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For further enquiries please contact:
Matthew Sheldon-Collins
High Performance Sport Coordinator
Tel: 9548 8407

Monash University High Performance Sports Centre
13 Duerdin Street, Clayton VIC 3168.

                                                                                 High Performance Junior
                                                                                 Basketball Camp
                                                                                 Elite Juniors Aged 14 to 17 years
Map sourced from Google Maps                                                     Thursday 9 and Friday 10 July
                                                                                 9am - 3pm
CRICOS provider: Monash University 00008C
Disclaimer                                                                       Monash University High Performance Sport Centre
While the information provided in this brochure was correct at the
time of its publication, Monash University reserves the right to
alter procedures, fees and regulations should the need arise.
Raise your game to the next level!                                                                  Monash University High Performance Junior Basketball Camp application form

                                                                                           Personal Details
Want to increase your basketball level and unsure where to
begin? Let Dale Waters and his coaching team develop your                                  Given name: _______________________________                 Surname: _________________________
basketball skills and knowledge to take your game to that next level.                      Gender: M / F              Date of Birth:    __ __ / __ __ / __ __      Position: _________________

Dale Waters (pictured below) is currently the Head Coach for the Women’s National          Basketball Club and Highest Level Played: ____________________________________________
Basketball League Dandenong Rangers and Assistant Coach for the Australian u19
Junior Women. Dale and his coaching team will take players through the following           Phone: (home) ____________________________ (mobile) ____________________________
over the two day camp:
                                                                                           Email: _________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                           Address: __________________________________ Suburb: ___________________ PC: _____
•   Basketball specific Physical testing and
                                                                                           Payment Details
•   On Court Skill Acquisition & Development
    (Individual and team concepts)                                                         The cost of the High Performance Basketball Camp is $150.

•   Video analysis of Shooting Technique                                                   Cash: Cash and EFTPOS payments can be made at the Monash University High
                                                                                           Performance Sports Centre,13 Duerdin St, Clayton.
•   Core Stability and exercise Physiology
    concepts                                                                               Credit:
                                                                                           Name on Card: _________________________________                  Card type: Visa / Mastercard

                                                                                           Card Number: __ __ __ __ / __ __ __ __ / __ __ __ __ / __ __ __ __ Exp: __ __ / __ __

                                                                                           Signature: _______________________ Date __ __ / __ __ / __ __
The cost of the High Performance Basketball Camp is $150.

Participants will receive a training shirt, water bottle, lunch on both days, individual
testing report, DVD of shooting analysis and core stability program.

For more information on the High Performance Basketball Camp please contact                Privacy Collection Statement
Matthew Sheldon-Collins                                                                    The information on this form is collected for the primary purpose of processing your application. Other
High Performance Sport Coordinator                                                         purposes of collection include creation of a record on the database, attending to administrative matters
Tel: 9548 8407                                                                             and corresponding with you. By completing all questions on this form, Monash Sport is able to process
                                                                                           your application. Personal information may also be disclosed to the relevant banking institution for the
E-mail:                                        processing of your payment. You have the right to access personal information that Monash University
                                                                                           holds about you, subject to any exceptions in relevant legislation. If you wish to seek access to your
Application forms can be submitted via fax 9905 4104 or posted to Monash University        personal information or inquire about the handling of your personal information, please contact the
High Performance Sports Centre, 13 Duerdin St, Clayton 3168.                               Monash Sport Privacy Officer on 9905 8837 or