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					4 afternoon of 29th, hosted by Deputy Minister of Finance Zhang Shaochun

Appliances to the countryside

The second inter-ministerial joint conference. Ministry of Commerce, Industry and
Information Technology, National Development and Reform Commission, the Central
Propaganda Department, Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Environmental
Protection, Gongxiaozongshe, the State Administration of Taxation, SAIC, AQSIQ,
and other units also attended .

 The main contents are: to implement the State Council's instruction, study and solve

Home Appliances

Policy implementation in rural areas concentrated reflection of the problem, clearly
the next step tasks. The meeting discussed and drafted by the Ministry of Finance take
the lead in "bringing home appliances work and the next stage of work concluded."

 Shaochun pointed out that the implementation of home appliance products financial
subsidies to the countryside is an important part of the proactive fiscal policy is
stimulating consumption and promote production, an important measure to expand
domestic demand. Since February 1, 2009 across the country since the work of home
appliances to the countryside, around the active implementation of policies, solid
work, and farmers to purchase household appliances to the countryside products were
well received. As of April 27's


Data, bringing home appliances sales of about 7.5 million sets (pieces), a total of
about 900 million yuan of funds for subsidies. With the expansion of the scope of
policy implementation, the first quarter of this year, bringing home appliances sales
growth was double the monthly trend.

 Shaochun notification appliances to the countryside for concentrated reflection of
problems in policy implementation of response measures taken, which focuses on the
Ministry of Finance issued with the relevant departments, "bringing home appliances
operating rules" to simplify the operational methods of home appliances to the
countryside of the situation, a clear the focus of the next phase of work and related
work requirements. He said that bringing home appliances has been fully
implemented across the country, the focus of the next phase is to enhance product
quality, sales and after-sales

And the daily supervision and management of the market order; to continue to
increase policy advocacy efforts and adopt various forms of propaganda to guide,
explain the good policies, especially the increase of the newly issued "Regulations
operate home appliances to the countryside" propaganda; to urge local subsidy
payment to speed up the progress. In early June, members of units to jointly set up
joint inspection team of the special supervisory home appliances to the countryside.

 Shaochun finally stressed that the member units of home appliances to the
countryside should be strictly in accordance with the Joint Conference,
"Inter-ministerial joint conference system for home appliances to the countryside" and
"bringing home appliances operating rules" to determine the division of
responsibilities and take effective measures to good good, solid work do indeed, for
the implementation of good policies to expand domestic demand, promote the new
rural construction and appliance industries to contribute to healthy development.
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