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   MyiLibrary contains hundreds of Ebooks on a wide variety of topics.

   Getting started

   Access to MyiLibrary is via Shibboleth (UK Access Federation)

   Off Campus                                      On Campus
       • Open a web browser.                          • Open a web browser.
       • In the URL or location box type:             • In the URL or location box type:             
       • click on Institutional Access             The login should be automatic, if it is not,
       • select location - UK (UK Federation)      please follow the steps below:
       • select Edinburgh Napier University           • click on Institutional Access
       • enter your Edinburgh Napier login            • select location-UK (UK Federation)
                                                      • select Edinburgh Napier University
                                                      • enter your Edinburgh Napier login

     You are now logged into MyiLibrary.              You are now logged into MyiLibrary.

   Alternatively, search for titles using either the classic library catalogue: or the library search tool Discovery: After following links to a MyiLibrary Ebook, you may
   still need to login to MyiLibrary using your Edinburgh Napier login.


   You are automatically taken to the Browse screen, where you can browse
   through books by subject or by publisher. There is a quick search at the top of
   the screen, or you may choose to use the advanced search, (link underneath the
   quick search box).

   1 For browsing subjects and publishers, just click on your choice and the books
     will be displayed. Use the to see further options under a heading.

   2 For simple search, use the drop down option to search Full Text, Keywords,
     Title, ISBN, or Author.

   3 For advanced search, fill in as many or as few of the boxes as you wish.
     When done, click [Start Search].
Displaying results

   •   The results will be sorted by relevance, but you can change this on the
       right side of the screen.
   •   Other options on the right include refining by subject, by title letter, or by

Clicking on the cover or the title will take you to a search results screen. If you’ve
searched by full text, all occurrences of the word in context will be displayed,
otherwise, you will see a screen with information such as publisher, author, and a
brief description. To read the book, click on the cover, title, or [Read book].

Navigating within the book

   •   Use the ‘browse table of contents’ tool on the left to jump to chapters. Use
       the to see section headings within chapters.
   •   Use the navigation tools at the top of the screen to move around, search
       for specific key words, use a dictionary tool, print, and make notes.
   •   There is also an option to export the book’s reference via EndNote, which
       is available to Edinburgh Napier staff and students. Please use the help
       within MyiLibrary if you need more information.

Important: if you repeatedly use the ‘previous/next’ buttons at the top of the
screen to quickly jump from one page to another, the system may think you are
trying to copy multiple pages. This may result in you being temporarily stopped
from using MyiLibrary. Instead use the browse table of contents tool to see what is
contained within the book, or use the search box at the top of the screen to find


Due to copyright restrictions, you can only print or copy small sections of an
Important: MyiLibrary will automatically prevent you from copying/printing once
you have met your quota (this can vary from title to title). If you repeatedly try to
copy or print above set limits, you may be temporarily stopped from using

Creating a personal account

You can create an account by clicking on [Login to my Account]. If you create an
account a password will be sent to your email address. With this account you can
create account settings, view bookmarks/notes you’ve placed on books, and view
saved searches.

To exit, click [Logout of MyiLibrary] and close down your browser.

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