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Lasse Damgaard Nielsen
          • General academic requirements
          • Specific academic requirements
          • Before you go – Approval of Courses
          • When you return – Incorporation of Courses
          • Approval of Courses – Applying for funding

Torge Fischer
          • Application to the host university
          • Visa
          • Insurance
          • Housing
          • Promoting ASB
          • Spread the word
Academic information and course approval

                  International Student Counsellor

                  Lasse Damgaard Nielsen

General academic requirements

Specific academic requirements

Approval of courses

Incorpoaration of courses
General academic requirements
You must choose courses that are academically relevant to your study programme
at ASB

You must take courses equivalent to the part of the programme that you lose at
ASB, i.e. 30 ECTS

The study period abroad must not prolong your studies at ASB

You are not able to earn credits for language courses in a language that is not part
of your studies at ASB
General academic requirements

The course does not have to be offered at ASB.

It can both be courses that is very much alike the courses that is offered at ASB,
but can also be totally different courses from what you have taken at ASB so far.

Most important is that the courses are relevant for your studies at ASB.
Examples of relevant courses:

  • Translation, grammar, culture, social systems and conditions, feature


  • Intercultural communication, public relations, marketing, media, HR


  • Politics, economics, 20th century history, policy theory
Specific academic requirements
BA two languages
30 ECTS in total

20 ECTS within one of your languages

10 ECTS in electives or within one of your languages

Please notice that depending on which courses you take it might have
consequences for your 6th semester
Specific academic requirements
BA Language / Communication

30 ECTS in total

20 ECTS within your language

10 ECTS in communication, electives or language

Please notice that depending on which courses you take it might have
consequences for your 6th semester
Specific academic requirements
BA Language / European Studies
30 ECTS in total

20 ECTS within language or European Studies

10 ECTS in European Studies, language or electives

Please notice that depending on which courses you take it might have
consequences for your 6th semester
Approval of courses (1)

You must put together a study programme of courses equivalent to the part of the study programme you would
otherwise take at ASB (30 ECTS)
– if not possible to obtain full credit, provide documentation of how you wish to obtain the remaining ECTS.

Please note that it is your own responsibility to find the necessary courses; gather the necessary information; and
ensure approval of the study programme.

ASB will pre-approve a maximum of 30 ECTS + two courses. Do not send a long list of random courses
Therefore, do your research thoroughly: check for prerequisites, available positions
Approval of courses (2)

You apply for approval of a study program by filling in the form for Approval of courses and sending the
completed form with course descriptions by e-mail to
Course descriptions must be attached in separate files. File name must be the name of the course

Your application will be processed by the International Student Counsellor and signed when everything
is in order.

It is your own responsibility to ensure that your approval of courses is in order and up to date.
Approval of courses (3)

If you are not able to fill in all information regarding courses before departure
you must send the approval application form AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to
International Student Counsellor at

If you make changes to your original study programme while abroad you must
send a new application for approval.

If you are not able to indicate ECTS credits on the form, please contact
International Student Counsellor for a translation of the local credits into ECTS
Approval of courses (4)
                                                          Check Study Abroad database for previously
                                                                      approved courses
                                                             If approved earlier, they will also be approved for you

        4 October
                            Application to                             Contact exchange univeristy
                                                                                                    At university
                                                                                                                         Incorporation of
allocation and nomination     universty      Admission                January/February                                       Courses
                                                         for list of available courses and course descriptions for new
                                                                        and previously approved courses
                                                                    If not available, ask when they will be.
                                                          Check for of university’s
                                                          Approvalhostcourses course application procedure

                                                           Put together program with
                                                                    30 ECTS

                                                           Contact International Student Counsellor
                                                              Include form for Approval of Courses
                                                          Include course descriptions for new courses
Approval of courses (5)

      Contact information

      Course name and number
      European Studies
      -if in doubt, check Study Abroad –database and
      then contact International Student Counsellor

      Which semester at exchange university
      -cannot be all 1st year courses – must as a general
      rule be at least 2nd year.

