home and Westville Rotary were
16th  Membership                                                    Maureen and Allan Field.
23rd  Board
Under The Fig Tree • Volume 31 No 2 • 19 July 2010                                                     Page 2

                                                    Clearly, we could never provide a total solution, but
                                                    here would be a wonderful opportunity to establish
                                                    an ‘Orphans & Vulnerable Children’ project that
My fellow Rotarians                                 would be sustainable, of significant value to the
                                                    community and where we could easily monitor the
As you know, a substantial part of the Kennedy future progress and outcomes of the project.
Road informal settlement in Durban experienced a Let’s consider it.............
devastating fire some 2 weeks ago. It is thought
that between 2 300 and 2 800 people were Enjoy Rotary
rendered homeless. Our Club donated R 5 000-                                                      Mike
00 towards a relief effort, for which I am very
grateful. Together with the assistance of some
corporate donors, some of our members have
been able to enhance the value of our donation
and we have been able to bring about substantial
relief in the form of donated blankets and clothes,
as well as basic building material for the
reconstruction of the many homes totally destroyed Thank you to those of you who managed to attend
in the blaze.                                       our first meeting and most especially the warm and
                                                    positive manner in which we managed to conduct
I spent some time in the settlement today, chatting our business. It was especially gratifying to have
to some of the residents, and to Nozuko Hulushe Kerry in our midst; back to her usual bubbly self –
of the Abehlali Besemjondolo Social Movement of thank you Kerry for the jerseys you knitted – as is
SA. She is a social worker in the Kennedy Road typical of you no time is wasted.
community and has been elected to the
Reconstruction Committee, together with two other        We received a donation of 1000 adult nappies
non-politically aligned leaders from the community.      which will be distributed to Flamelily Park, Highway
Her task, amongst others, has been to co-ordinate        Hospice, Hillcrest Aids Centre, Natal Settlers and
the distribution of goods and foodstuffs into this       Queensburgh Cheshire Home. Heather, your offer
community, which as I saw first-hand, is being           of assistance with the delivery of them was greatly
done with care and very methodically.           It’s     appreciated. Marion, thank you for your assistance
pleasing to note that the members of the                 with the blind ladies – I hope you enjoyed the
community respect her and all the other families so      morning as much as Jenny and I do every
affected. Ubuntu is understood and observed.             fortnight.

Also of note is the rate at which the people are         Fabricio Valio our former exchange student from
putting their lives back together again. I saw lots of   Brazil has arrived safely. When he left us in
little kids and most seemed to be sick with colds        December 2005 he promised to return in 2010 –
and streaming noses, but they were happy. Their          how wonderful that he was able to do this.
parents accepted their difficulties with a typical
African stoicism. Everybody seemed to be busy
with rebuilding – even the little children were
involved. The Disaster Relief Department within
eThekwini had come forward with ‘tons’ of
corrugated iron sheets, and construction was the
order of the day. Still of concern to the community      President Mike we hope your appendix operation
is the lack of a crèche or other daytime childcare       was successful and that you are on the road to
facility nearby.     It is thought that many of the      recovery.
residents in the community are gainfully employed
- some even in the formal sector, yet their children     Ladies we will be having a fellowship lunch at
are at risk daily, due to the lack of any suitable       Burgess Nursery on Saturday 31st July at 12.00pm.
support system, let alone the presence of the many       Please confirm your attendance with either Jenny
illegal electrical connections.                          Millard or myself.
What could we as Rotarians do about this?                                         With love and appreciation
Under The Fig Tree • Volume 31 No 2 • 19 July 2010                                                  Page 3

        Westville & Pinetown Rotary Clubs
             Bush & Battlefield Tour
         (Jean Senegoles & Ken Gillings)
                   October 2010

Thursday 7th October 2010:
07h00 departure. Drive to Blood River Battlefield
where we’ll view the DVD and then proceed to the
reconstructed laager site to put it in perspective.
Jean will discuss the nature element and how the
countryside has changed since 1838, while Ken
will deal with the historical aspects. We then drive
to Talana Battlefield and Museum for a similar
programme. Overnight at the Royal Country Inn,
Dundee. Link up with the Rotary Club of Dundee.

