Four Steps on How to Apply Body Makeup Like a Pro

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					Four Steps on How to Apply Body Makeup Like a Pro

Here are some simple steps on how to do your body makeup like a professional. If you are
going out and you simply feel really flat-chested or you simply cannot get that cleavage going,
you simply need to put a little makeup on and every guy will be staring at you. This type of
makeup can also do for guys who'd wish to emphasize their abs.

First step is to take a bit very light brown blush and a brush that you can get a whole lot of air
going through. What you do is simply put a bit of powder on the brush. Simply follow where your
natural cleavage is by going up and around in a circle or half a circle. Blend it nicely to give off a
natural effect. As soon as done, step back to make certain that it looks even. For guys, all you
need to do is brush downwards then sideways to give your abs a more toned effect.

Additionally to light brown blush, you would also wish to apply a bronzer to give a more dramatic
and shimmering effect to your body makeup. Following the same path as you applied the brown
blush will finish the look.

4 Quick Tips in Selecting the best Makeup Colors for Your Skin Tone

Usually skin tones would either have pink undertones, olive undertones, or yellow undertones.
For those who are fair-skinned, they generally have pink tones under their skin. Here are some
tips to guide you in choosing the best makeup colors that would suit your skin tone.

You are able to neutralize pink or reddish undertones with yellow powder. So, if you would want
your face to be a bit less rosy, you can simply apply a little bit of yellowish or beige powder to
neutralize the reddish or pinkish undertone. Green tones will also do the same effect. It's also
suggested to steer clear of using oranges, melon, or even coral-colored makeup.

On the other hand, if you have olive skinned, which is a bit darker, the best colors to go with are
golds and corals. Coral-colored blush and lipstick will definitely brighten up your face. Whereas
for gold, don’t make use of it if you have truly fair skin.

In line with applying face makeup, a good trick for running the right colour brush for you is to
pinch your cheek and let the blood rush in your cheek and whatever color you turn, that's the
blush you need.

Hair color is also essential. For those who have blonde and brown streaks, matching gold-
colored makeup will coordinate your look.

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