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									  Plot 111, Noodhulp, Bela-Bela, 0480
    P.O. Box 1850, Bela-Bela, 0480
       Telephone: 014 736 5176
           Fax: 014 736 5176
          Fax: 086 603 8519

    Christian School

      www. edenschool.co.za
    info @ edenschool . co.za
Principal: Gerrie van der Merwe
   Cell-phone: 082 339 1485



  To prepare children:

  a) To become the adults that God intended them to be.
  b) To prepare them for life, finding themselves in the image of
     Christ and thus to be independent, confident and efficient
     in their environment.
  c) To function to their full potential in school, with all the
     perceptual skills functioning fully.
  d) To meet the critical outcomes adopted by SAQA.

  Some of the characteristics of such a child will then be:

  •   The ability to concentrate well.
  •   Sense of personal dignity.
  •   Independence.
  •   Self motivation.
  •   Love of order.
  •   Ability to work alone.
  •   Self discipline (self government)
  •   Pleasure and fulfilment in work for its own sake, without need for
      rewards or punishment.
  •   Obedience.
  •   Love of learning.


  We believe in:

  a) The inspiration of the Bible, equally in all parts and without error in
     it’s origin.
  b) The one God, eternally existent Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who
     created man by a direct immediate act.

  c) The pre-existence, incarnation, virgin birth, sinless life, miracles,
     death to save us, bodily resurrection, ascension to Heaven and the
     second coming of Jesus Christ.
  d) The fall of man, the need to be born again by the operation of the
     Holy Spirit on the basis of grace alone and the resurrection of all to
     life or damnation.

  The school will not be tied to any specific church, but will be part of the
  body of Christ. The staff will be Christians.

  •   The staff will make every effort to encourage each child to learn to
      treat fellow students fairly.
  •   To discipline when needed with understanding, firmness and love.
  •   Make decisions in the best interests of each individual child.
  •   We will adhere to and enhance the objectives of the NQF as outlined
      in the SAQA act, especially the critical outcomes of every learner.


  a) The role of a parent, especially the father, cannot be stressed enough.
     The school wants to aid the parents in the education of their children
      and will thus act as delegated authorities to the children on the
      parents’ behalf.
  b) It will be expected of parents to be involved in and with their
      children’s activities.
  c) It will also be expected that the principles and work habits taught at
      the school is carried through at home.
  d) Once per term parent meetings will take place, in order to
      discuss school matters.
  e) Should any problems arise concerning your child, parents must feel
     absolutely free to make an appointment and discuss the matter with
     the principal.
  f) Please pray for the school, staff and children – we are dependent on
     your prayers.

   There may be times when your child will experience disagreements,
   and opposition to our standards, as we seek to guide them towards
   Christian maturity, and achievement of academic abilities. Such incidents
   may cause misunderstandings between home and school. The school
   staff looks upon these moments of difficulty as opportunities to work
   more closely with your family, so that together we can manage
   these problems as they arise. An open channel of communication between
   home and school is vital.

   Discipline is what is done for a child, not what is done to him. If your
   child comes home complaining about a policy or discipline, please follow
   the following procedure:

   a) Realise that your child’s reporting may be emotionally based and may
       not include all the information.
   b) Support the Administration process and call the school Principal for
       detailed facts.
   c) Realise that the school has reasons for all rules and that they are
      enforced without partiality.

      Discipline will be firm, consistent, fair and tempered with love,
      according to the National Education Policy act. No corporal
      punishment will be administered. Our staff maintains standards of
      behaviour in the Learning Centre through kindness, love and a genuine
      regard for the learners. However, when disciplinary action becomes
      necessary it will be firmly carried out tempered by good judgement
      and understanding.

   a) Application only on the official document provided by the school.
   b) The school will be open to all races provided all of the above points
      are adhered to.

   Tuition will be bilingual. English and Afrikaans will be taught to learners.


   We implement the Revised National Curriculum Statements (Grades R-9),
   developed by the Department of Education;
   We implement the Common Tasks for Assessment (CTAs) in Grade 9, or
   we implement the National Curriculum Statements (Grade 10-12). In this
   regard, learners should also write the National Examination, leading to
   the acquisition of the new National Senior Certificate (NSC).

