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Are you considering a career in MLM Marketing or are you struggling to achieve success in MLM Marketing? Then read this guide to learn exactly what you need to know before you get started!

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MLM Marketing - Is it right for you?

Well that’s a good question and one I guess only you can answer. But in order
to make an informed decision it’s important that you find out as much about
MLM Marketing as you can.

So to begin with it’s worth understanding that MLM Marketing is also often
referred to as Multilevel Marketing or Network Marketing. However it’s
referred to, it all means the same thing.

Depending on where you look, you may find that MLM has a poor reputation.
Many people think that all MLM Marketing opportunities are scams. Worse
still, some people think that they are pyramid schemes. So it’s worth clarifying
that point straight away - MLM Marketing businesses are not pyramid
schemes. Pyramid schemes encourage people to pay a fee to join in return for
nothing. There is no end user product. They in turn encourage more people to
join and make money from their fee who will go on to encourage more people
to join in order for them to make money. And so it goes on. This is not what
MLM Marketing is about at all.

MLM Marketing is ultimately all about providing the end user with a product or
a service. Rather than selling this product or service via regular retail methods,
companies that decide to use MLM Marketing do so in the knowledge that a
strong network of distributors or representatives can produce fantastic results.
This is generally because a network of self-employed people who are
dependent upon their own success for their salary are likely be far more
motivated than a company full of employees receiving a salary regardless of
how many products they sell.

On joining an MLM Marketing business you have two main choices as to the
route you wish to take. If you want to make a little extra income, maybe to
supplement your full time job or pay for luxuries like your annual holiday, then
being a distributor in the right MLM Marketing Company can help you to

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achieve this. However many people get in to the world of MLM Marketing to
achieve a lot more than this. And it is certainly is possible if you know how.
Some of the most successful people in the industry really do achieve incredible
wealth. The opportunity really is there, unfortunately however, most people
who enter this industry do not know how to make the most of it.

Within the world of MLM Marketing you have an up-line and a down-line.
Immediately within your up-line you will have your sponsor. This is the person
that brought you in to the business. They in turn will have a sponsor who
brought them in to the business who will have their own sponsor and so on.
This is your up-line. Whichever MLM Marketing company you decide you can
then decide whether you are just looking for some extra pocket money and
remain as a distributor, or you can also choose to bring new distributors in to
the business, in which case you become their sponsor and they become your
down-line. As they bring more people in to the business your down-line will
grow. Now you will not only earn commission on the products that you sell
yourself, but you will also earn on the products that your down-line sell. It
depends on the company as to how many levels down this will apply to but as
a fairly common average; you can expect to earn commission on anywhere
from the first 3 to 5 levels of your down-line.

So you can see clearly from this, the more distributors you sponsor in to your
MLM Marketing business and the more they sponsor in to the business the
more money you are able to earn. And that’s only right because it ultimately
means that the company is selling more products to the end user – the people
who buy the products.

So it sounds fairly simple – and in theory it is. Especially if you only want to be
a MLM marketing distributor and you are confident that you have enough
family, friends, work colleagues, neighbours and acquaintances to regularly
buy products from you and in turn provide you with an income. The difficulty
arises when you decide that you want to go further in MLM Marketing and
really generate an amazing income and therefore lifestyle. In order to do this
you need to be able to do two key things:

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   1) You need to be able to sponsor lots of people in to your MLM Marketing
   2) You have to be able to provide the help, coaching, support and
      encouragement to those people to ensure that they are successful.

One of main difficulties within the world of MLM Marketing is that you are not
only reliant upon yourself for your success. If your down-line is not amazingly
successful, then you are never going to be amazingly successful. Even if you
manage to bring in lots of distributors, if they can’t go on to do the same thing,
your business is not going to grow in to the business you need it to be in order
for you to achieve true success. So your key objective when entering the world
of MLM Marketing is firstly to understand how you personally can be
successful and then secondly to understand exactly how you are going to help
your down-line to be successful.

Now every MLM Marketing company will tell you that theirs is a duplicable
system. In fact they are going to tell you that all you have to do is talk to three
people, who will then talk to three people, who will then talk to three people
and before you know it, you’ve made yourself a fortune. Please do not be
fooled by this. If only it worked that way, the world would be inundated with
MLM millionaires! As it is you have two key barriers to overcome:

   1) How do you find people who want to join your MLM marketing
   2) Once they have joined your business how to you make them successful?

Well, let me tell you, you certainly do not use any of the old school tactics that
your up-line may tell you about. These are some things that you should never
ever do:

    Do not write a list of everyone you have ever met in your life in the hope
     that many of them will want to join your business.
    Do not throw ‘parties’ that turn in to a sales pitch about why all of your
     guests should join your business.
    Do not pressurise your family and friends in to joining you in business.
    Do not give out flyers, leaflets of leave cards on car windshields.
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    Do not spend all day every day cold calling.
    And never, ever pay money to buy leads!

If someone ever tries to tell you about the 3 foot rule then ignore them! And if
they begin to recommend you start to strike up conversations with people at
the gas station or in the supermarket queue – just don’t do it! Believe me
when I tell you that is never going to be the way to really succeed in the MLM
marketing industry!

Instead you need to go out and get some proper training on exactly how you
can achieve incredible success within MLM Marketing. And if you haven’t yet
selected the company that you would like to work with then let me give you
this piece of advice – a good sponsor is difficult to find but is worth their
weight in gold. In fact, the sponsor that you choose to work with is far more
important than the company that you choose to work with. Your company can
never make you successful. No matter how good the compensation plan, your
MLM marketing company is not going to take you by the hand and coach and
mentor you all the way to success, but your sponsor will. That is if you have
selected your sponsor wisely. So please take as much time in considering your
sponsor as you do in considering your company. Remember, your success is
vital to your sponsor’s success. The best sponsors very much understand this
and therefore will be committed to providing you with the best level of
support they possibly can.

So once you have selected your sponsor you then need to understand just
what you need to do to bring distributors in to your down-line. Luckily your
sponsor is going to take you by the hand and coach you through every step of
this – but they can’t do it for you. You need to do this for yourself. So
remember that you very first key to success is your action. If you don’t take
action, you won’t succeed. So don’t put it off until tomorrow – make a start
right now!

Next you need to understand the techniques that you need to follow to attract
people to want to work with you. Get this right and you are really on the path

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to your own pot of MLM marketing gold! Get it wrong and all you’re likely to
do is waste a fortune trying!

So I cannot put enough emphasis on the importance of you getting some
proper MLM marketing training and mentorship. There is a lot of training
available out there on-line and much of it free. However please do be careful.
A lot of people are very keen to encourage you spend your hard earned money
on solutions that are going to do it all for you without you lifting a finger and
they can be very persuasive. Believe me when I tell you that 99 out of 100 of
these so called automated solutions will produce very little (if anything) for
you. The best advice I could give you is to do your research thoroughly and
learn how you can do this for yourself. That is the best path you could possibly
take if you want to achieve true success in MLM Marketing!

Laura Milne is the author of The MLM Success Handbook and Ten Top Traffic
Secrets To Explode Your Traffic. A committed blogger she aims to give her
readers and visitors as much value as she can to help them to achieve true
success in this industry!

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