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  Newsletter | October 2009

      In this edition:


      What’s happening?
      Welcome the world to
      your doorstep.

      Have you heard of closed-loop
      marketing? Stuttafords shows us
      how it’s done.

      Events, awards, festivals and the
      finest restaurants.

      ‘CHIP & PIN’ Cards
      Your step-by-step guide.
WelCOme                                                                                          WHAt’S HAPPeNINg?

                                    Sunny days are

                 here again!                                                                     Welcoming
With the unexpected early arrival of summer and the emergence of green shoots,
wouldn’t it be a pleasant surprise if consumer confidence follows the trends of                  the world to your
our weather patterns? With the world descending on South Africa this may very
well be a reality. If the recent sporting events are anything to go by, we can look                                doorstep
forward to a bumper year ahead.                                                            Have you noticed an influx of foreign Cardmembers? We’ve been hard at work
                                                                                           marketing South Africa to over 90 million Cardmembers, spread across 70 countries.
In understanding our Cardmembers and their lifestyle we’ve developed a new
brand positioning, ‘My Life.My Card’, which epitomises the Card being an                   Entitled, ‘Discover South Africa’, our worldwide marketing initiative promotes
essential accessory. Around the world, and especially here in South Africa, look           South Africa as a destination of choice through travel partners, website links and
out for the subtle, yet hard not-to-notice new brand campaign. And with the                direct communications to our Cardmembers via the Selects Programme.
influx of American Express® Cardmembers expected next year, it makes sense
not only to accept the Card, but to welcome them by displaying the ‘My Life.My             During July, over 1 000 international Cardmembers arriving at South African
Card’ signage upfront in your store.                                                       airports were warmly welcomed with a complimentary refresher gift and a ‘Discover
                                                                                           South Africa’ travel brochure. This brochure included a list of all the Selects
If you’re serious about capitalising on the power of our national brand campaigns          offerings available. Not forgetting the local market, we sent out
even further, our unique SelectsSM Programme can help you to translate our                 communications to our local Cardmembers, encouraging them to rediscover
campaign success into more American Express business for you, our valued                   South Africa.
merchant. (Find out more on how to join our Selects Programme on pg 3.)
                                                                                           The campaign proved to be a success with our Cardmembers both locally and
So sit back (for just a minute), and enjoy someone serving you for a change. Through       abroad and as a result we will recommence the campaign from
this newsletter, our aim is to provide you with the information you need to make your      October to December 2009.
everyday business life a little easier, more efficient and, ultimately, more profitable.

Are you ready for the euphoric kick off, nine months to go, through
‘christemba’, a fleeting Easter and into a soccer frenzy?

To prepare for this readiness, please feel free to contact me.

Tshipi Alexander
National Sales and Service Manager: American Express Merchants

Introduce your business                                                                                                                    My Life.
                             to the rest of the world
American Express is enabling growth in your business with Selects, an online
portal, which provides Cardmembers with a range of value adds in the form of
                                                                                                       my Card
special offers.                                                                     As a campaign that is recognised by American Express Cardmembers the world
                                                                                    over, the American Express ‘My Life.My Card’ brand campaign is strengthening
                                                                                    brand awareness throughout the globe. Here in South Africa, we’ve endeavoured to

                   How Selects can add                                              further increase brand awareness through ‘My Life.My Card’ media campaigns in

                     value to your business                                         selected malls throughout the country. These tactical initiatives seek to strengthen
                                                                                    American Express’ brand presence within South Africa, thereby sending more
                  • Selects offers you an opportunity to                            American Express Cardmembers into your stores. This strategy is especially effective
                   increase your exposure to 90 million                             when you (our merchant) capitalise on the brand campaign’s momentum by
                   American Express Cardmembers in 70                               displaying your own ‘My Life.My Card’ decals in your establishment.
                   countries worldwide.
                                                                                    Subtle, yet hard to not notice, our promotional items are available to you free of
                  • It allows merchants to drive Cardmembers
                                                                                    charge. By using American Express decals and signage, you can ensure that your
                   to the websites via embedded hyperlinks.
                                                                                    establishment stays visibly accessible to both local and foreign Cardmembers.
                                                                                    Research has shown that displaying point-of-purchase materials, both outside
                                                                                    and inside your store, helps increase impulse purchases from
                                                                                    American Express Cardmembers.
            Joining Selects is FRee AND eASY.
All you have to do to become part of the Selects Programme is simply provide us
with an exclusive differentiated service or offer for our Cardmembers and we will
market your establishment at no additional cost to you.

