Cake Decorating Workshops - 2011

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					                         Cake Decorating Workshops - 2011
                     “If you can imagine it, you can create it.”

 Cupcake Fun for Kids from 5 to 80!                                      Basic Cake Decorating for beginners
A fun 3-hour workshop                                                    Whether it is for a
designed to teach the                                                    wedding, baby shower,
basics     of     cupcake                                                christening or 60th
decorating. This class has                                               birthday, this workshop
a focus on preparing and                                                 is designed to teach all
decorating, not baking.                                                  techniques to set up,
Lessons cover how to                                                     cover and decorate a
apply buttercream or                                                     round cake. Discover
ganache, techniques to                                                   how to make perfect
roll icing for simple                                                    chocolate       ganache,
decorations,        sculpt                                               then fill and dress your
animal faces, cut icing                                                  cake ready to ice. Your
patterns and letters or create any design of your own creation. Our      teacher will share all the Sweet Art professional tricks required to
aim is to encourage participants to explore their imagination, to        achieve an impeccably iced cake. Participants will have creative
both theme and decorate the cupcakes to bring them to life!              control to finish their cake with decorations of their choice.
Everyone takes home their 6 decorated cupcakes.                          All materials and tools are provided, and everyone will take home
We encourage parents, family groups and children’s parties. We           their own decorated cake and apron.
have birthday cake decorating parties where everyone
                                                                         Tuesday & Saturday 9:30am – 4:00pm
participates creating the birthday cake especially designed for the
                                                                         $385.00 + GST per person          Min 6 participants
recipient. All materials and tools are provided.
Morning Class 9:30am – 12:30pm
Afternoon Class 2:00pm – 5:00pm
$75.00 + GST per person                       Min 6 participants

     3D Cake Sculpting - Hand bag                                                          Tiffany Gift Box
An introduction to                                                       A present box is one of
sculpting cake in 3D.                                                    our most popular cakes
Participants will learn all                                              and the idea can be
the standard setting up                                                  used for all ages and
practices      such      as                                              occasions     by     just
layering with ganache                                                    changing the colours.
and carving the cake into                                                Participants learn how
your chosen shape, then                                                  to set up by layering,
exploring a range of                                                     filling and finishing with
decorating techniques                                                    chocolate ganache. We
including         covering,                                              focus on mastering
decorating,       painting,                                              perfect square corners,
relief design, air brushing and piping. Instruction will also be given   how to mix your chosen colours with vegetable dyes and
on how to calculate proportions and match colours using vegetable        flawlessly covering your cake with icing. We complete our gift
dyes to ensure the end result will exceed your expectations.             box by adding a lid and making a stunning icing bow.
All materials and tools are provided, and each participant will take     We welcome specific requests for special workshops, creating
home their hand bag cake.                                                your very own, making it a great family outing, unique birthday
                                                                         party or corporate team building function!
Monday & Saturday 9:30am – 4:00pm
$385.00 + GST per person         Min 6 participants                      Monday, Thursday & Saturday 9:30am – 3:00pm
                                                                         $385.00 + GST per person         Min 6 participants

                         96 Oxford Street, Paddington NSW 2021 TEL: 61 2 9361 6617 FAX: 61 2 9361 5822