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Mobile Phone Recycling- Sell Mobile Phone for Cash


									With advancements in mobile technology and increasing awareness about the usage of
mobile phones has led the world and generation to frequently switch over new models
and make of cell phones, At least a new model is released with newer add-ons every
month, which simultaneously has created the dump of discarded and old model cell
phones to lie in the corners of obscure drawers where they are just being seen as the
proof of how fast cell technology is elevating.
  Often the customers to mobile industry, in process of buying a new cell phone in the
market are left with the thought of what to do with their old and used cell phones. if
they get the best deal for reselling the old cell phones, the cell phones are reused, but
again for reused cell phones a stage arrives where they stop working, such stages
leave the customer with no option but discarding the cell phones and cell phones are
put up in junk stores of living places or being thrown off to the environment leading
serious damages to the environment due to mobile pollution.
  In current scenario of growing world population and an alarmed rate of consumption
of products in range of food, shelter , clothing, even the technology and its
consumption has not left behind. Over the years it has forced us all to rethink on the
amount of metal trash being produced due to replacement of old technology cell
phones by newer technology cell phones.
  It is estimated that over 125 million cell phones are tossed every year, creating over
65,000 tons of garbage. People need to be educated that the landfill isn’t the only
option they have for disposal of their cell phones. Recycling along with reducing
consumption is our best means to counter the damage we have been doing to the earth
for centuries. The importance of recycling is now held in such a high regard even
famous people are taking up the plight and initiative towards it.
  The reason why cell phone recycling is important is because they contain some
pretty toxic stuff embedded inside their circuitry and displays, toxins such as Arsenic,
Lead, and Copper, in addition to Cadmium, Mercury and Beryllium (a carcinogen
which has been linked to cancer), hazardous chemicals you wouldn’t want leaching
into the environment. If disposed of correctly they contain non toxic materials that can
be recycled and used again, still we pollute the earth even more by trying to produce
these components over again from scratch.
  Phone recycling the term and process has also given an option to the advancement of
mobile phone technology to continually excel and simultaneously free the
environment and human generation from mobile phone pollution.
  With emerging organizations dealing with reuse, recycle of cell phones, mobile
phone recycling has become the solution to the questions of utility of old phone for
the mobile phone customer , who while intending to buy a new phone can now think
of old phone recycling. Option is there to sell mobile phones which are used and of
old technology, for cash and these used mobiles are either reused or recycled.
  Doing this customer not only becomes apart of campaign in reducing mobile
pollution from environment but also get the worth of their used mobiles phones. This
unusually creates a tremendous benefit both to the environment and mobile

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