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India & Sikkim                                                             Indian
                                                                                                Welcome to India, land of a million dreams and
                                                                       Line of
                                                                                                fascinating kaleidoscope of fairy tale palaces, lakes,
                                                                                                temples and gardens. With over 5000 years of
                                                                                                history, culture and religion India offers unique,
                               Amritsar Simla

                                          Chandigarh                                            diverse and exotic charms, sure to leave an impres-
                                                Dehra Dun
                                                                                                                                                     sion. This
                                New Delhi                                                                                                                diverse land
                                                                                                                                                         of contrasts

         Jodhpur                Jaipur
                                            Agra                Lucknow
                                                                                                                                      Kohima          is steeped in

                                                                                                Patna                  Shillang
                                                                                                                                                   history and
               Udaipur                                   Allahabad
                                                                                                                                                 romance - from
                                             Bhopal                                 Ranchi               Kolkata
                                                                                                                                               Himalayan mountain
                                                            Jabalpur                                    (Calcutta)
                                                                                                                                         ranges to ancient palaces
                                                                                                                                     and forts, sacred sites, aban-
                                                                                      Cuttack                                     doned cities, arid deserts and
                   (Bombay)                                                                                               bustling colourful market places.
                                                                                                ‘The best kept secret in the Himalaya’, often known as the “Garden
                                                                                                Kingdom of the Himalaya”, is the small Buddhist state of Sikkim nestling
                                          Hyderabad                                             between Nepal, China, Bhutan and West Bengal (India) with its lush
                                                                                                                           countryside and rugged and dramatic terrain
                                                                                                                           with elevations ranging from 285m to 8540m.
                      Marmagao            Guntakal                                                                         Sikkim is the ultimate paradise for plant lovers
                                                                                  KEY                                      with over 4000 species of flowering plants
                                                                                             Major Cities                  including an incredible 600 species of orchid.
                                  Bangalaore                                                                               For adventure lovers, unrivalled trekking trails
                                               Chennai                                       Railway road
                                               (Madras)                                                                    offer verdant forests, rhododendron covered
                                          Pondicherry                                        Roads                         hillsides, remote monasteries, glaciers, high
                                                                                                                           passes and magnificent mountain views.
                               Calicut                                                       International Boundary        Khanchendzonga (8598m), the third highest
                                                                                             Capital City                  mountain in the world lies within Sikkim and
                                                                                                                           trekking here means travelling through
                                       Madurai                                                                             remote areas of beautiful, untamed,
                                 Tuticorin                                                                                 wilderness.


                         11   GRADE
                                     days                                          Sublime Sikkim
                                                                                   (Pemayangtse and Yuksom) IS-SS
                         Leisure/easy (tour)
                        Max Elevation 1600m                                        A culturally rich tour combining key highlights of Nepal,
                                                                                   Yuksom in West Sikkim, Darjeeling and Gangtok. Experience
                                                                                   the diverse culture and ancient artefacts of Nepal as you visit
                                                                                   stunning World Heritage Sites. Fly to Bhadrapur for the onward
                                                                                   scenic drive to Darjeeling. Highlights include visits to a local
                                                                                   tea garden, the Tibetan Refugee Self Help Center and the
                                                                                   Himalayan Mountaineering Institute. Take in the views on a toy
                                                                                   train ride to Ghoom to visit Ghoom Monastery, the railway
                                                                                   museum and colourful local markets. Experience sunrise and
                                                                                   breathtaking mountain views over the Himalaya from the
                                                                                   summit of Tiger Hill. Visit revered Pemayangtse Monastery,
                                                                                   head of all monasteries of the Nyingma-pa sect of Tibetan
                                                                                   Bhuddism with its walls and ceilings decked in brilliantly hued
                                                                                   frescoes of gods and demons. Make a wish at Kecheopalri Lake,
                                                                                   the wishing lake, considered to be the holiest in Sikkim.
                                                                                   Explore ancient palace ruins and sacred monasteries including
                                                                                   Dubdi, the oldest in Sikkim and Norbu Gang, consecration site
                                                                                   of the first religious king. Visit the Institute of Tibetology and
                                                                                   explore picturesque traditional villages with local handicrafts
                                                                                   centres and flower markets. Fly back to Kathmandu for a visit
                                                                                   to the City of Devotees with time to explore the ancient
                                                                                   streets and relax before departure.