       Written, oral, continuous assessment, other
Approval of courses (6)

    Course descriptions contain:

    Course title and number
    Course descripition / objectives /learning goals
Approval of courses (6 cntd.)
Incorporation of courses (1)

Only credit transferral for approved and passed courses - the courses on your transcript

You must always take the exam – not only attendance

Transferred to your ASB diploma as ”passed” – no marks translation

You must take the contact to the institution abroad in order to get your transcript on time

Superior authority is the Study Board

When you return home, the deadline for incorporation of courses is 20 September 2011
Incorporation of courses (2)

If you fail a course abroad, you will need to take the failed
module(s)/electives at ASB in your 5th and/or 6th semester.

Please note, that it is not possible to obtain credits for parts
of modules/electives.

You must obtain 30 ECTS on your exchange semester.

If you send an e-mail to the International Student
Counsellor from abroad, please remember to state
        your full name
        where you are on exchange/freemover stay
        what you are studying at ASB/your study program

Have Fun
Lasse Damgaard Nielsen
          • General academic requirements
          • Specific academic requirements
          • Before you go – Approval of Courses
          • When you return – Incorporation of Courses
          • Approval of Courses – Applying for funding

Torge Fischer
          • Application to the host university
          • Visa
          • Insurance
          • Housing
          • Promoting ASB
          • Spread the word
Practical information

                         Torge Fischer
                        International Coordinator
Allocation results

 107 students are going abroad in spring 2011, including 19 freemovers

 You have been allocated to 29 universities in 11 countries

                                                    Students who got…
                                                    … 1. Priority: 73 %
                                                    … 2. Priority: 15 %
                                                    … 3. Priority: 5 %
                                                    … > 3. Priority: 7 %
Second Allocation

Only students who did not get a nomination or who
only got a freemover nomination

First come – first serve

You must still fulfil all minimum requirements
Application Information
Application – Getting started

                   Check Campusnet

• Messages from host universities
• Application forms
• Fact sheets
• Other documents & files
• Contact data of former study abroad students
Application - Attachments

                     Check what you need!

• Transcript (print on CN or in B4 office)
• List of courses
• Language proficiency
• Documentation of financial support
• Recommendation letter(s)
• Letter of Motivation
• Passport copies
• Photos
Application – Do the research

All institutions work differently centralised vs decentralised

Read all information given to you and on the institutions website

Complete all forms carefully, preferably together with other students going
to the same university

Come to the country specific Q&A meetings, if you have questions
Application – Tips!
Hand in complete applications and have them in
Application – Tips!
Mr Pencil is useless, use a pen! The application
 is an official document.
Application – Tips!
Do not staple! Use a paper clip.
Application – Tips!
Attach decent passport photos!
Application - Deadlines
      EU destination            Non-EU destination

• You should receive        • You should receive
  information between now     information before 15
  and end of October          October
• Application deadlines     • Application deadlines
  normally around 1           normally between now
  November (just as           and 1 November
Application - Sending
      EU destination            Non-EU destination

• Send application to host   • Hand in your application
  institution directly         material to ASB
  (unless clearly stated       International Office as
  otherwise)                   soon as possible:
                               08.10.  USA
                               15.10.  others
When to get an answer?
First month:
 • No news = good news
 • Read the material – any guideline for time frame
After one month
 • If no visa requirement, no need to panic
 • Normally universities will sent acceptance letters etc around this time
After two months
            • You should have an answer
            • See if other students going to the same place, did get an answer
            • If nothing happens  contact us
Freemover Information
Freemover: Finding a host
          Check Institution Database

• Don’t select a specific period
• Select freemover
• See all destinations where ASB students have
  studied as freemovers in the last 3 years
Freemover: Finding a host
                 Check agents

• EDU Danmark (
• Kilroy Education (

          … or find something special by
                doing it totally on your own!!!
Freemover: Finding a host
        EU destination                Non-EU destination

