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					                    2010 Texas Citizens on Patrol
                           Conference Schedule

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010
8am-2pm     Texas Citizens On Patrol Association Golf Tournament (Squaw Valley Golf Course)

3pm-6pm     Early Conference Check In/Registration

6pm-9pm     Welcome Mixer (At Conference Center)

Thursday, June 17th, 2010
7:30am-8:30am      Conference Check In

8:00am             Exhibitor Check In and Set Up

8:30am-10:30am     Opening Session

                       Presentation of Colors

                       Opening Prayer

                       Welcome Message (Sgt. Rodney Casey—Granbury PD)

                       Welcome to Granbury (Chief Mitch Galvan)

                       Texas Citizens on Patrol Picture Show

                       TLOFT Updates (Sgt. Diron Hill—Burleson PD)

                       Guest Speaker

                       Closing Remarks

10:00am            Exhibitor Booths Open

10:30am-1:00pm     Free Time for Lunch and Visiting Downtown Granbury
1:00pm-2:15pm           Break Out Sessions #1 (See list of available breakout sessions below)

Breakout Sessions (1:00pm-2:15pm)
1) Identity Theft/Frauds and Scams

        Title: When Bad Things Happen to Your Good Name

        Synopsis: What You Need to Know About Identity Theft
         and the Associated Fraud Crimes

        Instructor: Nancy Gresham/ Texas AG’s Office

     Bio: Nancy Gresham is a native Texan, born and raised in Austin.
She has been with the Office of the Attorney General for 20 years.
She is in the Communications Division and is the Outreach Manager.
Nancy is responsible for statewide outreach on consumer protection,
crime prevention and senior issues. She travels Texas speaking on
topics such as fraud, scams, and identity theft.

Nancy is a member of the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas and the Texas
Crime Prevention Association.



2) Cybersafety

        Title: How Internet Predators Target Children and the Techniques They Use

        Synopsis: For many children and young adults there is a sense that what happens online can't
hurt them. Unfortunately, we are finding that many teens are posting personal information in chat rooms
and on social networking sites making them easy prey for child predators. This presentation allows you to
hear straight talk about the risks of online child predators and the steps all of us can take to protect our

        Instructor: Sgt. Ernest Rivera/ Texas AG’s Office

        Bio: 25 years law enforcement.

        Began with the Cameron County Sheriff's office in Brownsville, Texas.

        Worked as an investigator with the Texas Lottery Commission. (Document Forensics and
        Electronic Surveillance)

        Past Chairman of the Texas Law Enforcement Intelligence Units Association.
        Former Secretary of the Southwest Chapter National Association of Technical Investigators

        Extensive training in computer crimes and crimes against children.

        OAG Investigator for Since 2004, Cyber Crime Unit. Investigating child predators on the internet
        and investigating child pornography cases.

       Links :




3) FBI Citizens Academy

        Title: Dallas FBI Community Outreach Program

         Synopsis: The Dallas Community Outreach Program works to put a human face on the FBI and
further strengthen relationships, including Coordinating and hosting a yearly Citizens’ Academy that
brings a diverse group of community leaders into the Dallas Field Office to learn firsthand about FBI
operations and programs.

        Instructor:     Sam Simon/FBI-Ft Worth (972-768-9340)




Chuck Matthews, Phoenix: “Investigating a mock kidnapping case. We got to go out into the
field and work on a simulated crime scene under the guidance of the Evidence Response Team
and several agents. We collected and processed evidence…interviewed likely suspects…and
after analyzing the data, determined the likely perpetrator.”

Suzanne Koepplinger, Minneapolis: “Meeting my classmates—people I might not have had a
chance to meet otherwise—and establishing really good relationships with them.”

Sarjit Bains, Minneapolis: “Learning about some of the FBI’s behind-the-scenes work, like how
they provide assistance to local law enforcement agencies.”
4) Buckle Up and Slow Down

        Title: Write One For Safety—Buckle Up and Slow Down Campaign

        Synopsis: Tammy's mission is to save lives, prevent injuries, and reduce vehicle-related crashes
by bringing awareness to the issues of responsible driving and seat belt safety. Her mission involves
sharing Rachel's story with her powerful, multi-media driven presentation.

