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                                                  Brief of Talks

           Conflict management, diversity, stress management, communication and understanding ones
           Just as the old saying goes that money doesn't bring happiness, I believe the same applies to
           learning "life skills." Money can enhance a person‘s happiness, but it cannot buy it. Life skills can
           also enhance a person's life, but are not a means to all to happiness. It is also wrong to assume
           that the lack of life skills or money necessarily equates to an unhappy unrewarding life.


           Personal development is hard work. If you're looking for shallow quick fixes, you'll need to look
           Time Management: Master your time usage and become extremely productive
           Motivation: Cultivate burning desire to keep you moving towards your goals
           Overcoming Procrastination: Defeat the thief of time
           Goals: Set realistic goals, create action plans, and achieve the results you want
           Courage: Summon the inner strength to take action in spite of fear
           Work/Career: Build a career you're truly passionate about
           Wealth/Money: Achieve financial abundance without compromising your integrity
           Momentum: Develop the ongoing habit of success that keeps your energy and enthusiasm high
           Problem Solving: Confront and solve the hard problems of life, from business to relationships
           Balance: Enjoy the feeling of inner peace by balancing all areas of your life
           Fulfillment: Experience pervasive lifelong fulfillment by living consciously according to your
           deepest values and beliefs
           Consciousness: Raise your awareness and live more consciously than ever before


           Our up bringing and past play a vital role in a majority of what decisions we make in life.
           The “what we know” feel stays with us in social, work and family circles. When we have new
           challenges ….who pops up? Yes, its the “what we know“ man. Learning to be able to respect
           one another’s feelings and opinions is imperative to developing, not only the organization, but
           also ones self. Getting rid of that ego and working together to achieve what is important to us. In
           today’s fast paced working environment, the ones to get left behind are always the ones we are
           working for in the first place.


           1. Understand that taking 15 minutes to laugh will increase productivity, not reduce it. Nothing
           clears cobwebs more effectively than laughter. If your organization is results-driven, your people

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                             Neil Burnett – 082 552 6436 or Jenny von Gogh – 083 762 5983
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           will enjoy and benefit from the fun they have at work and will not let the fun interfere with their
           2. Provide a forum for everyone to collect and share their favorite cartoons, jokes, and stories.
           People connect through shared laughter, wit, and appreciation of irony. Encourage everyone,
           from the top down, to bring in jokes, cartoons and stories that tickled, or even flabbergasted,
           them. Encourage people to congregate there as time permits and share a laugh or two.
           3. Encourage everyone to take a few minutes to do something uniquely their own to break the
           A short break from routine can reinvigorate the thought processes. Take short breaks yourself
           and encourage others to take them. Do whatever helps you to truly disengage from the issue,
           problem or project at hand. One might listen to his favorite music on headphones, while another
           walks around the block. Encourage people to share their methods for relieving tension; laugh
           about the more outrageous ones; enjoy the different ways people find to lighten the atmosphere
           in which they work. Some might find they enjoy doing some tension-breakers together.
           4. Learn to look at the humor in negative situations. Lead the way in making jokes about a difficult
           situation your company is experiencing. When people can laugh in the midst of a horrendous
           deadline, make fun of themselves after making a mistake, share the ludicrousness of a bad
           experience with a very difficult customer, they open themselves up to more creative solutions to
           those difficult issues and situations. They also clear the way for themselves and others to work on
           those issues with greater enthusiasm and clarity.
           5. Ask for employees' ideas for ways to add fun to the workplace. Don't do all the work of figuring
           out what would be fun at your workplace--let employees bring their ideas to the table. Consider
           creating a committee whose job is to dream up ways for bringing fun into the office. Let people
           use their creativity to raise the level of laughter, and there will be creativity left over for
           accomplishing job objectives. Everyone--from the CEO and upper management to part-time
           employees--benefits from laughing on the job. People like to go to work when they can expect to
           have a good time while doing a good job.


           One of the monsters of creating an effective environment in growing organizations is
           “communication”. No one wants to hear it, but it’s true. Communication isn’t working for most
           organizations. Why? Simple. E-mail, newsletters, filtering of information, transparency as well as
           not being approachable play important roles in the downfall of communication. Being humble and
           transparent in decisions in all areas of the organization creates trust and support from the staff
           .What more would you need?
           Everyone surging in the same direction is a force that cannot be stopped!!


           Driving results through people is the key to enhancing efficiencies in your organization. This
           approach allows space for conventional skill based communications as well as focusing on the
           individual issues that enhance performance and the pay offs of this are significant. Empowering
           people will highlight leaders, to step up to the plate and increase company productivity.
           Here are some basic steps to get the ball rolling on creating that culture:

                  '+27 12 253 1219 or '+27 12 259 0113 › P O Box 430, Hartbeespoort, 0216
                             Neil Burnett – 082 552 6436 or Jenny von Gogh – 083 762 5983
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                                                   CK 1989 / 024007 / 23

           Get a cluster of culture passion pushers.
           Creating a vision through transparency
            Filter frenzy.
           Align the passion and drive.
           Stepping up to the plate
           Make it happen
           No lagging
           To enhance an organizations culture is to assist individuals and teams to focus on possibilities
           and eliminate limitations. It helps people over come obstacles to their success, including their
           attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. What emerges is an organizational culture which is committed,
           creative and innovative in the individuals thinking.
           In summary, the culture encourages a greater flexibility and adaptability to change – a key
           business attribute in today’s environment. The result? A stronger bottom line.

                  '+27 12 253 1219 or '+27 12 259 0113 › P O Box 430, Hartbeespoort, 0216
                             Neil Burnett – 082 552 6436 or Jenny von Gogh – 083 762 5983

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