• Can be tricky                 • Most Australian and some US
• Make sure they know you are     and Asian universities have
  coming as a freemover           standard procedures for
• ASB will not make new           freemover students
  Erasmus agreements based      • If not, try to contact their
  on your contact                 International Office or their
                                  Admission Office

             It doesn’t cost anything to ask…
Freemover: Getting accepted!
Read all information given to you by the agent and the

Complete all forms carefully

In doubt, consult with us: We also help freemovers 
Visa Information
Visa for EU destinations

Non-EU citizen going to EU countries will need a visa

EU citizen going to EU countries only need a residence
 • You can apply once you are there
 • Remember to bring financial documentation (i.e. SU)
Visa for non-EU destinations
You must have visa before departure (most countries)

Check your passport (valid until at least 6 months after return)

Visa normally valid one month before semester start

Country specific visa information on our website and at Q&A
Take out specific and additional insurance
 • You are not covered by your yellow insurance card and possibly not by your personal

Health Insurance
 • EU countries (EU citizens): Bring European Health Insurance card
 • Overseas destinations: Often require you to take a specific insurance

Personal and Liability Insurance
 • Check your insurance company

Can be a challenge

Research your options:
 • Most host universities will help out one way or another
 • Ask former students
 • Ask exchange students at ASB

Compare and decide:
 • On campus
 • Off campus
ASB / Erasmus / freemover grant

You are automatically nominated for a grant

Grant is payable approximately in February

Expected amount: 6000 DKK

Private grants:
 • Check
 • Check ASB website for further grants
ASB freemover grant

 You must hand in the acceptance
 letter from host university (i.e.: eCOE)
 to International Office before grant is
While abroad…
You are an ambassador at the host university

No complaints about behavior please

Do promote ASB!
 • Study Fairs
 • Exchange meetings
 • Promotion materials by request
 • ppt on our website
 • Free T-shirts before departure!
Study Abroad 2008   Dias 54
Spread the word!
Participate in the Study Abroad Blog Competition
 • Win fantastic prizes
Participate in the Study Abroad Photo Competition

Write reports!

Write articles in newspaper / magazines
Study Abroad 2008   Dias 56
Study Abroad 2008   Dias 57
Study Abroad 2008   Dias 58
When returning…
Find out how and when to get your transcript

Apply for incorporation of courses

Hand in transcript

Complete evaluation form

Study Abroad Fair – Help new study abroad generation
Don’t forget
•   To use your ASB e-mail account + check CN regularly!

     Dear Torge, Could you please forward the application form and other
       documents to Mette? Her emailbox is full. Kind regards, Brigitt
         -----Message d'origine-----
     De : Administrateur système
     Envoyé :     mardi 5 octobre 2005 17:01
     À : lille***
     Objet : Non remis : Delivery Status Notification (Failure)
     Certains des destinataires ou tous les destinataires n'ont pas reçu votre message
     Objet :Date : 05/10/2005 16:53
     Impossible de contacter le(s) destinataire(s) suivant(s) : lille*** le
     05/10/2005 16:55. This message is larger than the current system limit or the recipient's
        mailbox is full. Create a shorter message body or remove attachments and try sending it
Don’t forget
•   When you contact IO or host institution by e-mail, please remember to state your
    name, ASB study programme, host/home institution, study abroad semester

    -----Oprindelig meddelelse-----
    Fra: Thomas J [mailto:***]
    Sendt: 23. marts 2006 17:30
    Emne: Pre-approval of courses

           I’m just writing to hear if you have heard something??? Because I haven’t
           heard anything…
Q&A sessions
USA/AUS/GBR • Flexible in university groups
 Latin America   • Flexible in university groups

  Freemover      • 11 October, 16.00, U332

    France       • 26 October, 14.00, U112

    Spain        • 26 October, 15.00, U112

  GER / AUT      • 26 October, 16.00, U112
Hand in applications

 Europe    • Send directly
           • According to their deadline

   USA     • 8 October

  Other    • 15 October
Further Information
Further Information
                         Study Abroad

  International Office
  10.00 - 12.00
  12.30 – 14.00

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