        Instructor: Tammy Ryden

         Bio: Tammy Ryden's 15 year-old daughter, Rachel, was killed in a car crash on February 15,
1999. Rachel was not wearing her seat belt and was totally ejected from the vehicle. She died instantly
from a massive skull fracture. After 21 years of teaching mathematics on the high school and college
level, she became the face and voice of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's "Buckle Up
in Your Truck" campaign. Tammy worked with the Oklahoma Regional Community Policing Institute on
this campaign to convince law enforcement officers throughout the South Central Region to increase
enforcement on pickup truck drivers and passengers who do not buckle up. Tammy's tireless effort
during this campaign put her in front of thousands of law enforcement officers with her "Write One for
Rachel" message. She also presents her "Responsible Driving and Seat Belt Safety" program at schools
and speaks to teens about "Rachel's Rule: Buckle Up & Slow Down".


"Tammy motivates officers to enforce seat belt laws in a way that no police supervisor would ever be
able to... Tammy is extremely dedicated to promoting seat belt enforcement and she inspires officers to
commit to that enforcement. This is a must-see program that I encourage everyone in law enforcement
to see."-Sgt. Steve Davis
Amarillo, Texas Police Department

2:15pm-2:450pm          Break

2:45pm-4:00pm           Breakout Session #2 (Same as Breakout Session #1)

4:00pm-5:00pm           Adjourn Classes/Exhibitor Booths Closed
Friday, June 18th, 2010
8:00am                Exhibitor Booths Open

8:30am-9:45am         Breakout Sessions #3 (See Below for List of Available Breakouts)

Breakout Sessions (8:30am-9:45am)
1) Volunteer Bike Patrol—Certification Course (4 Hour Course)

       Time: 8:00am-12:00pm

       Title: Volunteer Bike Patrol Certification

       Synopsis: Volunteers will attend a 4 hour course to be certified to patrol areas within
       their agencies jurisdiction.

       Instructors:   Officer Craig Bastible and Officer Cody Austin/ Burleson Police Dept.



2) Helping MADD Stop Drinking and Driving

       Title:         Detecting Impaired Motorists

       Synopsis:     This Presentation will provide patrol volunteers information on how to
       detect impaired motorists and how it helps the efforts of MADD.

       Instructors: Mary Kardell/ Executive Director of MADD North Texas Affiliate

                      Lt. Doug Mitchell/ Carrollton PD

       Bios: Mary Kardell, a native of Texarkana, began her professional and volunteer
career in Dallas after graduating from SMU with a BBA. She served as Area Manager for Norrell
Temporary Services and began volunteering with the Junior League of Dallas in the 1980’s.
After serving on the Junior League Board of Directors and active member for over 15 years, she
became a sustaining member and served as Sustaining Advisor to the Junior League. Along
with raising a family of 2 children, ages 24 and 21. She has served on several community
boards including the The Family Place, Women of St Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church
and Highland Park High School PTA.
Converting her skills from fundraising, event planning and volunteer management, she
moved into the world of nonprofit as Director of Grants and Resource Management for
the YWCA of Metropolitan Dallas and as Director of Outreach for Genesis Women’s
Shelter. She came to MADD Metroplex as Executive Director in December of 2003.
Kardell had the honor of being a featured speaker at the 2005 OJJDP annual conference in
Tucson Arizona, on the topic of Underage Drinking Prevention Programs.
As a volunteer, she has served as DWI Committee Chairman for County Commissioner
Ken Mayfield’s DWI Legislative taskforce, Sustaining Advisor to the Junior League of
Dallas Community Assistance Fund, Sunday school teacher and neighborhood outreach
representative for St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church.
Mary’s husband of 28 years, Steve Kardell, is an attorney with Clouse, Dunn and
Koshbin and adjunct professor teaching employment law and corporate compliance at
SMU Dedman’s School of law.

