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Asia Pacific Advertising Festival 2011 (17 - 19 March 2011)                             DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES
                                                                                        14 JANUARY 2011

Please type, do not write, ONE entry form per ad.
This form must be completed and accompanied by
a) PT Form: Poster Lotus Summary of Entries
b) EP Form: Entry Payment Form


1. Please ensure all information is completed and correctly spelled
Company Entering                                                     City
*What you enter will be counted in the scoring of ADFEST 2011 Advertising Agency of the Year.
Contact Person                                                       Position
Tel :                                                                Fax :
Email :
Network Agency :
* What you enter will be counted in the scoring of ADFEST 2011 Network Agency of the Year.
2. Title of Ad.
  a) Single Entry Title
  b) Campaign, please indicate title of campaign
         It consists of           advertisements
         1. Title of Ad.
         2. Title of Ad.
         3. Title of Ad.
         4. Title of Ad.
  c) Brand of Product
  d)     Advertiser
         * What you enter will be counted in the scoring of ADFEST 2011 Advertiser of the Year.
         First Transmission Date (dd/mm/yy)
  e) Media Used
   f)    Original Size of Work
  g) Location Displayed

       Special Remark: Only 2-dimensional entries can be submitted into Poster Lotus. 3-dimensional entries must be
       entered into applicable sub-category in Outdoor Lotus.

*Required Proof of Legitimacy: Original Client Endorsement Letter in client’s letterhead and Picture of poster on

3. Main Headlines (English Translation)

4.Creative Credits (Fill in where applicable)
  a) AdvertisingAgency                                                           City
  b) Chief Creative Officer
  c) Executive Creative Director
  d) Creative Director
  e) Copywriter
  f)  Art Director
  g) Agency Producer
  h) Photographer
  i)  Illustrator
  j)  Computer Artist
 k)   Planner

                                                                                                           Poster Lotus 1
5. Please select ONE Product & Service Category. This is for the purpose of entering The CUP. If your entry is a finalist
and above, it will be automatically entered into The CUP for which this categorization is necessary.

        Best of Products & Services
        C01 Best of Food                                    C11 Best of Retail
        C02 Best of Beverages                               C12 Best of Household Products and Maintenance
        C03 Best of Health and Personal Care                C13 Best of Household and Business Appliances, Furnishing and Accessories
        C04 Best of Sports                                  C14 Best of Communication Media and Publications
        C05 Best of Fashion and Cosmetics                   C15 Best of Entertainment, Recreation and Leisure
        C06 Best of Luxury Goods                            C16 Best of Corporate
        C07 Best of Cars                                    C17 Best of Financial
        C08 Best of Other Vehicles and Accessories          C18 Best of Public and Private Services
        C09 Best of Electronics                             C19 Best of Social Engagements
        C10 Best of Travel, Tourism and Transport

Mail or fax this form to:

Plannova Company Limited
1537 Town In Town 3/1, Srivara Road, Plubpla, Wangthonglang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand
Tel: (662) 530-9300 Fax: (662) 530-9292, (662) 530-9293
E-mail: or visit ADFEST website at:
* This form may be photocopied or printed and download from our Website:

                                                                                                                   Poster Lotus 2