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                                     ...a southern perspective...
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                                Pick `n Pay Supports Fairtrade!
S pe c i a l                 South Africa's leading supermarket, Pick      Fairtrade in South Africa
p oi n t s of               'n Pay, has officially announced its           alone. Research shows that
                            commitment to Fairtrade along with its         the Premium derived from
i nt e r e s t :            assurance to stock Fairtrade products as       Fairtrade sales was spent
    Fair Trade AGM          they become available locally.                 predominantly in the areas of education
                             "We are eager to work closely with Pick       and training (26%) and infrastructure
    and Conference:         'n Pay to increase the availability of         improvement (23%).
    27 & 28 October!        Fairtrade products for local consumers as       South Africa is one of the largest Fairtrade
    Technical               well as to develop new ranges exclusively      -producing countries in the world, supplying
                            for our African market," says Mr.              everything from fruits and vegetables, wine
    Assistance Fund         Boudewijn Goossens, executive director         and coffee to rooibos tea, herbs, spices and
    Round 3 now             of Fairtrade Label South Africa. "What we      nuts. The broad range of products are
    open                    want to achieve is a dramatic increase in      mainly destined to Northern markets, where
                            the number of people benefiting from           Fairtrade receives strong support from
    Fairtrade wines         Fairtrade in South Africa and in Africa -      consumers and the retail industry. A
    increase in sales       namely small farmers, farm workers, their      growing demand for locally produced
    from Ultra              families and communities."                     sustainable products is encouraging the
    Liquors                  Fairtrade is the leading international        creation of a domestic market for Fairtrade
    Promotions              certification system for sustainable           and currently a variety of wine and coffee is
                            production and poverty reduction in the        available to local consumers.
                            agricultural sector. Fairtrade provides         Bronwen Rohland, director of sustainable
                            social, economic and environmental             development at Pick 'n Pay, comments that
                            standards that are specifically dedicated      "with more than 700 stores around the
I ns i de t hi s            to the empowerment of small farmers and        country we will be a key player in the
                            farm workers whilst regulating production
issue:                      in a sustainable and environmentally           creation of a Fairtrade market in South
                            sound way. For every Fairtrade product         Africa, as well as in the promotion of new
Linking Female          2                                                  local and regional Fairtrade supply chains."
                            sold, part of the profits goes back to the
Entrepreneurs               farming communities, who use this added                For more information, please contact
                            income for social projects or to invest in        Arianna Baldo, Marketing and Promotions
Fairtrade               3   small-scale farming. It is estimated that in
Licensees at the                                                               Coordinator, or
                            2009 more than 16,000 small farmers and
Roundtable                  farm workers benefited directly from                                  call +2721 448 8911.

Letter from a           3             2010 Fair Trade AGM and Conference
                             Fair Trade South Africa will be hosting        On the second day, 5 workshops will be
FTSA Trustee            4   their Annual General Meeting (AGM) and         hosted by different organisations: FLSA,
shares about                Conference on 27 & 28 October at the           FLO/FLO-Cert, AFN/SAFN, COFTA and
Herself                     Fountains Hotel this year.                     FTTSA.
                             During this year’s AGM, the                    You can find registration forms and more
FLSA won Be Fair 5          stakeholders need to adopt a new               information about attending online or you
Award                       constitution and thereafter elect a new        can contact
                            board.                                         Registration ends 15 October 2010.
                             After the AGM follows an afternoon of          FTSA has managed to source funding
                            presentations from various fair trade          for 50 workers who benefit directly from
                            systems in South Africa, followed by a         their organization being Fair Trade
                            networking event organized by Fairtrade        Organisations. Attendance is free.
                            Label South Africa.                                                     Klarissa Joemath
                                                                                                Volume 2, Issue 3