   The curriculum as prescribed by the Department of Education will be
   covered in full, using Jubilee Christian Method of teaching
   as well as Montessori method of teaching with equipment as
   well as Computer software to enhance the curriculum.
   Teaching methods used, enables both the very bright child as well as the
   child with either an emotional or perceptual problem, to work together
   and benefit by it. Individual counselling and the teacher / child ratio
   (1-15) as well as sound Bible based principles such as love, forgiveness,
   patience, etc. adds to helping children become complete beings, that
   can handle life we live in today.


   Normal school day starts promptly at 07:30 until 13:15 although staff will
   be available from 07:15 – 13:30 in order to make allowance for travelling
   time. Please be punctual in dropping off and collecting your children at
   school. Through your punctuality as parents your child is able to feel
   secure in a routine. Kindly call if your child is ill, or not attending for the
   day. Please ensure that someone is on duty before leaving children in the
   mornings. Pre-school starts at 08:30 until 12:30. Gr. 0 is part of the
   Primary school.


   a) This is the parent’s responsibility.
   b) Travelling with teachers can be arranged, in private capacity.


In order to administer the finances with excellence, the following
information is very important:

   1. Prompt payment of school fees is essential for efficient
      administration of the school and also assists us to keep the fees as
      low as possible.
   2. School fees are due on the first day of the month. Statements with
      outstanding balances are sent home before the last day of each
      month. Our preference is that fees are paid by debit order as this not
      only eliminates the risk of having large amounts of money in the
      office, but also cuts out a lot of administration. If for any reason you
      are unable to pay your account timeously, please contact the Principal
      at the school office.
             Debit order:        Eden Christian School
                                 Cheque account
                                 ABSA Warmbaths
                                 Account No: 4054711106
   3. The annual charge for school fees is spread over 12 monthly charges
      for your convenience and assistance. Therefore, please pay promptly
      for the holiday periods as well.
   4. After the 7th of each month a letter will go out reminding you of
      outstanding amounts. Accounts not pad within 30 days will result in
      your child/children automatically being placed under probationary
      status at the school.
   5. We will expect parents to have made other arrangements for their
      children’s education if the account is still unpaid after 60 days.
   6. Accounts unpaid after 60 days become subject to interest of 2% per
      month calculated from the due date. This is necessary to cover the
      overdraft cost which will affect the school’s operation.
   7. If you wish to remove your child from the school, one month’s notice
      is required in writing. You will be responsible for payment of the
      school fees for the period of one month even if the child leaves
      before the notice period is up. School records will not be forwarded
      to the new school until payment of all outstanding accounts is

   8. a non-refundable registration fee of R300-00 for the current year, is
      payable for child upon acceptance.
   9. should you have any problems, you may contact the school office.



A school is a place that promotes responsibility, respect, civility and
academic excellence in a safe learning and teaching environment.

All students, parents, teachers and staff have the right to be safe, and feel
safe, in their school community,. With this right comes the responsibility to
be law-abiding citizens and to be accountable for actions that put at risk the
safety of others or oneself.

The Ontario Code of Conduct sets clear provincial standards of behaviour. It
specifies the mandatory consequences for student actions that do not
comply with these standards.

The Provincial standards of behaviour apply not only to students, but also to
all individuals involved in the publicity funded school system – parents or
guardians, volunteers, teachers and other staff members – whether they are
on school property, on school buses or at school-authorized events or

Guiding Principles

   •   All participants involved in the publicly funded school system –
       students, parents or guardians, volunteers, teachers and other staff
       members – are included in this Code of Conduct
   •   All members of the school community are to be treated with respect
       and dignity, especially persons in positions of authority
   •   Responsible citizenship involves appropriate participation in the civic
       life of the school community. active and engaged citizens are aware of
       their rights, but more importantly, they accept responsibility for
       protecting their rights and the rights of others

•   Members of the school community are expected to use non-violent
    means to resolve conflict. Physically aggressive behaviour is not a
    responsible way to interact with others
•   The possession, use or threatened use of any object to injure another
    person endangers the safety of oneself and others
•   Alcohol and illegal drugs are addictive and present a health hazard.
    Ontario schools will work cooperatively with police, drug and alcohol
    agencies to promote prevention strategies and, where necessary,
    respond to school members who are in possession of, or under the
    influence of, alcohol or illegal drags.
•   Insults, disrespect, and other hurtful acts disrupt learning and
    teaching in a school community. Members of the school community
    have a responsibility to maintain an environment where conflict and
    difference can be addressed in a manner characterized by respect
    and civility.