To further invest in your business we have developed specific Selects decals and
signage for our Selects partners. These powerful retail tools not only alert
Cardmembers to an exclusive offer waiting for them, but also encourage
redemption of this offer instore.

                                                                                             to order your American express ‘my Card’ or
    Begin growing your business the American express way today                               Selects decals and billfolders or to become a Selects
    and become part of the Selects Programme.                                                partner call our merchant Helpdesk.


                                                                                  Wine Festival
                                                                                  30th July - 2nd August

                                                                                  The annual Stellenbosch American Express Wine Festival has grown into a
                                                                                  worldclass event, playing host to thousands of local and international visitors.
                                                                                  This year was no exception, with an estimated 13 500 visitors arriving.

     The     trade and tourism Indaba                                             Relaunched in 2002, thanks to the American Express sponsorship, it is now the
                                                                                  largest regional festival under one roof in South Africa, consisting of
     9th -12th May                                                                150 wine farms.

As a proud sponsor of the AA Travel Guides American Express Accommodation
Awards for the third consecutive year, we are committed to raising the
standard of all types of accommodation around the country, and recognising when
high standards of excellence have been achieved. At a glitz and glamorous gala
evening at the Durban City Hall, Gold, Hall of Fame, Winners and Top Achievers
were awarded.

                                                                                    ‘My life My card’ branding at the Stellenbosch American Express Wine Festival.

  The AA Travel Guides American Express Accommodation Awards Ceremony.
The American Express
Platinum Fine Dining Awards
14th September - Gauteng : 28th September - Cape Town
Quality dining prevailed at the 2010 American Express Platinum Fine Dining
Awards. Regional award ceremonies held at Bellagio Restaurant in Johannesburg
                                                                                                                                             Yemurayi Bamhare,
                                                                                   Paulo Santo of Ritrovo Ristorante was honoured
and the One&Only Hotel in Cape Town in September honoured two family-run                                                                     the first American Express
                                                                                   for his 10th consecutive year at the awards.
                                                                                                                                             Mentorship student
Pretoria restaurants, La Madeleine and Ritrovo Ristorante, with their 10th
consecutive award at the Platinum Fine Dining Awards ceremony as well as our
first American Express Mentorship Student, Yemurayi Bamhare.

    In their 10th consecutive year of the awards, Daniel Leusch and his daughter
    Anne of La Madeleine are congratulated by Pamela White and Vanessa Singh       Johannesburg Platinum                 Victor Strugo and Lannice Snyman judges of the
    from American Express Cards.                                                   Fine Dining Awards.                   Platinum Fine Dining Programme.

                                                                                                  In June earlier this year we directly communicated to our entire American Express
                                                                                                  Cardmember base about the Stuttafords presale, which they were exclusively
                                                                                                  invited to. This proved to be very successful, with a notable 29% uplift of Cardmember
                                                                                                  spend in stores during this period. Stuttafords shows us how it’s done. If you’d like
                                                                                                  to see an increase in sales in your business, contact our Merchant Helpdesk.

        American express is committed to delivering unprecedented
        value to both our Cardmembers and merchants.

  Sounds too good to be true? Here’s how we do it...

  If you are looking to increase sales, we can          With our comprehensive database

  help you do this by creating tailored                   of Cardmembers and their every
  marketing campaigns at your stores
                                                             transaction, we’re able to analyse
  – which are exclusively available
                                                                selected buying behaviours.
  to you.