                        Lt. Doug Mitchell, is a 21 year veteran police officer. He began his law
enforcement career with the Gainesville Police Department, in Gainesville, Texas in 1989. In 1994, Lt.
Mitchell joined the Carrollton Police Department. He has served in numerous rolls within the
Department and is currently the B Shift Watch Commander. Lt. Mitchell earned an Associates Degree in
Criminal Justice at Cooke County College. Lt. Mitchell is a graduate of the Southwest Legal Foundation’s
Management College. Lt. Mitchell is a nationally recognized speaker and trainer on underage drinking
prevention and local coalition building. Lt. Mitchell currently serves on the advisory board of the North
Texas Affiliate of Mother’s Against Drunk Driving.


3) Volunteer Traffic Control

        Title: Being Safe, Courteous and Effective While Performing Traffic Control

        Synopsis: Volunteers will be taught effective ways to perform traffic control and keep
        themselves safe while doing so and will learn how to deal with difficult drivers.

        Instructor: Michael Ingram/ Granbury PD

        Bio:     1998 Graduate Monticello (KY) High School

                 Volunteer Firefighter Monticello Fire Department 1998-2001

                 Us Air Force Desk Sergeant 12-01 to 12-05
                 Veteren Operation Southern Watch (Kuwait 2002), Operation Enduring Freedom
                 (Kyrgyzstan 2004), Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq) 12/04 - 12/05. Escorted 6 Air
                 missions into Afghanistan. Numerous schools on weaponry and ground combat. Visited
               9 Different countries Portugal, Italy, Kuwait, Germany, Qatar, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan,
               Iraq, Turkey.

               Granbury Police Department Patrol Division 01/07
               Advanced training in DWI Enforcement and prosecution. Advanced Roadside Impaired
               Driver Enforcement Intoxilyzer operator. Texas Tactical Police Officer.

4) Patrol Safety

       Title: Volunteer Patrol Safety

       Synopsis: Volunteers will be taken on a journey of common mistakes that can be a
serious threat to their safety and will learn how to avoid them.

       Instructor: Sgt. Diron Hill/ Burleson PD

        Bio: Sgt. Hill has been in Law Enforcement for 17 years, all in patrol division. Sgt. Hill
started his career in law enforcement in Colleyville, Tx and worked there for 6 years until he
was hired with the Burleson PD. He has been a field training officer for both agencies. He was
promoted to Sergeant in 2005 where he currently works midnight shift. He is a TCLEOSE
certified instructor and has attended the Crime Prevention I class. In 2006, he organized the
first ever Citizens On Patrol Program for the Burleson PD and developed a volunteer bike patrol.
He is the Vice President of Training for TLOFT and maintains their website. He has developed
several volunteer training courses over the past several years and has been a breakout
instructor for the TLOFT conference and the Texas Crime Prevention Conference. He currently
has an advanced peace officer certification. He is married to Holly, who works for the Hurst
Police Department and has a daughter, Haidyn, who is 6yoa.

       Links: (Powerpoint)

9:45am-10:15am         Break

10:15am-11:30am        Breakout Sessions #4 (Same as Breakout Session #3)

11:30am-1:30pm         Free Time for Lunch/Visit Granbury
1:30am-2:30am          Breakout Session #5 (See Below for List of Available Breakouts)

Breakout Sessions(1:30pm-2:45pm)
1) Human Trafficking

       Title: Identifying Human Trafficking Crimes in Your Area

        Synopsis: The Anti-Trafficking Unit for the Fort Worth Police Department will instruct
volunteers on what to watch out for in their communities that are possible human trafficking

       Instructors: Officer Daniel Meza/ Fort Worth Police Department


Investigator D.A. Meza, #2095 has been a peace officer for over 25 years. With more than 17
years of experience in VICE investigations, Officer Meza brings to the Human Trafficking Unit
his expertise in investigations and his commitment to rescuing victims of human trafficking.
Officer Meza was assigned to the Human Trafficking Unit in 2006 following the grant award that
formed the unit. Officer Meza’s expertise in human trafficking began in 1999, when he was
involved with an investigation of several bars in north Fort Worth where there were reports of
rampant prostitution. He quickly realized that there was more going on than the initial reports
indicated. The investigation resulted in the raid that was performed in 2002 rescuing 64
Honduran women from sexual slavery. In 2008 Officer Meza initiated an Investigation that
resulted in the arrest of several juvenile gang members involved in human trafficking and
Identified 5 underage female forced into sexual slavery. Officer Meza also initiated an
investigation in Oct 2008 which resulted in the rescue of two women which had been held as
sex slaves on the Eastside of Fort Worth. Officer Meza was sworn in 1985 and he earned his
Master’s Peace Officer certification in 2005.