Roles and Responsibilities

School boards provide direction to their schools that ensure opportunity,
excellence and accountability in the education system. School boards:

•   develop policies that set out how their schools will implement and
    enforce the Provincial Code of Conduct and all other rules that they
    develop as related to the provincial standards for respect, civility,
    responsible citizenship and physical safety;
•   seek input from school councils and review these policies regularly
    with students, staff, parents or guardians, volunteers and the
•   establish a process that clearly communicates the Provincial Code of
    Conduct to all parents, students and staff in a manner that ensures
    their commitment and support;
•   ensure an effective intervention strategy and response to all
    infractions related to the standards for respect, civility, responsible
    citizenship and physical safety;
•   provide opportunities for all staff to acquire the knowledge, skills and
    attitudes necessary to develop and maintain academic excellence and
    safe learning and teaching environments.

Principals, under the direction of their school board, take a leadership role
in the daily operation of a school. They provide this leadership by:

   •   demonstrating care and commitment to academic excellence and a
       safe teaching and learning environment;
   •   holding everyone, under their authority, accountable for their
       behaviour and actions;
   •   communicating regularly and meaningfully with all members of their
       school community.

Teachers and School staff, under the leadership of their principals,
maintain order in the school and are expected to hold everyone to the
highest standard of respectful and responsible behaviour. As role models,
staff uphold these high standards when they:

   •   help students work to their full potential and develop their self-
   •   communicate regularly and meaningfully with parents;
   •   maintain consistent standards of behaviour for all students;
   •   demonstrate respect for all students, staff and parents;
   •   prepare students for the full responsibilities of citizenship.

Students are to be treated with respect and dignity. In return, they must
demonstrate respect for themselves, for others and for the responsibilities
of citizenship through acceptable behaviour. Respect and responsibility are
demonstrated when a student;

   •   comes to school prepared, on time and ready to learn;
   •   shows respect for themselves, for others and for those in authority;
   •   refrains from bringing anything to school that may compromise the
       safety of others;
   •   follows the established rules and takes responsibility for his or her
       own action.

Parents play an important role in the education of their children and have a
responsibility to support the efforts of school staff in maintaining a safe
and respectful learning environment for all students. Parents fulfil this
responsibility when they:
                                     - 10 -

   •   show an active interest in their child’s school work and progress;
   •   communicate regularly with the school;
   •   help their child be neat, appropriately dressed and prepared for
   •   ensure that their child attends school regularly and on time;
   •   promptly report to the school their child’s absence or late arrival;
   •   become familiar with the Code of Conduct and school rules;
   •   encourage and assist their child in following the rules of behaviour;
       assist school staff in dealing with disciplinary issues.

Police and community members are essential partners in making our schools
and communities safer. Community members need to support and respect the
rules of their local schools. Police investigate incidents in accordance with
the protocol developed with the local school board. These protocols are
based on a provincial model developed by the Ministry of the Solicitor
General and the Ministry of Education.

Standards of Behaviour

Respect, civility and responsible citizenship

All school members must:

   •   respect and comply with all applicable federal, provincial and municipal
   •   demonstrate honesty and integrity;
   •   respect differences in people, their ideas and opinions;
   •   treat one another with dignity and respect at all time, and especially
       when there is a disagreement;
   •   respect and treat others fairly, regardless of their race, ancestry,
       place or origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, religion, tender,
       sexual orientation, age or disability;
   •   respect the rights of others;
   •   show proper care and regard for school property and the property of
                                     - 11 -

   •   take appropriate measures to help those in need;
   •   respect persons who are in a position of authority;
   •   respect the need of others to work in an environment of learning and

Physical safety

All school members must:

   •   not be in possession of any weapon, including but not limited to
   •   not use any object to threaten or intimidate another person;
   •   not cause injury to any person with an object.

Alcohol and Drugs
All school members must:
   •   not be in possession of, or under the influence of, or provide other
       with, alcohol or illegal drugs.

