; Loose Crowns and Bridges etc
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Loose Crowns and Bridges etc


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									Patient Information Sheet.

Loose Crowns and Bridges etc.

These are socially inconvenient, but rarely cause pain that stops one sleeping; although it
may mean that a tooth is sensitive to hot or cold things.

Temporary Measures:

Mix some flour and water into a paste, place inside the crown, hollow out and press onto
the tooth. This will not make any difficulties for your dentist, but will provide enough grip

You could also use “Polygrip” or other water soluble denture adhesive to stick items back
in, until you can get to your dentist

Loose items should be removed before sleep so they are not accidentally inhaled or

Some chemists have emergency dental kits with temporary cement to use.

PLEASE DO NOT USE super-glue or other glues in the mouth

Otherwise store the items safely (for example in a soap dish) to avoid damage or loss.

Arrange an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

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