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                    TMA 2: Second Semester 2008/2009
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4.   ASSIGNMENT                  WRITING

PART II: STUDENT INFORMATION (to be completed by student)
NAME          Ruba Othman rushdi shbaita      ID        080018
TUTOR         Farah adwia                     SECTION

PART III: TUTOR REMARKS (to be completed by tutor)
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3      how did I get my VISA

4      How did he do it …….?

       -Transaction and Relation marketing

       -The rational approach to understanding customers

5      -Ethical issues in financial services

       -Suggestions to improve marketing practices

How did I get my VISA …?

I have never used visa or tried to get one, in fact I didn’t know what is visa used for, and I
never thought I would need one in my life, from what I used to hear from people who
normally a (visaholic), if I may use this expression, and there bad stories and experiences
with visa, I thought it is almost impossible for any one to convince me to have a visa one
day, at least this is what I thought.
But one day a couple of guys from a famous bank visited our work place trying to sell us
some visas and I was ignoring them completely because this previous bad thought I had
about visa, there was one of those marketing guys who I think is very good and made
what I thought is impossible, smartly started to explain about the good things about visa
and started to clear my head one thought after another.
Showing me how can I avoid other people’s bad experiences ,At the end he managed to
convince me to have my first visa in my life which I still use till today, by being patient,
determined and using lot of reason he managed to do what I used to think impossible
which is me having a visa.

How did he do it …….?

Transaction and Relation marketing

I think he used this concept a lot to convince me to get this visa by doing a lot of
explaining how his bank cares about its costumers and how every one needs long relation
ship with his bank and how it is not a one deal thing and by opening an account at there
bank I would be able to get lawns by transferring my monthly salary, I would be able to
gain there trust in the future to finance my desired investments in any field.
And he used two points doing that which is my small salary and that no other banks can
give me these facilities and how much they care about there small customers.

The rational approach to understanding

I realized later that he used this concept a lot and in a very smart way by understanding
my fears, ignorance and the shortage of cash that most of limited income employees
suffer, he managed to convince me that he is offering the best service with the lowest
Cost I will ever find.
So I assume that I am not his first case which he used this concept of rational approach
and understanding of the consumer needs with, by offering him a rational deal or what I
can call an offer which I can’t refuse.

Ethical issues in financial services
After I got my visa I started to know more about some financial complications of these
kinds of services which most of law income employees are prevented from because of
there law income which I think it is unfair in a some cases, and some times the high
interest the customer has to pay, using there shortage of cash and in some cases holding
him for ever because of that, getting them used to this endless relation ship.
I think using the needs of people to make prophets is not ethical, it is not a nice way to
make prophets and marketing has to be ethical because you are dealing with human
feelings and needs which all products are built in eventually.
The marketing people who work in that field should also clarify those risks that the
person may be facing miss using this kind of financial services to be ethical and pay the
customer an honest advice.
In this example, it is very complicated to raise the ethical issue about it, from one side
they solve other people problems by financing them, form the other side in a lot of cases
it turns to obligatory endless commitment to the service provider.

Suggestions to improve marketing
In my case in this example I wasn’t a very hard case but surely they faced much harder
personals to convince them to buy there visa and I can divide the to more than a group

The first group cant be convinced in any way because of a religious thoughts and this
group I think they shouldn’t waste any time with because they cant be convinced because
there believes.
The second group was what I can call it the hesitators group which needed more than a
visit and to clear the benefits more to them to gain there trust but needed more work
earning there trust using the first concept.
The third group is the greedy group who needed more benefits to get them have visa like
a discount or low interest account and I think that would work with them because the
most important thing for them is saving money.