Friday 8th October 2010:                             Mervin Matthee receives the customary pen from
Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift Battlefields, stopping  Steve Phaup, following his presentation about his
en route to discuss the natural history of the area. life to the club on Monday, 5th July. It was very
Return to Dundee for the night.                      refreshing to have a presentation from someone so
                                                     enthusiastic about their vocation. Mervin is a
Saturday 9th October 2010:                           consultant, with a varied career in occupational
Depart Dundee after breakfast, drive to development.
Elandslaagte Battlefield. Jean will deal with the
manner in which the veld has been replaced with
bush encroachment. We’ll spend the rest of the
morning visiting Ladysmith Siege sites. After lunch,
we’ll visit Colenso Battlefield. Once again, the
nature aspect of the Tugela River valley will be
dealt with by Jean, while Ken will describe the
various military actions. Overnight at the Royal
Hotel, Ladysmith where we’ll hopefully link up with
the Rotary Club of Ladysmith.

Sunday 10th October 2010:
After breakfast, we depart for Spioenkop
Battlefield. Jean will discuss the nature of the area
with emphasis on the Drakensberg escarpment,
while Ken will describe the famous Battle of
Spioenkop in great detail. We’ll then drive to
Weenen Game Reserve for a packed lunch and
Jean will deal with the diversity of the vegetation Rob Campbell receives his pen following a very      th
and we’ll do some game viewing before interesting presentation to the club on Monday 12
commencing our return journey at 16h00.               July, on Vocational Service. Rob spoke about the
                                                      avenues of service and their main functions, being;
If anyone is interested in joining this tour, please      1. Club Service
speak to Ken right away as bookings are about to             Efficient running of Rotary Clubs, and
close.                                                       fellowship.
                                                          2. Vocational
                                                             Maintenance of high ethical standards
Paddy to Mick: “I’m going to get a dog – a                3. Community Service
Labrador.”                                                   Projects and activities
Mick to Paddy: “Are you mad! Do you know how              4. International
many of their owners go blind?”                              Spreading the humanitarian footprint, and
                                                             promoting world peace and understanding.
Under The Fig Tree • Volume 31 No 2 • 19 July 2010                                                Page 4

3 keys to ensure ethical behavior within Rotary;
1.     Use honest language
2.     Insist on proper behavior
3.     Refuse to allow any “grey areas”.

Outgoing Master Sergeant Alex Wardle made
awards to three club members;

                                                      and Sonia Burne receives a bouquet of flowers, for
                                                      always being willing to stand and help with

  Theo van der Merwe receives to “Onion Award”        The following are the “champions” for the various
                                                      Community Service projects for the 2010-2011
                                                      Jabulani                    Rusty Damp
                                                      St Thomas Children’s Home Vince Dummer
                                                      Headway                     Rob Hartley
                                                      Inkanyezi                   Jenny Flower
                                                      Streetwise                  Graham Theunissen
                                                      Vukukhanyi           Jenny Flower & Rae Filmer
                                                      Providence Rest Home        Allan Field
                                                      Inami Creche                Graham Theunissen
                                                      Population Growth &
                                                      Sustainable Development     Alan Isdale
                                                      KZN Youth                   Dave Horne
                                                      Foodpower                   Jenny Flower

                                                      It has been decided that Cheshire Homes and
                                                      Childline will no longer be considered as active

                                                      Alex Wardle is chairman of the Membership
                                                      Committee for the 2010-2011 Rotary year. At
                                                      present there are 62 members and 2 prospective
 Ken Gillings is presented with a stool, to prevent
ongoing wear and tear on the microphone boom…
Under The Fig Tree • Volume 31 No 2 • 19 July 2010                                                Page 5