Page 2
                    Linking Spanish and African Female Entrepreneurs
              In May this year an organisation called Fundación
             Mujeres (Women’s Foundation) from Spain,                             Ukuva iAfrica
 Fair Mail
             organised the “Meeting of Spanish and African
             Women Entrepreneurs towards Economic                    Ukuva iAfrica produces a range of high quality
             Empowerment” which was held in Madrid, Spain            sauces, marinades, spices and wines for both
             during June 2010. The organisation work on the          the local and export markets. Our beautiful hand
             implementation of intervention projects in the          crafted décor packaging is made by adults with
             various fields of social participation, political,      intellectual disabilities from training & skills
             economic and cultural, with the aim of achieving        development workshops throughout the
             equality and opportunity for women.                     Western Cape. These workshops fall under the
                                                                     auspices of the Cape Mental Health Society.
              The meeting was aimed at creating a network of
                                                                     These wonderful artistic individuals have been
             women and organizations that promote
                                                                                                 producing these works
             empowerment and leadership of women in Africa
                                                                                                 of art, synonymous with
             and was organised around a women
                                                                                                 the Ukuva iAfrica brand,
             entrepreneur’s fair and parallel were debate,
                                                                                                 since inception 13
             training, counselling and exchange activities for the
                                                                                                 years ago. We are also
             participants. Being a non -governmental non-profit
                                                                                                 a proud member of the
             organisation, funding was received from the                                         World Fair Trade
             Spanish Agency for International Development                                        Organisation (WFTO)
             Cooperation (AECID).                                                                and COFTA and have
              Fundación Mujeres invited over 150 female                                          been exporting to Fair
             entrepreneurs from all over Africa including Ghana,                                 Trade clients for over
             Liberia, Nigeria, Mali, Mozambique, Egypt, Niger,                                   10 years.
             and Somalia amongst others as well as
             participants from Spain. Fortunately I was one of       made me proud of our achievements thus far and
             the three participants invited to represent South       also gave me the motivation to continuously strive
             Africa especially since our company, Ukuva iAfrica,     to better and improve on future endeavours. The
             was one of the few from the food industry but also      interaction and feedback from all participants
             had the craft attributes due to our uniquely African    during this particular workshop was fantastic
             décor and packaging.                                    compared to the previous ones I attended. All the
              The entrepreneurs were from all age groups,            Fair Trade principles came into play as so many of
             race, religion and spoke many different languages       the daily working and general living environment
             but all had one goal….to promote their business         we often take for granted, was expressed as either
             and gain valuable networks within the business          being a continuous hurdle or accomplishment for
             environment. Of the activities on offer were            these female entrepreneurs from the rest of Africa.
             workshops on various subjects, one to one               To listen to their stories of endurance, sacrifice,
             meetings between participants, the exhibition of        persistence and hardship in their daily lives and
             products and several coaching sessions. The             how it affects their business, made me aware of
             workshop I enjoyed the most was the one on Fair         how grateful I should be as a female entrepreneur
             Trade, where Joan Karanja (Regional Director of         in South Africa. Yet there was not a moment that
             COFTA) was the speaker. Joan’s                          any of them did not adorn a smile or proudly wear
             acknowledgement and recognition of our company          their cultural address that signified their heritage.
                                                                     Their courage and beliefs makes them more
                                                                     profound than any of the other established
                                                                     entrepreneurs we know of. I have not just gained
                                                                     valuable insight and experience during this event
                                                                     but also great friends and sisters in business. We
                                                                     now have a network whereby we assist one
                                                                     another in whatever areas of expertise and
                                                                     guidance we can offer to one another.
                                                                      It was an overwhelming experience and many of
                                                                     the participants made vast amount of sales and
                                                                     contacts through the exhibition. I want to applaud
                                                                     Fundación Mujeres and all other parties involved
                                                                     for the outstanding work they do on a day to day
                                                                     basis and also for granting me the opportunity to
                                                                     be a part of this experience. This was one event
                                                                     that I could say “I am proudly African”.
   Faa-iekah Ryland (right) with some of the organizers
                                                                                                         Faa-iekah Ryland
    (middle) of the event and another participant (left).
                                                                                                             Ukuva iAfrica
Volume 2, Issue 3

                          SA Licensees Discuss Fairtrade                                             Page 3

   While a cloud of volcanic ash prevented the
                                                     economies, UK and South Africa.
 first Fairtrade Licensee Roundtable workshop
                                                       The meeting was well-attended with
 from taking place. Second time round nothing
                                                     representatives from the wine industry
 stopped Harriet Lamb (Executive Director of
                                                     dominating, namely Thandi, Stellar
 the Fairtrade Foundation in the UK) and
                                                     Organics, Van Loveren, African Terroir,
 Boudewijn Goossens (Executive Director of
                                                     Douglas Green Boerdery, Fairhills and
 FLSA) from hosting the much anticipated
                                                     Fairvalley. Vigorous debate as to the finer
 workshop for existing and potential local
                                                     technicalities of dealing with Fairtrade in South Africa,
 Fairtrade licensees.
                                                     particularly regarding the wine sector, followed with
   The day-long workshop, that took place on
                                                     topics ranging from bottling to BEE. It became clear
 15 July 2010 at the FLSA offices in
                                                     that more regular meetings between licensees, FLSA
 Observatory, was mainly to update and inform
                                                     and potential companies willing to sell Fairtrade in
 licensees about the UK and South African
                                                     South Africa are needed. The meeting was
 Fairtrade market; outline the procedures of
                                                     informative and spirited.
 licensing in South Africa; and explore the
                                                       Thank you is extended to all those who contributed
 potential synergies between all groups. The
                                                     to a very successful workshop.
 presentations by Lamb and Goossens each
                                                                                              Taryn Campbell
 pertained to Fairtrade in their working
                                                                                 Fairtrade Label South Africa