                                                                                   Please refer to the table at the back of this brochure for
                                                                                   details of dates and pricing

                         Wilderness Trek – Kanchenjunga Massif and Goeche La IS-KGOE
                         Trek to the Goche La pass in the West Sikkim Himalaya. Travel over high mountain passes through virgin forests and
                         breathtaking valleys surrounded by snow clad mountains. Enjoy magnificent views of the Kanchenjunga Range from
                         Dzongri and close ups of the Kanchenjunga Massif from Goecha La. Encounter nomadic yak herders and explore

                         traditional nomadic villages and ancient monasteries amid stunning wilderness landscapes. Beautiful scenic drives
                         through typical Sikkimese countryside of terraced rice fields, orange orchards, cardamom and ginger plantations. Trek
            days         through tropical jungle on into temperate forests including magnificent forests of rhododendron, magnolia and silver
                         firs, past cool mountain streams. The snow clad peaks of Narsing, Tenzing Kang and Pandim are so near you feel you
      GRADE              can touch them. Camp beside serene Lake Samity, a sacred lake and place of pilgrimage for devout Buddhists. Trek
      Moderate           through glacial moraines over high Goecha La pass into North Sikkim for magnificent views of the Kangchenjunga
Adventurous/Strenuous    Massif. Travel on through moss and lichen filled jungle to reach Yuksom where the first Chogyal (Religious King) of
 Max Elevation 4940m     Sikkim was crowned in 1642. Visit revered Pemayangste Monastery before travelling on to experience the sights and
                         sounds of Darjeeling. Visit local tea gardens and take a ride on the toy train to Ghoom before the return flight to
                         Kathmandu. Enjoy relaxed sightseeing in Kathmandu Valley including a visit to the City of Devotees.

                         Please refer to the table at the back of this brochure for details of dates and pricing
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                              Singalila Ridge Trek IS-SINGA
                              This trek beginning and ending in Darjeeling takes you along the famed Singalila Range
                              to Sandakphu and Phalut. On the way you will pass through spectacular forests of silver
                              fir, rhododendrons, chestnuts, oaks, magnolias and hemlock. A springtime trek reveals
                              not only stunning views of the mountains but whole hillsides covered with

                              rhododendron and magnolia flowers. A post monsoon trek reveals the mountains in
                              crisper glory when the rains have washed away the haze. The trail from Sandakphu to
            days              Phalut is an exhilarating experience with awesome views of four of the world’s highest
                              mountains: Everest, Makalu, Lhotse and Kanchenjunga in one glance. From Tumling
      GRADE                   enjoy fine views of the Nepalese valleys and the plains of North Bengal with the snow
    Moderate to               fed rivers Teesta to the east and Koshi to the West. Climb through beautiful
Adventurous/Strenuous         rhododendron, silver fir, chestnut and pine forests. Visit the Black Pond at Kalpokhari
 Max Elevation 3636m          where the water is black and never freezes and travel through the Valley of Poison.
                              Bathe in fresh mountain streams and haggle at local bazaars before your return to the
                              charms of Kathmandu. Visit World Heritage sites and relax in the vibrant capital.

                              Please refer to the table at the back of this brochure for details of dates and pricing

       14   GRADE

       Max Elevation 5100m

                                                                     Markha Valley Trek IS-MARKV
                                                                     This is one of the most varied and beautiful treks in
                                                                     the world and the best short trek in the magical
                                                                     timeless land of Ladakh, often known as ‘Little
                                                                     Tibet’. Trek into the Hemis National Park where the
                                                                     trail ventures high into the Himalaya, crossing two
                                                                     high mountain passes and circling the edge of the
                                                                     Indus Valley before descending into Zanskar. Travel
                                                                     through dramatic terrain from beautiful narrow
                                                                     valleys to vast wide open expanses and moonscapes,
                                                                     past picturesque villages and hilltops dotted with
                                                                     grand ancient monasteries in an area where Tibetan
                                                                     Buddhism still flourishes. This is the land of the
                                                                     elusive Snow Leopard, Blue Sheep, Lammergier and
                                                                     Golden Eagle. As you trek to the upper end of the
                                                                     Markha Valley you’ll be rewarded with spectacular
                                                                     views of jagged snow capped peaks before crossing
                                                                     the high Gongmarlu Pass and descending to famous
                                                                     Hemis Monastery where this memorable trek ends.

                                                                     Please refer to the table at the back of this
                                                                     brochure for details of dates and pricing


                      In the footsteps of Buddha IS-BUD
                      Follow in the footsteps of Lord Buddha on this wonderful tour through India and
                      Nepal. From Delhi, travel to Dharamshala, often referred to as Little Lhasa and the
    Easy (Tour)       seat in exile of his Holiness the Dalai Lama. Visit the 'eternal city' of Varanasi on the
                      banks of the sacred River Ganges for an early morning boat ride along the ghats
                      before exploring nearby temples. View outstanding collections of sculpture,
                      paintings and textiles. At Bodh Gaya visit stunning Mahabodhi Temple, a fascinating
                      architectural amalgamation of many centuries and cultures and site of the Bodhi tree
                      under which Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. Visit Kushinagar, a revered place
                      for Buddhist pilgrims where the Mahaparinirvana temple houses the huge statue of
                      the Reclining Buddha, excavated in 1876 and the whole area stands as a memorial
                      site built by devout kings of old. Spend time in the sarced gardens at Lumbini in the
                      southern Terai region of Nepal where Lord Buddha is reputed to have been born and
                      where the Ashokan Pillar erected in 250BC is Nepal's oldest known monument. From
                      here travel on to vibrant Kathmandu where you'll visit stunning World Heritage Sites
                      in Kathmandu and the Valley before returning to Delhi where your tour ends.

