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									Suitability Survey to Deliver Course in Adult Literacy and Numeracy
Purpose of the Survey
This survey is designed to collect information to enable the Department of Employment, Economic
Development and Innovation (DEEDI) to assess how capable an organisation is to deliver the curriculum

The questions on the survey should be considered a guide for organisations to determine the expectations of
the department in relation to the standard of service delivery required when using its training product. The
survey is also a tool for continuous improvement. If an organisation is unable to demonstrate the ability to
satisfactory meet one or more of the areas listed, discussions should occur between DEEDI and the
organisation, in order to assist the organisation to meet a satisfactory level of capability.

1. A person with TAA40104 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and with current vocational
competencies and knowledge in Adult Literacy and Numeracy (or equivalent) is/or will be employed by the
organisation and will deliver the training.

Alternatively – a person is undergoing training to obtain this qualification and it is expected this will be
completed prior to the start date of the project; and/or staff are being supervised by a person with this
qualification who is also overseeing the delivery of training.

Please nominate the person and their qualification.



2. Staff of the organisation access professional development in literacy and numeracy. For example, staff
attend seminars/conferences, and have membership with relevant associations.

Please nominate proposed professional development activities for 2010/11 that staff in the organisation will

Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation
Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative
Current as at 22 June 2010
3. The organisation has available adequate physical resources and an environment conducive to learning for
the delivery of training, including relevant technology.

Please describe the physical environment and how it will be used for literacy and numeracy training.

4. The organisation will provide resources to facilitate delivery of the course (e.g. texts, materials,
mathematical equipment relevant to learners’ needs and goals etc).

Please list resources that will be made available and used as part of the training delivery.

5. Procedures for monitoring the progress of learners are in place.

Please provide a copy of the procedures your organisation will use to monitor the progress of learners during
training delivery.

          Procedures attached

6. Ongoing review and evaluation of the organisation’s delivery is in place (e.g. client satisfaction surveys
completed, documented staff conduct reviews of training etc).

Please detail how the delivery of the course will be reviewed and evaluated.

Please attach this completed survey to the “Application for Permission to Deliver 30719QLD” form and return
both completed documents to your local DEEDI regional employment office. Please call 1300 369 925 for
further information.

N.B Please note, if permission is granted, 30719QLD course documentation costs $165 ($150 + $15 GST)
and your organisation will be sent a tax invoice accordingly.

Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation
Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative
Current as at 22 June 2010

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