Physical Aggression
All school members must:
   •   Not inflict or encourage other to inflict bodily harm on another
   •   seek staff assistance, if necessary, to resolve conflict peacefully.


Mandatory Consequences

Police will be involved, as indicated by the police/school protocol, and
the student will be immediately suspended and proceed to an expulsion
hearing for the following:

   •   possession of a weapon, including, but not limited to firearms;
   •   trafficking in drugs or weapons;
   •   robbery;
                                    - 12 -

   •   use of a weapon to cause bodily harm, or to threaten serious harm;
   •   physical assault causing bodily harm requiring professional medical
   •   sexual assault;
   •   providing alcohol to minors.

Immediate Suspension will be the minimum penalty faced by a student

   •   uttering a threat to inflict serious bodily harm;
   •   possession of illegal drugs;
   •   acts of vandalism causing extensive damage to school property or
       property located on school premises.

In these instances, police will be involved, as required, and conditions to
return to school will be specified in accordance with school board policies.

A student will be immediately suspended for:

   •   swearing at a teacher, or other person in authority;
   •   being in possession of alcohol;
   •   being under the influence of alcohol.


Mr. Gerrie van der Merwe
Mrs. Mignon van der Merwe


Miss. Samantha Swarts
Mrs. Lee-Anne Petzer
Mrs. Kina Klopper
Mrs. Elize Etsebeth
Miss. Mariska Ferreira
                                    - 13 -


Thank you for entrusting the training of your child to us. As part of the
curriculum and to enhance the learning experience of your child, we often
need to travel to venues for FIELD TRIPS, SPORTS, THEATRICAL
PRODUCTIONS, FROM HOME TO SCHOOL, etc. This entails an amount of
travelling by means of motor vehicle, combi, bus or train.

We need your permission to transport your child unless you prefer to
provide your own transport, which you are welcome to do.

Please complete and sign the following:

I, _________________________________________ parent/guardian of

state that I fully understand the above and that we grant Eden School and
staff permission to transport my child for the reasons and by means as
stated above.

I hereby release the staff and authorities from any liabilities in the case of
injury or death during school hours and to and from the abovementioned
excursions, unless it can be proved that the accident was due to
negligence/intend on their part.

I, _________________________________________ parent/guardian of

hereby commit myself to adhere to the rules of Eden School and to pay fees
regularly as stipulated.

Signed ________________________________________

On (full date) ___________________________________

Witness (1) _____________________________________
                                    - 14 -


   a) Please provide a properly marked lunchbox.
   b) Should a child wish to celebrate his/her birthday with us, please do
      so by arrangement.


   Homework will be in the form of reinforcing concepts or work learned in
   school, unfinished class work and projects.

15.SCHOOL UNIFORM (Kindly mark all items)
  GIRLS                                       BOYS
  SUMMER                                      SUMMER
  Green skirt                                 Khaki pants/Khaki shorts.
  White blouse.                               Khaki shirt.
  White socks.                                Grey socks.
  Black school shoes.                         Black school shoes.

  WINTER                                      WINTER
  Track suit/Drimac Jacket.                   Track suit/Drimac Jacket.
  Green Jersey.                               Green Jersey.
  Green bobby socks.                          Grey socks.
  Black pantihose.                            Black school shoes.
  Black school shoes

  Official school Logo compulsory on all blouses, shirts and jackets.
  (Hand in at office for embroidery)


  All specimens of rock, leaves, birds’ eggs, nests, shells and pictures will
  always be welcome. Encourage your child to look out for and bring in
  specimens from picnics, holidays and outings. Collect for projects.
                                   - 15 -


  We are a registered school in terms of the Constitution Act 108 of 1996
  and the S.A. Schools Act, Act 84 of 1996, with the Department of
  Education. Registration Number 1010024.
  We are in the process of registering accreditation with Umalusi.


  We play Rugby, Netball, Soccer, Athletics’ and wrestling.


   We do Public speaking, chess, debates, school camps, Boys camps, Father
   and son camps, Leadership camps.

   Leadership (learners)

   Our prefects form part of the school Management team.