                                                 Richard Squires is the club Welfare Officer. If you
Dario Bombardieri heads up the Foundation Committee
this year.                                       know of any Rotarian or Ann that is not well, or just
                                                 needs some TLC, then let Richard know.
The following Friendship Exchange activities are 031 267 0018 / 084 423 1235
Turkey – District 2440. 21/09 – 02/10 2010
To be led by Kate van Rooyen
UK – District 1220. April – May 2011
Australia NSW – District 9650. September 2011
France – District 1690. t.b.a.                   Anniversaries:
                                                 26 July       Elize & Rob Hogg
Australia NSW - District 9650. June 2011         Birthdays:
France - District 1690. t.b.a.                   20 July       Chris Beekman
                                                 22 July       Steve Phaup
Frank Richardson is the chairman of the District
                                                 24 July       Geoff Dawson
Friendship Exchange Committee.
                                                 26 July       Lucy Botes

                                                      (20,22,24,26 – their parents must have been

Kate van Rooyen is chairing the Youth Committee
this year.

There are currently two long term exchange
students in the USA, Devon Hadar in Milwaukee, Fellow Rotarians and Anns
and Kiara-Jade Simon in Chicago.
                                                    Due to a sudden serious illness in my family last
There is a request from District to host an inbound week, I haven’t spent as much time on the bulletin
student from December, and WBHS have as I usually do, so I’m just going to end off this one
undertaken to accommodate a student from with some humor…
January 2011.
                                                   A drunk man who smelled strongly of booze sat
There are some short term students that are due to down on a bench next to a priest. The man's tie
arrive soon, but no details are available at this was stained, his face was plastered with red
stage.                                             lipstick, and a half-empty bottle of gin was sticking
                                                   out of his torn coat pocket. He opened his
                                                   newspaper and began reading.

                                                      After a few minutes the man turned to the priest
                                                      and asked, "Say Father, what causes arthritis?"

In the last bulletin, I omitted to mention that the   The priest replies, "My Son, it's caused by loose
“Spirit of Rotary” award was shared between Colin     living, being with cheap, wicked women, too much
Bumberry and Steve Phaup. Steve, my apologies         alcohol, contempt for your fellow man, sleeping
for this oversight.                                   around with prostitutes and lack of a bath."

                                                      The drunk muttered in response, "Well, I'll be
                                                      damned" Then returned to his paper.

                                                      The priest, thinking about what he had said,
                                                      nudged the man and apologized.
Under The Fig Tree • Volume 31 No 2 • 19 July 2010                                                           Page 6

"I'm very sorry. I didn't mean to come on so strong. The drunk answered, "I don't have it, Father. I was
How long have you had arthritis?"                    just reading here that the Pope does."

                                                                        Please arrange a substitute if you are unable
                                                                        to fulfill your duty, and advise Master
                                                                        Sergeant Mervin Matthee on 083 303 4092 /

         Duty                  19th July                 26th July         2nd August              16th August
  Attendance                 Sonia Burne                Linda Cox       Noelene Cairncross        Vince Dummer
  Officers                 Mannie de Villiers         Rob Douglass         Frank Butler             Allan Field
  Welcome Guests              Errol Hicks             Richard Fisher       Chris Carter            Rusty Damp
  Regalia                    Terry Walls              Terry von Berg      Steve Phaup               Alan Isdale
  Grace                     Jenny Flower                Andy Gray          Mike Botes              Sonia Burne
  Loyal Toast                Cecil Turner               Ray Oliver       Mike Bradshaw            Colin Bumberry
  Objects / 4 Way
                               Denzil Hill              Dave Horn           Brian Eckley            Tony Clulow
  Game of Skill               Peter Pullen           Frank Richardson      Geoff Dawson          Mannie DeVilliers
  Sergeant                     Rob Hogg               Mervin Matthee                             Richard Squires
  Introduce Speaker           Dave Jenvey             Chris Beekman         Chris Owen            Hilton Petzer
  Thank Speaker               Tony Clulow              Neville Caine        Rae Filmer             Rick Millard

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