  Fairtrade wine-tasting in Ultra Liquors with our Volunteers
                   In June,         customers a chance to           campaign would not have
                 FLSA launched      taste Fairtrade wine in a       been possible without the
                 their first ever   retail store. Fairtrade wines   support of our
                 consumer-          sales increased                 enthusiastic,
                 orientated         dramatically over this time     dedicated
                 campaign,          and UL store managers are       volunteers – thank
 where Ultra Liquor customers       delighted with the              you to all who
 could taste some fabulous          promotion’s success. The        participated!! A
 Fairtrade wine and hear about      volunteers thoroughly           big congratulation
 the benefits of Fairtrade on the   enjoyed and learnt a lot        goes to our
 farms.                             from the experience. As         volunteers in PE,
  Over 30 wine tasting were         Siphokazi Mtana, a              who are the
 held across 6 South African        volunteer from PE               “Volunteer Team”
 cities: Cape Town,                 expressed, “The                 for the UL
 Johannesburg, Pretoria, Port       volunteering experience         Campaign. Please
 Elizabeth, Durban and              was amazing! I learned a        read their profiles
 George. In all the cities the      lot and gained experience       on the volunteer
 tasting were run by our            as well.”                       section of our website.
 volunteers who gave                  The success of the            Taryn Campbell
                                                                                                        Fair Mail

                             Rockin' Fair Trade in Cape Town
                    Fair Trade was one of the first        Town this past winter, I was very
                   concepts I learned about while a        excited to learn about Fair Trade
                   student at the University of            South Africa and meet everyone at
                   Minnesota in the U.S. I worked          the office in Cape Town. Cape Town
                   extensively with a local non-profit     seems to have a very open and
                   social justice group to bring more      responsive Fair Trade market and I
                   Fair Trade products, namely             was happy to see Fair Trade labels at
                   coffee, to our campus and educate       the Pick N' Pay and Carlucci's, our
                   students on the principles of Fair      beloved corner store. Now that I am
                   Trade and why they are so               back in the U.S. I wish all the best to
                   important in our world. Therefore,      FTSA―as we used to say on
                   when spending an rather extended        campus, “You guys are rock stars!”
                   vacation, (three months) in Cape                      Gwendolyn Danfelt-Martin
                                                                                            Volume 2, Issue 3

 Page 4                                  Developing CAN’s Capacity
                 It is with great anticipation that many await     key subjects under way or submitted to
               the first ever combined Producer Network            consultation (new governance model,
Fair Mail
               meeting,13-15 September in Brussels, with           reorganization of FLO standards to implement
               board members and management teams                  the Empowerment Model, global product
               from all three producer networks:                   management, etc.)
               Coordinator of Fairtrade Latin America and          Beyond feedback, propose & discuss concrete
               the Caribbean, Faitrade Africa, and Network         proposals regarding these subjects.
               of Asian Producers - CAN.
                                                                   The networks have set out 4 key outputs to
                 This unique opportunity represents the           achieve during this 3 day workshop. These
               chance to develop the potential of Producer        outputs include analysing PNs challenges and
               Networks and strengthen their global alliance      opportunities, basis for fundraising activities,
               in order to:                                       exchange on current strategies and plans, and
                 Develop the foundations of the 3 Producer        draft proposals for future collaboration.
                 Networks with greater synergies and                                               Klarissa Joemath
                 synchronization so that they can take more                             Fairtrade Label South Africa
                 ownership in the Fairtrade Labelling system
                 Strengthen more broadly the position & role
                 of Producer Networks in their respective
                 regions as their challenges &
                 responsibilities, current and future, are
                 building up beyond the “Fairtrade world”
                 In addition, the presence of FLO eV and
               FLO Cert participants during the second part
               of the meeting will provide an opportunity for
               the PNs to:
                 Exchange with them on the comprehensive
                 picture of PNs current challenges,
                 opportunities, issues & strategies                   Network of Asian Producers’ Summer
                                                                            Consultation, Thailand.
                 Discuss & give them feedback on current                   Photographer: Awirut Khunprasat