   Please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

   Gerrie van der Merwe
               - 16 -

Plot 111, Noodhulp, Bela-Bela, 0480
   Posbus 1850, Bela-Bela, 0480
      Telefoon: 014 736 5176
         Fax: 086 603 8519

   Christen Skool

   Hoof: Gerrie van der Merwe
     Selfoon: 082 339 1485
                                    - 17 -


   a) Om kinders voor te berei in die volwassenheid wat God vir hulle
      bestem het.
   b) Om hulle vir die lewe voor te berei, asook hulself in die beeld van
      Christus te vind. Om onafhanklik, vol vertroue en doeltreffend in hulle
      omgewing te kan funksioneer.
   c) Om hulle voor te berei tot volle potensiaal, vir die Primêre , Hoërskool
      en na-skool fase.
   d) Om te voldoen aan die kritiese uitkomste soos aanvaar deur SAQA.

   Kenmerke van so ‘n kind sal wees:

   •   Die vermoë om goed te konsentreer.
   •   ‘n Sin vir persoonlike waardigheid.
   •   Onafhanklikheid.
   •   ‘n Sin vir orde.
   •   Vermoë om alleen te werk.
   •   Genot en vervulling in werk sonder motivering deur beloning of straf.
   •   Gehoorsaamheid.
   •   ‘n Liefde vir leer.

   Ons glo in:

   a) Die Bybel soos deur God gegee, onverdeeld in alle dele, sonder fout in
      sy oorsprong.
   b) Die een God wie ewig bestaan, Vader, Seun en Heilige Gees, wie die
      mens geskape het deur die direkte, oombliklike werking van Sy wil.
   c) Die ewige voortbestaan, vleeswording, maagdelike geboorte, sondelose
      lewe, wonderwerke, kruisdood vir ons sondes, liggaamlike opstanding,
      hemelvaart en wederkoms van die Here Jesus Christus.
   d) Die val van die mens in sonde, sy behoefte aan die wedergeboorte, wat
      geskied alleenlik deur grond van genade deur die werking van die
      Heilige Gees, en die opstanding van alle mense tot die ewige lewe of
                                    - 18 -

   e) Die skool is aan geen enkele kerk verbind nie, maar sal deel van die
      liggaam van Christus uitmaak. Personeel sal Christene wees.
   f) Personeel sal leerders aanmoedig om mede-leerders regverdig en billik
      te behandel.
   g) Dissiplineer wanneer nodig met liefde en begrip, maar ferm.
   h) Ons bevorder die objektiewe van die NQF soos uiteengesit in SAQA

   a) Die rol van die ouers, veral die vader, kan nie genoeg beklemtoon word
      nie. Die skool wil die ouers in die opvoeding van hulle kinders bystaan,
      en sal dus handel as gedelegeerde outoriteit in skoolverband.
   b) Dit sal van ouers verwag word, om met die kinders se aktiwiteite
      betrokke te wees.
   c) Dit sal ook verwag word dat beginsels en werkgewoontes wat by die
      skool geleer word, ook by die huis toegepas sal word.
   d) Kwartaaliks sal ouervergaderings gereël word om skoolsake te
   e) Bid asseblief vir die skool, personeel en kinders, ons is grootliks
      daarvan afhanklik.

   Daar mag tye kom wanneer u kind verskille met ons standaarde ondervind
   in die proses na Christelike volwassenheid en presentering van akademiese
   vermoë. Dit mag meningsverskille veroorsaak tussen die skool en
   ouerhuis. Sulke insidente word as ‘n geleentheid gesien, om verhoudings te
   bevorder tussen leerder, ouer en skool, tot voordeel van die kind.

   Dissipline is wat vir ‘n kind gedoen word, nie wat aan ‘n kind gedoen word
   As u kind huis toe kom en kla oor discipline beleid of enige insident
   moet u asseblief die volgende prosedures volg:
   a) U moet besef dat u kind se rapportering emosioneel gerig kan wees en
      ook moontlik nie al die inligting bevat nie.
   b) Kontak asseblief die skoolhoof vir volledige feite.
   c) U moet besef dat die skool goeie redes het, vir elke reël wat
      onpartydig toegepas word.
                                   - 19 -

  Dissipline sal ferm, konsekwent, regverdig, getemper met liefde
  toegepas word. Ons personeel handhaaf standaarde van gedrag in die
  skool d.m.v. goedheid, liefde en opregte inagneming van elke leerder.
  In terme van die Nasionale Onderwyswet sal geen lyfstraf toegepas word


   a) Alle aansoeke moet op die voorgeskrewe vorms gedoen word.
   b) Alle aansoeke sal met groot oorleg oorweeg word,
   c) Die skool is vir alle rassegroepe oop.