  Our Selects Programme also                                         With this information,

  allows you to create tailored                               we can help you to attract new

                                                         customers to drive repeat business
  campaigns for a strategic target
                                                         and, increase your turnover, all
  audience – whether they be local, global or both.
                                                       because of better customer targeting.

                                 the gap                                                                    Increase your turnover and profits by drawing
                                                                                                            high-spending American express Cardmembers into
                                                                                                            your store. We can help you; simply contact our
                                                                                                            merchant Helpdesk.

                                                                                                             American Express® Cards are welcome at Stuttafords.

     Your                                                                             Save the trees and
                                                                                                       save time


With the increase of ‘CHIP & PIN’ Cards in South Africa, resulting from an influx
of foreign Cardmembers as well as local issuance, you need to ensure that as a
merchant you are able to accept these ‘CHIP & PIN’ Cards and process them
correctly. This will allow our valued Cardmembers to have a hassle-free
experience and you will benefit from reduced chargebacks. Follow the                                              Save the trees. Make a difference.
                                                                                                        Activate your merchant eStatement. Call 011 667 8173.
step-by-step guide below to assist you in processing these types of transactions.

How to process ‘CHIP & PIN’ Card transactions correctly.
Step 1: Insert the Card (face up) into the chip reader. The Card must remain in the
       chip reader for the full duration of the transaction.                             Receive your monthly merchant statements electronically, and
Step 2: Select the type of transaction, eg SALE, and enter the total                     you’ll be saving the environment as well as streamlining your
       amount due.                                                                       month-end processes. Call the merchant Helpdesk to activate
Step 3: Ask the Cardmember to enter his/her PIN. No customer                             your eStatement today.
       signature is necessary if the PIN is entered successfully.
Step 4: Your POS device will authorise the transaction and issue merchant             Congratulations to our merchant, Allan Sheridan of Funky Junk Trading CC in
       and Cardmember receipt*.                                                       Port Alfred, who was the lucky draw winner of the LCD TV for signing up to receive
Step 5: Remove and return the Card and receipt to the Cardmember.                     his monthly merchant statement electronically.

       *NB: If a Cardmember enters his/her PIN incorrectly three times
       consecutively, has forgotten his/her PIN or the chip is not readable,
       advise the Cardmember to contact his/her bank. If the transaction
       is declined or fails, follow current operating procedures.

How to process a ‘CHIP & PIN’ transaction when a customer is not present.
Transactions like mail/telephone orders or internet purchases, where the Card
is not present, are unaffected by the introduction of ‘CHIP & PIN’ Cards. There is
no change to the fraud liability policy for these transactions. To minimise your
exposure follow the correct authorisation and ‘Card not present procedures’
already in place.                                                                     Please ensure that we have your updated details so that we can continue to
                                                                                      provide you with excellent and efficient service. If you have changed your email
                                                                                      address or telephone numbers, please call our Merchant Helpdesk today.

                       Carl Johnston                                                             Julie Devine                                                          Roselyne Mamet
                    Regional Manager                                                         Regional Manager                                                         Regional Manager
                          Gauteng                                                                 Cape Town                                                              KwaZulu Natal

                     tel: 011 667 8129                                                        tel: 021 928 2341                                                        tel: 031 300 5811

                  With the aim of providing you with worldclass service and support, our team
                  is ready to help you in any way we can.

                  If you have any questions, please call the Merchant Helpdesk on 011 667 8173.
                  For Card authorisation and code 10s, call 0860 321 555.

                  If you have any fraud-related information, or suspect fraud, call 011 667 8761
                  (08:00-10:00 Mon-Sat, Sunday 09:00-18:00). After hours, please call 0860 321 555.

    American Express® Cards is operated under licence in South Africa by Nedbank Ltd Reg No 1951/000009/06. Nedbank subscribes to the Code of Banking Practice of The Banking Association South Africa and, for unresolved dis-
   putes, supports resolution through the Ombudsman for Banking Services. Nedbank is an authorised financial services provider. Nedbank is a registered credit provider in terms of the National Credit Act (NCR Reg No NCRCP16).

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