                      Please refer to the table at the back of this brochure for details of dates and pricing

                               Grand Rajasthan Tour-Palaces, Citadels & Forts IS-RAJAS
        days                   From the exotic charms, bustling streets, tranquil courtyards and ancient monuments of Delhi to the
                               awesome splendours and romance of commanding forts and luxurious mansions straight from the
 GRADE                         pages of Arabian Nights. Experience the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world and
Leisure/easy                   monument to imagination and love. Explore the grandeur of the Mughal Empire at Agra Fort. See
                               Jaipur, the deserted royal city of red sandstone also known as ‘The Pink City” and wonder at the
                               futuristic Jantar Mantar Observatory. Ascend on elephant back to the Amber Fort, a stunning palace
                               fortress. Journey to the ancient fort city of Ajmer before travelling on to Jaisalmer, in the heart of the
                               Great Indian Desert. Visit commanding desert fortresses, colourful bazaars and serene gardens.
                                Experience an unforgettable sunset camel ride into the sand dunes. Travel on to the imperial city of
                                   Jodhpur, echoing with tales of antiquity in the emptiness of the desert and now the second largest
                                       city of Rajasthan. Journey on to Ranakpur to visit 15th century Jain Temple and the Temple of
                                           the Sun God with their intricate friezes and sculptures. Explore Udaipur, Venice of the East
                                              and the City of Dawn, where exquisite lake palaces shimmer like jewels on Lake Pichola.
                                                 Marvel at the richness of City Palace and the Peacock Courtyard. Relax in serene
                                                    gardens and enjoy a cruise on the placid lake waters before your return drive to
                                                      Delhi where your journey begins and ends.

                                                        Please refer to the table at the back of this brochure for details of dates and
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        13     GRADE
                    days                                 Ladakh -Trans -Himalayan
                                                         Jeep Safari IS-LAD
Max Elevation 5112m (Tanglang La Pass)                   A wonderful journey into Ladakh, the remote borderland area
     Best season June to October                         of the Western Himalaya. This overland tour begins in the
                                                         verdant green valleys of Kullu- Manali before skirting over the
                                                         mysterious valleys of Lahoul and Spiti and climbing over the
                                                         high passes of Tanglang La and Baralacha La to reach the
                                                         awesome vistas of the tablelands of Ladakh, also known as
                                                         'Little Tibet'. We'll drive across three major mountain ranges of
                                                         the Greater Himalaya - Zanskar and Ladakh to the foothills of
                                                         the highest mountain mass in the world - the Karakoram,
                                                         encompassing the world's second highest peak, K2. Enjoy the
                                                         view from the top of Khardong La, the highest motorable pass
                                                         in the world with amazing views south over the Indus Valley to
                                                         teh seemingly endless peaks and ridges of the Zanskar range
                                                         and north to the giants of the Saser Massif. Enjoy a camel safari
                                                         from Sumoor and view ancient treasures and icons. In between
                                                         the high passes, stark moonscapes and stunning gorges you'll
                                                         traverse the legendary Moore plains and the surreal steppes of
                                                         Sarchu before returning to Delhi. Amazing views and
                                                         landscapes throughout.

                                                         Please refer to the table at the back of this brochure for details of
                                                         dates and pricing

                  I just wanted to say thanks                       First we would like to thank you
                    very much for organizing                        and your company for
               such a wonderful holiday. All               organising this trip, it was a dream come
                   the arrangements ran like               true. The ground staff in India and
                   clockwork, the itinerary was            Nepal were pleasant and professional
                ideal for us, and the people on            and everything went smoothly. Their
                  the ground were excellent. We            constant attention was much appreciated.
                        had a great time and an            This devotion to the client makes the
                 enormously varied experience              experience a whole lot more special and
                      of India and Indian life.            memorable. Every little detail had been
                               Thanks so much.             thought out and was clearly explained to
                                                           us, along with a few surprises. It [the
                          ANTONY MORRIS & FAMILY,
                             Valley of Flowers trek &      ceremony] was beautiful and far beyond
                           Golden Triangle Tour, India     we thought was possible. I cannot
                                                           express how much fun we had. I only
                                                           hope that you and your company will
                                                           have the opportunity to fulfil others
                                                           dreams as you did ours.

                                                           SHAUN AND VICTORIA HORROCKS
                                                           wedding blessing at the snowline in Manali

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