   Onderrig sal in beide Afrikaans en Engels aangebied word.

   Ons bied aan: die hersiende Nasionale Curriculum verklaring
   (Graad R -9), ontwikkel deur die Departement van Onderwys.
   Ons bied aan: die algemene Taak vir Assesering (CTAs) in Graad 9 of
   die Nasionale Curriculum Verklaring (Graad 10-12)
   ingesluit eksamens ter voorbereiding van die nuwe Nasionale Senior
   Sertifikaat (NSC).
   Ons bied aan: die Addisionele programme en kwalifikasies, geregistreer
   by NQF (vlak 1-4)

   Die leerplan soos voorgeskryf deur die Departement van Onderwys word
   gedek, met gebruikmaking van die Jubilee Christen Metode van onderwys
   met apparaat,asook die Montessori leerplan met apparate. Die onderrig-
   metodes wat gebruik word stel die begaafde kind sowel as die minder
   begaafde kind in staat om saam te werk en voordeel daaruit te put.
   Individuele berading sowel as die onderwyser/kind verhouding (1 tot 15)
   sowel as gesonde Bybel-gerigte beginsels soos liefde, vergifnis, geduld,
   ens, word aangeleer om kinders te help, om volwassenheid te bereik, om
   die eise van die lewe te trotseer.
                                     - 20 -

   ‘n Skooldag begin stiptelik om 07:30 vm – 13:15nm, alhoewel die personeel
   beskikbaar sal wees vanaf 07:15 vm – 13:30nm om voorsiening te maak vir
   vervoerreëlings. Wees asseblief stiptelik in die bring en afhaal van u
   kinders. Deur stiptelikheid van u as ouer voel die kind veilig in ‘sy roetine.
   Skakel asseblief as u kind siek is of nie skool toe kom nie. Moet asseblief
   nie u kind aflaai of alleen laat voordat iemand aan diens is nie.

    Vervoerreëlings is die ouer se verantwoordelikheid. Vervoer saam met
    Onderwysers kan gereël word, tussen ouer en onderwyser in privaat

    Om ons in staat te stel om die finansies met sukses te administreer, is
    die volgende inligting baie belangrik:

   a) Stiptelike betaling van skoolfooie is essensiëel vir die effektiewe
      administrasie van die skool en dit help ons ook om die fooie so laag as
      moontlik te hou.
   b) Skoolfooie is op die eerste dag van die maand betaalbaar. State met
      utstaande balans word huis toe gestuur voor die laaste dag van elke
      maand. Ons verkies dat fooie met ‘n debietorder betaal word sodat dit
      die risiko uitskakel dat ons groot bedrae geld in die kantoor aanhou, en
      dit skakel baie administrasie uit. As u vir enige rede nie u rekening
      betyds kan vereffen nie, moet u asseblief die Hoof by die
      skoolkantoor kontak.
      Debietorder:         Eden Christenskool
                           ABSA Warmbad
                           Rekeningnr 4054711106
   c) Die jaarlikse bedrag vir skoolfooie is versprei oor 12 maande vir u
      gerief en hulp. Betaal dus asseblief u fooie stiptelik.
   d) Na die 7de dag van elke maand sal daar ‘n brief uitgaan om u te
      herhinner aan die uitstaande bedrae. Rekeninge wat nie binne 30 dae
      betaal is nie sal daartoe lei dat u kind/kinders outomaties onder ‘n
      probasie-status by die skool geplaas word.
                                   - 21 -

