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Mileage Maxx by djsgjg0045


									I have been using Mileage Maxx in my car for a little over a week and so far I am
very happy with the results.When new, my car was rated at 25mpg city and 30mpg
highway,before using Mileage Maxx my car was avreging 22mpg to work (round-trip
approximately 24 miles.Now my car is averaging 28mpg to work. I also believe my
2009 Sebring has an increase in horsepower. I am now on my second tank of gas (this
time without Mileage Maxx) and very curious of the outcome. 8 oz. of Mileage Maxx
per ten gallons on first run then 4 oz. every other fill-up. I wish I had a way to check
for a difference in emmisions but I do not have access to that kind of technology so I
have to trust the results of the seven year testing results. I hope this article will help in
the decision of whether to try Mileage Maxx or not, I believe Americans need to focus
on improving our current transportation options. I have to say I am very concerned
about some of the new alternatives being considered,like hydro-powered and electric
vehicles,for example,how are the consequences going to change at the site of an
accident,or at the storage site (junk/salvage yards) of these vehicles ? We seem to
have a knack for causing a problem while fixing one,a perfect example is the choice
between "paper or plastic" , I absolutely applaud the intention of saving trees as they
are an absolute necessity for many reasons, unfortunately we have a new problem, we
have waste sites filled with non-biodegradeable plastic bags. I realize that all the
improvements we make take time and I believe we are going in the right
direction,however, when it comes to serious possible side effects of new technology
specifically regarding new forms of transportation, I believe it would be a major
benefit to look real deep into the pros and cons of each. In the meantime,we can ALL
save money on fuel,redude toxic emissions (by 30% to 50%) and in turn save fossil
fuels, just by using Mileage Maxx ! This is an excellent way to save money and help
the environment at the same time, with the added benefit of possibly lowering fuel
prices ! A skeptic might ask; how will using Mileage Maxx going to affect fuel prices ?
It is simple,it is called "supply and demand" and when you use less fuel,you purchase
less, right ? That means (typically" when demand is lower, the price usually
lower,unless I am missing something, it makes sense to me. If my calculations are
correct,based on a vehicle which averages 20mpg and gains 5mpg using Mileage
Maxx, the bottom line is this, you can spend $2.60 (or current price per gallon) to go
20 more miles OR you can spend $2.80 to go 100 more miles (based on the purchase
of a 32 oz. bottle of Mileage Maxx. Short version: $2.60 = 20 miles, $2.80 =100
miles ! Alright, so I'm no genius but I KNOW which would save money. That is a
difference of 80 miles, I think I will let you do the rest of the math !

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