  Ms. Kathleen Murray, LMSW, joined the Fort Worth Police Department’s Human Trafficking
Unit in 2007 upon the inception of the Unit. Ms. Murray brought with her experience in working
in refugee resettlement where she served victims of trafficking in social services. Through her
experiences in social service, she developed a strong desire to assist people entrapped by
human traffickers regain their freedom. Ms. Murray’s primary responsibilities include training,
public awareness, and social service liaising. Ms. Murray is a returned Peace Corps volunteer
having served her nation in Honduras for nearly three years. Ms. Murray earned her Master’s of
Science in Social Work in 2005 and has been licensed in the state of Texas since 2007.

Officer Gabriel Barrera was commissioned as a peace Officer on March 13, 1987 with the Fort
Worth Police Department. After a short time in patrol he was assigned to the Special Operation
Division/Narcotic Section where he was later assigned to the Special Approach Unit in an
undercover capacity. This unit was directed to target the narcotic street dealers in the City of
Fort Worth. Officer Barrera was then assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration where
we targeted mid level to high level narcotic dealers in the North Texas region. He was then sent
on loan to the U. S. Marshal’s Service where he was assigned to the Fugitive Task Force where
we targeted fugitives that were continuing their enterprise. Officer Barrera spent time with the
FBI where again we investigated mid level to high level narcotic traffickers. During this time he
was also assigned to the Tarrant County Narcotic Intelligence Coordination Unit. This unit
investigated mid level to high level narcotic dealers in the area. In early 1990 he became a
Hostage/Crisis Negotiator for the Fort Worth Police Department and is still a member of this unit
as of this date. After 14 years in the Narcotic Section Officer Barrera returned to the Uniformed
Patrol Division and was assigned as a Field Training Officer and instructed the newly assigned
Officers in patrol procedures. In 2008 he returned to the Special Operation Division where he is
assigned to the Anti-Human Trafficking Section.


2) Reduce Auto Theft in Texas (Watch Your Car)

           Title: Texas Automobile and Theft Prevention

        Synopsis: Thousands of cars are stolen and burglarized in the state of Texas each year.
Every vehicle, no matter the make, model or year, is a target for thieves. The Texas Department
of Transportation (TxDOT) is combating this by educating the public about what they can do to
lessen their chances of being a victim.

           Instructor:           Michelle Lanham/ RATT Program Director

           Bio:                  - Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications, magna cum laude, University of Texas - Arlington

- Fourteen years with ABTPA, corresponding experience in auto theft awareness, recognition and prevention
- Member of RATT founding staff (auto theft prevention specialist 1995 – 1999, manager since 1999)
- Licensed TCLEOSE (TX Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education) Instructor
- Permanent Certified Crime Prevention Specialist (C.C.P.S.) through TX Crime Prevention Association
- Certified training in Recognition and Apprehension of Stolen Vehicles through National Insurance Crime Bureau
- Member, International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) and International Association of Property Crimes Investigators (IAPCI)
- Member and current webmistress, Texas Association of Vehicle Theft Investigators, website:
- Member, International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA)
- Member, Texas Crime Prevention Association; member/former board member (1996–1998), North Texas Crime
 Prevention Association
- Member, Texas Auto Burglary and Theft Prevention Authority Grantee Advisory Committee

- Member, North Texas Crime Commission Auto Theft Committee
- Member, National Association of Town Watch
- Recipient of 1997 Texas Crime Prevention Assoc. Leland Wood Public Speaking Competition Award

