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					MINI are embracing their social networking sites and using them to announce their
latest news, events and model launches.
  More and more automotive companies are using their social networking sites to
announce news and communicate with their fans and customers.
  This time they have used their Facebook site to announce their plans to unveil a new
model concept at the upcoming Paris Auto Show. Online fans will be the first to see
the new concept car 鈥?a week before its official launch in Paris.
  MINI have remained tight-lipped over their concept and as of yet have revealed
hardly anything about it.
  Online commentators are speculating the likelihood of it being a new model
altogether 鈥?with the outcome a 鈥榥 o 鈥? MINI have also only recently released
their new MINI Countryman and are still to reveal their new Coupe and Roadster
models which are meant to be hitting dealerships in 2012.
  A while back a Clubman test car was spotted during testing in Europe which has led
some people to believe that the new 鈥榤 odel concept 鈥?could be based on this
particular car.
  There 鈥檚 some good news for British workers too as both the upcoming MINI
Coupe and Roadster are due to enter production at MINI 鈥檚 Cowley plant which
will create around 1000 jobs 鈥?
  So, if you 鈥檙 e keen to find out exactly what new model launched MINI are
planning it would be wise to follow their social networking sites closely 鈥?as that 鈥
檚 where all the latest news seems to be coming from!
  Lucy Penn is an online marketer who is currently researching a Mini Dealer in

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