                           The Technical Assistance Fund is now Open
                              Fairtrade Africa launches the 3rd Round      access to markets by providing
                             of the Technical Assistance. All FLO          finance to producers for technical
                             certified small producer organisations        support in: Developing their
                             (SPOs) in Africa are eligible to obtain       businesses and improving their
                             support through this fund!                    compliance with FLO standards.
                                        The Technical Assistance Fund        The aim of the TAF is to finance
                                      (TAF) is part of the Fairtrade for   training or capacity building in the
       Some key TAF facts             Development in Africa project,       following areas:
                                      which is investing in building the     Improving capacity of senior
   This is the 3rd Round for          capacity of Fairtrade Africa, and      managers to manage more
   TAF since its initiation in        is funded by Comic Relief. The         effectively, training and assistance
   2009                               set-up of a technical assistance       in developing business planning
   The total TAF budget was           fund was identified by project         and financial management, supply
   £660,000. So far                   partners (including Fairtrade          chain management, environmental
   £289,406.90 has                    Africa Board, FLO PSR and              management.
   been spent which means             Fairtrade Foundation) as a key         Strengthening internal
   there is £370,593.90               issue to be addressed by the           systems (including database
   available for the 3rd round        project.                               management) and institutional
   In this pilot phase, the TAF         The purpose of the Technical         structures (including governance
   will provide grants of up to       Assistance Fund is to support          issues) of producer organisations.
   20,000 USD for a maximum producer organisations with the                Read more…
   period of a year.                  long-term aim of improving their
         Events                      Announcements                             Be Fair!
7-9 Sept: FTTSA presents at        Fairtrade Africa has launched        Join our fair trade volunteer
the Conference and AGM of          their website!                       team! For more information
the South African Travel               contact Taryn on
Youth Confederation.                                          
                                   New faces in the Fair Trade
10-12 Sept: Fair Trade             House: Welcome to Celeste            Get Fairtrade Certified!
Tourism SA will participate in     Dyers who joined the Fairtrade       Become a Fairtrade Licensee!
the Get Away Show.                 Label SA team late July as           Join Fair Trade in Africa!
                                   position Market Development
13-15 Sept: CAN (Fairtrade                                              Become a Fair Trade
                                   Assistant and can be contacted
Producer Networks) meeting                                              Organisation!
is hosted in Brussels                                                   Register with Fair Trade
                                   Also, we welcome Mkhululi
                                   Silandela who has joined the         Tourism SA!
27 & 28 Oct: Fair Trade South
Africa hosts their Annual          Southern Africa Fairtrade
General Meeting and                Network as the Regional
Conference at the Fountains        Coordinator
Hotel. Click here for more
information.                       and Benjamin Gatland has
                                   moved on to work for Fairtrade
27 Oct: Fairtrade Network          Africa as Standards                  Follow us on Twitter and
Cocktail, Fountains Hotel.         Development Coordinator; he          Facebook!
    28 Nov –2 Dec: Fairtrade       can be reached at
   Africa hosts their Members
         Meeting in Zimbabwe

                  FLSA wins Be Fair Award!
             Congratulations to Taryn Campbell for
                                                                    Fairtrade (1 word) refers to FLO
           proposing a fair trade promotion campaign               and products certified and labeled
         which won the Be Fair Award South - South. A                     by Fairtrade Labelling
             word of thanks to the Belgian Trade for               Organisations (FLO) International.
           Development Centre for their support and                Fair trade (2 words) refers to the
           mainly for granting Fairtrade Label SA this               global movement “that seeks
          award. Taryn will travel to Brussels later this            greater equity in international
              month to officially accept the award.                           trade” (FINE)

             Our strategic objectives:                               What we do:
1. To support and strengthen the fair trade        ~ promote fair trade amongst all stakeholders;
movement in South Africa;                          ~ organize and participate in relevant events;
2. To facilitate access to national and            ~ establish strategic partnerships;
international markets for fair trade producers;    ~ provide information to and strategically
3. To assist initiatives that support fair trade   connect different stakeholders, and
producers.                                         ~ advocate for fair trade

     (T) +27(0)21 448 8911               (F) +27(0)21 448 3665    

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