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					Muay Thai
             Hing Dai (Brothers)
                     Tim Kimball
                  Loren Garrone
                Dominic Lockhart
                  Robert Nooney
                        Elvin Vu
                 Sam Waniewski
                      John Weis
Presentation Overview
 History of Thai     Muay Thai in
  People               Media
 History of sport    Bell’s Level of
 Equipment            SGP
 Rules               Economic Impact
 Wai Khru            Expansion &
 Moves                Adaptation
 Terminology         Review Questions
 Fighters            Activity Overview
History of Thai People
Migrated from Southern China
Unified Kingdom in 14th Century
Constant conflict
Always independent (Thai=Free)
History of Sport
Began in Military
Ayutthaya- Ancient Thai capital for
 400 years
History of Sport
Original writings lost in territorial
Reign of Tiger King- Hands/
 forearms bound with horse hair
 dipped in glass
No weight classes
History of Sport
School curriculum
Suam Gularb- first Thai stadium
Punching bag   Gloves and Hand
Let’s Get Ready to Rumble
Fighters must be trained by a Muay
 Thai teacher
Contestants weigh in before fights
Boxers are required to do the Wai
 Khru ritual dance before fighting
Fight Rules
Wai Khru
- A traditional dance and prayer
- Pays respect to teachers
- literally means (respect to
-Part of Muay Thai
Wai Khru
Mae Mai Muay Thai (15)= master
Look Mai Muay Thai (15)= detailed,
after Mae Mai
Cherng Muay Thai (65)= traditional
Kon muay (82)= traditional technique
     -Jujom = offense or attack
     -Kae = defense or counter
     Mad = punches or fists
     Sok = Elbows
     Kao = Knees
     Tao = Feet or kicks
Jujom = offense or attack
Kao = use of knees
Then Kon Muay Jujom Kao = attack using
“Hak Kor Aiyara”

Kon Muay Jujom Kao

“break the elephants neck ”

Clinch and attack with knee
The Clinch
Unique to Muay Thai --> “Thai Clinch”

Control over opponents head and neck

Usually supplemented
with knee and elbow
          -Hak Kor Aiyara
Kick loses to Punch,
Punch loses to Knee,
Knee loses to Elbow,
 Elbow loses to Kick
Diesel Noi “'the knees that knocked holes in the sky”
Full name: Charin Sorndee Deisel Noi Chor Thanasukarn

Win: Over 50 consecutive
Loss: no recorded loss
Association: Sor
Banchongsak Camp
Height 6’0
Weight 140
Style Muay Thai
Birth Date: December 26,
1961 Country Thai Land
-abandoned his title,
because he could find no
worthy competitors.
Ramon Dekker
       Name: Ramon Dekker
       Nickname: The Diamond
       Country: Holland
       Style: Muay Thai / Kickboxing
       Date of Birth: 4 September 1969
       Height: 5’ 7
       Weight: 158 Lbs
       Record: 175-24-1 (90 By KO) -One of
       the most famous “Farang” (foreigner of
       European decent) Muay Thai fighter of
       all time.
       -Eight time Muay Thai kickboxing world
       -First foreigner to win Muay Thai fighter
       of the year award.
    Remy Bonjasky
 "The Flying Gentleman“
Win 29
Loss 9
Association Mejiro Gym
Height 6'4
Weight 230
Style Muay Thai
Birth Date 1-10-1976
Country Holland


K-1 WORLD GP 2003 in Las Vegas
WORLD GP 2003
K-1 WORLD GP 2004

Remy is well-known with his flying knee
and sky kicks
Michael "Black Sniper" McDonald

Win: 49
Association : Team Sniper
Country : Canada
Height: 5'11
Weight : 209 lbs

•K-1 North American Grand-Prix 2004
•K-1 North American Grand-Prix 2002
•K-1 USA 2002
•W.K.C. World Cruiser Weight
•W.K.A. North American Heavyweight
•Canadian Heavyweight
Muay Thai in Media
 – Tony Jaa, “The Thai Warrior”
 – Nong Toom, National Boxing Icon
Video Games
 – Sagat, Street Fighter
 – Joe, Fatal Fury
 – Zack, Dead or Alive
Tony Jaa
Recently in 2005 Released Ong
 Bak: The Thai Warrior, in US
Compared to great martial artists
 like Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Bruce Lee
The future of Martial Arts
World Wide fame as Muay Thai
 Action Star
Tony Jaa
Nong Toom
 Born a Male
 A national icon
  – Dedication
  – Championship
  – Overcomes
 Movie created based
  on her story.
  – Beautiful Boxer
Beautiful Boxer

 Winner Grand Prix                   Winner Best Actor
   – Brussels International Film        – Supannahongsa Award Thai
     Festival 2004                        Academy Awards
 Winner Grand Prix                   Winner Best Makeup
   – Montreal Image+Nation              – Supannahongsa Award Thai
     International Film Festival 2004     Academy Awards
 Winner Best Film                    Winner Emerging Talent
   – 19th Torino Festival               – Ekachai Uekrongtham Outfest
     Internazionale Film Festival         2004 Los Angeles
     2004                             Winner Gehitu Sebastian Award
 Winner Best Film                      – Ekachai Uekrongtham San
   –   18thMilano International           Sebastian international Film
       Lesbian & Gay Film Festival        Festival
       2004                           Winner Jury Prize
 Winner Best Narrative Feature         – Skeive Filmer Norway
   – HBO Audience Award Seattle           International Film Festival
     Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
Beautiful Boxer
Bell’s Level of SGP
  – National Sport of Thailand
  – Recognized Internationally
Economic Impact
 Betting on fighters
 Equipment sold, and souvenirs
–   Sparing Mitts - $100   –Sparing Gloves - $90
–   Tickets - $16          –Shorts - $60
–   Head Gear - $95        –Sparing Pads - $140
–   6ft. Bag - $150        –Ankle support - $30
–   Shin Guards - $80
Training Camp
115,000 baht ($3560)
  – 6 Weeks
  – Flight
  – Hotel
  – Meals
  – Training
  – Extracurricular activities
  – Country tour
Expansion & Adaptation
              Originally named
               “Kaad Chuek”.
              Muay Thai got its
               name after
               western-styles of
              The story of Jia
 Expansion & Adaptation
 By 1950’s
  introduction of
  ranking system:
  – 8 weight divisions
 and Lumpinee
 (Stadiums) were
 built in Bangkok
 •Muay Thai
 adopted standard
Expansion & Adaptation
            70’s became the golden
             decade for Muay Thai
            The United States
             claimed its first Muay
             Thai Kickboxing
             organization in 68
            Ajarn Surachai “Chai”
             Sirisute founded The
             Thai Boxing Association
             of the USA (TBA-USA).
            Today there are over
             100 Muay Thai
             organizations around
             the world.
 History
 Rules
 Technique
 Popular Fighters
 Media
 Bell’s Level of SPG
 Economic Impact
 Expansion & Adaptation
                   Review Questions
   How many judges in a contest?
       Three
   What level of SPG is Muay Thai?
       Imperialistic
   What were fighters’ hands dipped in before
       Glass, Glue
   T or F, the use of elbows are legal in Muay
       True
   What country did Muay Thai originate?
       Thailand
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                Activity Overview
 Split into your presentation groups
 We will be doing techniques
     Elbows
     Kicks
     Clinch   with
The End
            Additional Videos


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