- Recipient of 2003 Texas Association of Vehicle Theft Investigators C.C. Benson Award
- Recipient of 2007 International Association of Auto Theft Investigators Directors Award
- Recipient of 2007 Texas Chisholm Trail Crime Prevention Association Manager of the Year Award
- Place 4 Watauga City Council Crime Prevention Board member (1996 – 1999)
- Graduate of TX Institute of Criminal Justice Studies Part I & II Crime Prevention Practitioners Program
- Graduate of Arlington Police Department and Watauga Department of Public Safety Citizens Police Academies
- Participant in approximately 850 auto theft prevention exhibits and presentations since RATT inception
- Trainer of approximately 1,200 law enforcement officers statewide in auto theft prevention since RATT inception

- Participant in over 500 media features statewide regarding auto theft
- Responsible for successful management of RATT budget with no overages or shortfalls, 1995 - present
- Author of ATPA publications: “50 Ways to Watch Your Car,” “Prevent Carjacking,” the ATPA student curriculum and
  teacher’s guide, and “2003 Profiles in Auto Theft Suppression”; co-author: “2007 Texas Vehicle Crimes Analysis”
- Author of nominations resulting in over 20 awards for the RATT program, including local, state, national and international recognitions


                                 (Power Point)

3) Suspicious Activity

           Title: The POWER of OBSERVATION and how it can prevent crime

           Synopsis: Teaching yourself to trust what you are seeing and the best way to report it

           Instructor: Officer Wes Cooper/ Benbrook PD

           Bio:Officer Wes Cooper is a Texas native, growing up in Brownfield, Texas. After
graduating high school in 1993, Wes began attending college at Tarleton State University in
Stephenville. His main interest was computer hardware repair; however, most college courses
only offered software programming. Wes felt the courses were lacking as they only produced
programmers whose focus was old software programs and repairs for the Y2K bug. The short-
comings of the classes encouraged Wes to educate himself in computer hardware repair.

In 1996 he went to work for University Computers, a small company based in Fort Worth. In a
few short years he worked his way up to the lead technician for that company. He spent more
than nine (9) years working in computer related fields.

In 2003, Wes was growing tired of computer work and realized that his true calling was in public
service. He continued working fulltime while putting himself through the Weatherford Police
Academy. In April 2004, he was hired by the Benbrook Police Department. Wes spent three and
a half (3.5) years in the patrol division before being moved to the Crime Prevention Department.
Wes has been on the Benbrook SWAT team for five (5) years and serves on the Departments
Technology Committee. In 2010 Wes became Crime Prevention Certified.
Wes met his beautiful wife, Rhonda, in 1997 and they were wed in 2001. On May 29 of 2008
they had their first little girl who now controls Wes’s life.

       Links: Powerpoint

4) Watchdog Nation



       Instructor: Dave Lieber/ Star Telegram Columnist

         Bio: For nearly 30 years, DAVE LIEBER, a popular keynote speaker and entertainer,
humorist, storyteller and award-winning columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, has used
stories to change the world. Nothing motivates people more, the Texas motivational speaker
believes, than stories about positive change that help people change positively. His stories of
wrongdoing and right-doing in newspapers and magazines have led to countless changes in
governments, schools and communities. As an inspirational and comedy speaker, Dave Lieber
delights his audiences with stories that bring laughter and tears. Because of his ability to combine
real-life experiences with outstanding storytelling skills, Dave Lieber is consistently rated by
audiences as one of their favorite speakers. He is a member of the National Speakers
Association. The winner of the coveted Will Rogers Humanitarian Award from the National
Society of Newspaper Columnists for his good deeds in the community, Dave was named Best
Columnist in the American Southwest by the Press Club of Dallas. His newest book, Dave
Lieber's Watchdog Nation, now available in the expanded 2010 edition, is the winner of two
national book awards for social change. His motivational, inspirational and delightful talks
always bring results and smiles to conference planners and audiences.



2:45pm-3:30pm          Break
3:30pm-4:15pm     Breakout Sessions #6 (Same as Breakout Session #5)

4:15pm            Adjourn Classes

5:00pm            Exhibitor Booths Closed

6:30pm-9:00pm     TCOPA Awards Banquet

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

8:30am-12:00pm    TCOPA General Meeting and Elections

12:00pm           Conference Closes