   e) Ons sal aanaar dat ouers ander reëlings sou tref vir hulle kinders se
      opvoeding as die bedrag na 60 dae nog nie vereffen is nie.
   f) Rekeninge wat onbetaald is na 60 dae word onderhewig aan 2% rente
      per maand wat bereken word vanaf die datum waarop dit betaal moes
      word. Dit is noodsaaklik om die oortrokke koste te dek wat die skool
      se bedryf beïnvloed.
   g) As u u kind uit die skool wil neem, word een maand kennisgewing op
      skrif benodig. U sal verantwoordelik wees vir die betaling van
      skoolfooie vir een maand selfs al verlaat u kind die skool voor die
      tydperk om is. Skoolverslae sal nie aan die nuwe skool gestuur word
      indien alle uitstaande rekeninge nie vereffen is nie.
   h) ‘n Nie-terugbetaalbare registrasiefooi van R300-00 per kind vir die
      huidige jaar, is betaalbaar met aanvaarding.
   i) As u enige probleme het, kan u die skoolkantoor kontak.


   a) Verskaf asseblief ‘n goedgemerkte kosblik.
   b) As u kind sy/haar verjaarsdag saam met ons wil vier, is hy/sy welkom.
      Reël asseblief vooraf by die kantoor.

    Huiswerk: In die vorm van versterkende konsepte, werk wat in die skool
    behandel is, onvoltooide werk in die klas, projekte, take .

14. KLEREDRAG (Merk asb. alle items)
                              GR. 0-12
    DOGTERS                       SEUNS
    SOMER                         SOMER
    Groen romp.                   Khaki langbroek/Khaki kortbroek.
    Wit bloes.                    Khaki hemp.
    Wit kouse.                    Grys kouse.
    Swart skool skoene.           Swart skool skoene.
                                   - 22 -

    WINTER                            WINTER
    Sweetpak/Drimac baadjie.          Sweetpak/Drimac baadjie.
    Groen skooltrui.                  Groen skooltrui.
    Groen “bobby” kouse.              Grys kouse.
    Swart sykouse.                    Swart skool skoene.
    Swart skool skoene.

   Amptelike skoolwapen moet op alle bloese, hemde en baadjies voorkom.
   (Reel asb. by kantoor vir borduring).

    Enige voorbeelde van rotse, blare, voëleiers, neste, skulpe en prente sal
    altyd welkom wees. Moedig u kinders aan wanneer u op uitstappies gaan,
    om uit te kyk vir sulke voorwerpe. Versamel asseblief vir skool-projekte.

    Ons is ‘n geregistreerde skool in terme van die grondwet, Wet 108 van
    1996 asook die Skolewet, Wet 84 van 1996, by die Departement van
    Onderwys. Registrasienommer 1010024.

    Ons speel Rugby, Netbal, Sokker, Atletiek en stoei.

    Ons doen ATKV Redenaarskompetisies, skaak, skoolkampe, seunskampe,
    Pa en seunkampe en leierskampe.

    Leierskap (Leerders )
    Ons leerlingraad vorm deel van die skool bestuurspan.

    Moet asseblief nie huiwer om ons te kontak nie.

    Gerrie van der Merwe
                                                - 23 -


Dankie vir die vertroue om u kind op te lei vir die toekoms. Deel van die
curriculum en ter bevordering van u kind se leerervaring is dit nodig dat ons
die kinders moet vervoer na KAMPE, SPORTBYEEENKOMSTE, TEATER
OPVOERINGS, TUSSEN SKOOL EN WONING, ens. Dit sluit in, vervoer
deur middel van motor, minibus, bus of trein.

Ons benodig u toestemming om u kind te vervoer tensy u self vervoer wil
verskaf. U is welkom om self vervoer te reël.

Voltooi en teken asseblief die volgende:

Ek, ______________________________________________________
Die ouer/voog van ___________________________________________
Verklaar dat ek akkoord gaan met bostaande inligting en toestemming
verleen aan Eden Skool en personeel vir die redes en wyses van vervoer soos
uiteengesit in bostaande paragrawe om my kind te vervoer.

Hiermee vrywaar ek Eden Skool en personeel van enige regsaanspreeklikheid
in ‘n geval van besering of dood soos in bogenoemde paragrawe uiteengesit,
tensy bewyse bestaan dat daar enige nalatigheid of opset betrokke was.

Ek, ___________________________________________ ouer/voog van

onderneem hiermee om by die reëls van Eden Skool te hou, en om die fooie
gereeld te betaal soos gestipuleer.

Geteken __________________________________________________

Op (volle datum) ____________________________________________

Getuie: (1) _________________________________________________

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