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									Rob Sheesley, M.Div., C.T., is
Director of The Center for Grieving                                                          The Center for Grieving
Children, Teens and Families.               About The Center for Grieving Children,           Children, Teens and
                                            Teens and Families
Rob brings over 25 years experience         . . . a places of healing and hope                      Families
working with grieving children and
adults, and in consulting with and          We serve children, teens, and families:
training professionals. Prior to co-            Peer grief support groups for
founding the Center, he served for 18              children and teens who have
years as Director of Pastoral Care at              experienced the death of someone
                                                   close. Concurrent groups are held
St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children.
                                                   for the adults.
His early training was in pastoral
                                                Educational programs for adults on
psychotherapy with individuals, couples            topics such as “Handling the
and families. He has extensive                     Holidays,” “Grief and Faith,” and
experience in working with critically ill          “Helping Children Cope with Loss.”
and dying children and their families,          Referral assistance.                        Spring 2007 Conference
and in facilitating peer support groups
with both grieving children and adults.     We serve those who work with grieving
He holds certification as a grief           children, teens, and families:
counselor and educator from the                   In-service programs, training            “If Hope were an Animal:
                                                    workshops, and conference
Association for Death Education and
Counseling.                                         seminars are presented at schools,        A Child’s Eye View of
                                                    agencies, hospitals, churches,                 Spirituality”
                                                    community groups and other
                                                  Consultation to schools and
                                                                                                   presented by
The Center for Grieving                             agencies related to children’s grief.
Children, Teens and Families                      Programs at The Center provide           Rob Sheesley, M.Div., CT
Waldo Nelson Pavilion                               training, support and excellent
Erie Avenue at Front Street                         networking opportunities.
Philadelphia, PA 19134
                                            The Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit
                                            organization supported by training fees,
215-427-6767                                grants, and donations.                          Saturday, March 24, 2007
215-427-5971 fax
                                                                                             9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
                                                 marvel at the insight and wisdom              Please include a daytime phone number or
The session’s theme will explore how             evident in their sharing.                     email address so that we may confirm your
children tap into their spirituality to better                                                 registration.
cope with crisis. How do we as caregivers        In working with children struggling with
help children carry out this important           chronic illness, traumatic psychological      Please register me for the Spring 2007
work?                                            or physical injury, and with the natural      Conference on Children’s Spirituality:
                                                 grieving process, adult care givers can
                                                 either stifle or enable that inner world of   Name: _______________________
                                                 strength and wisdom we call “spiritual”
IF HOPE WERE AN ANIMAL:                          to come alive. Children need a place          Organization or School:
A CHILD’S EYE VIEW OF                            to express their inner feelings, i.e.         _____________________________
SPIRITUALITY                                     doubt, fear, hopelessness, anger; they
                                                 need listeners who will help them             Street: _______________________
Children have a deep sense of the                explore their questions and meanings
                                                 that are turned up-side-down in crisis.       City: _________________________
spiritual. However, because they are
not sophisticated in expressing it, and          They need honest support which                State: _____ Zip: ______________
not verbal to proclaim it, and not               enhances their self confidence enabling
                                                 them to better handle difficult situations.   Day time Phone: _______________
proficient to put it into traditional
language, adults often overlook the
                                                 Spirituality is at the core of each young     Email: ________________________
inner spiritual world of children.
                                                 life. It comes alive and can be seen in
Research and observation have shown              children’s relationships—to self and to
that when given help, children often find        others; to the larger community; and to
creative and meaningful ways to draw             God and the universe.                         If you wish to receive Act 48 credits,
on their spirituality as an effective                                                          please provide your PA State ID
                                                 Join us for our half day conference to
resource in dealing with crisis and                                                            Number: ___________________
trauma.                                          further explore how children draw on
                                                 their spirituality to cope with death, loss
Erma Bombeck writes in her book, I               and trauma, and how we, as                    Send your $30 check payable to:
                                                 caregivers, can help them carry out this
want to grow hair, I want to grow up, I                                                        The Center for Grieving Children
want to go to Boise: Children Surviving          important work.
                                                                                               Waldo Nelson Pavilion
Cancer (1989), how children express                                                            Erie Avenue at Front Street
their spirituality. She asked a group of         PLEASE NOTE:
                                                 The conference will be held at the Angelo     Philadelphia, PA 19134
young cancer patients to explain
                                                 DiGeorge Teaching Center on the lower
“hope.” They drew blanks and silence             level of St. Christopher’s Hospital for
fell upon them. Then she said, “Ok, if           Children.
hope were an animal what would it look
like?” They drew on their inner wisdom           For driving directions, use 3601 A Street,
to paint a life-filled composite of what it      Philadelphia, PA on any internet map
was to them. The reader could only               program.

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