James Rainy Brown

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					James Rainy Brown
Born the second of five Merchistonian sons to David Rainy Brown, who
himself had attended the Prep before going on to the Castle in 1919,
James Rainy Brown entered Merchiston Castle School from Edge Grove
Prep School in 1951 on a Scholarship. During his time at Merchiston
James worked with many of the men who have made Merchiston such
a special educational experience including Ian Balfour Paul, Mervyn
Preston, Arnold Beasley, Brian ompson, Bill Donaldson, Gilbert Mair
and Archie Humphries. His many achievements at School include:
Senior Prefect; 1st XV; Athletics 3 years and Captain; Cadet Officer in
CCF and School Art Prize.
James then went up to Edinburgh University to read Physics and
continued his sporting exploits as a member of their Athletics and
Cross Country teams. Tempted back to Merchiston by Cecil Evans and
Alan Bush to teach Science and Maths, JRB joined the staff in 1960 and
has been actively involved in so many areas of School life ever since.
He has variously been the Editor of the Merchistonian, Rugby
Administrator, House Tutor in both Chalmers East and West and since
1967 been House Master and then House Tutor in his beloved Pringle.
He has also continued with his love of outdoor pursuits, coaching both
rugby and athletics across the School, running mountaineering clubs
and adventure expeditions and of course the long standing Pringle
Camps at Blakerston.
is September, we marked the completion of James’s historic
50 years' service to the School, and 60 years since he first entered
Merchiston as a pupil.