abu nawas by helmiarifin



       This story tells about two people, they are Abu Nawas and Abu Jahal. Abu
Nawas is protagonist and Abu Jahal is antagonis. Abu Nawas is good people, he
always help his neighbor. But Abu Jahal is a cruel robs, many people hate him. One
day they have a conflict, when Abu Nawas take the Abu Jahal’s treasure in a cave.
The treasure is got, because Abu Jahal always robs the people in the village. The
conflict is climacs when Abu Jahal knows that Abu Nawas is a person who takes his
treasure. So Abu Jahal take his treasure from Abu Nawas. First, his friend’s give sign
“X” to Abu Nawas’s house so he can find Abu Nawas’s house easily. Second, Abu
Jahal’ will rob Abu Nawas’s house with his friend, he like a oil olive seller. But
Aisyah and Fatimah fail Abu Jahal’s plan.
       Finally Abu Jahal will kill Abu Nawas, and this last plan can be failed by
Aisyah and Fatimah. In the contrast Fatimah kills Abu Jahal so he is dead. It teach to
us if goodness always win than the badness. So this story can be maked a education
for us and it support us to do a goodness.
                            ABU NAWAS STORY
                      “THE TREASURE FINDING”

       One upon a time, there lived a man named Abu Nawas. He lived with his wife
and his friend in the Middle East country. His wife was called Aisyah and his friend
was call Fatimah. Abu Nawas had a servant, he was robber named Abu Jahal and his
friend, Siroh and Siyah. One day Abu Jahal robed the people in the village, then he
saved gold money and many kinds goods was made from gold in a big cave, such as :
gold statue, ear rings, necklace, bracelet etc. This cave was very unique, this cave
only can be opened by Abu Jahal with a magic sentences. No one knew about the
magic spells to open the cave. But an old woman named Khadijah knew about Abu
Jahal’s magic spells, she ever sah Abu Jahal when he opened the cave.
       Abu Nawas met with Khadijah, she told him about abu Jahal’s secret. First
time he didn’t believe her, then in other time he tried the magic sentences was gived
by Khadijah to open the cave. Finally, he could open the cave and saw may gold
money and gold statue in there. He was surprised and brough it to go home. In his
house, his wife was very happy, she saw her husband bring many gold money and
gold statue. Now they were a rich people in their village. But they didn’t forget with
their neighbor, the divided their money to other neighbor in their village.
       One day, Abu Jahal was angry when he knew that his treasure was stolen by
someone. He always sought a person who steals his treasure. Finally, he knew that a
person who steals his treasure was Abu Nawas. He would tahe his treasure from Abu
Nawas, but it was difficult, because Abu Nawas had a clever monkey, his wife and
his friend were smart so they could fail Abu Jahal’s plan to take the treasure from
Abu Nawas. In the end, Fatimah killed Abu Jahal and he was dead. Now Abu Nawas
and other people live peacefully in their village.
                          THE ACT DIVIDING

1.   Muhammad Zainudin       as Abu Nawas
2.   Meisa Reni K.           as Aisyah
3.   Citra Arum P.           as Fatimah
4.   Didik Kurniawan         as Abu Jahal
5.   Siti Tri Budiharti      as Siroh
6.   Miftahul Jannah         as Siyah
7.   Wilda Hasanah           as Khadijah
8.   Arinie Hidayah          as Servant + Figural

       Once upon a time, there was a cruel robber named Abu Jahal and his
friends were live in Middle East country. They always rob the goods and money
from the people in village.
Abu Jahal   : “Friend, take all their money and goods from that house…!”
Siroh       : “Okay boss……”
Siyah       : “Hi…..!! Give all your money, now….!!”
People      : “Please, don’t take our money, Mister? We don’t have money
              anymore, so if you take our money we can not live….”
Abu Jahal   : “That’s not my problem….!! Friend, let’s take their money….!!”
Siroh       : “Okay, you can choose, we will kill you or give all your money to
People      : “Oh my God, please don’t take my money, mister. I hope….
Siyah       : “Ha… ha….. That’s better for you to give your money now, but if
              you don’t give your money. We will kill you…!”
People      : “Mr… we hope…….??!!” (crying)
Abu Jahal   : “Don’t you ever thinking of them, take all off their money
      That people was very sad, now they don’t have any money and they don’t
even know how to do to their life. Meanwhile, Abu Jahal and his friends go to the
Abu Jahal   : “Now, I will open this cave…. Syaitonirrojim mangkuuka
              hadzagua. (The cave was open). Put that money in the cave and
              after that go out quickly, let’s go……?!!!”
Siroh       : “Okay boss…..!”
Siyah       : “Yes, Sir……”
Abu Jahal   : “Hurry up, before other people know…………. Syaitonirrojim
              Mangdzudzub Hadzagua… “ (The cave was close)
      Then, they go home. But they don’t know, there was someone who spies
them, her name is Khadijah. One day, she meets Abu Nawas, and she tells him
about Abu Jahal and his friends.
Khadijah    : “Hi Abu Nawas, how are you? Where do you go?”
Abu Nawas : “I’m fine. I will go to the river behind this mountain to take a bath
            with my monkey. Nice to meet you, Khadihah….?!”
Khadijah    : “Nice to meet you too, Abu Nawas. By the way, I will tell you
              something about a secret. Do you have a time?”
Abu Nawas : “Sure…. What will you tell me about?”
Khadijah     : “Did you know that in the village which near our village lived a
               cruel robber named Abu Jahal. Abu Jahal and his friends always
               rob the people, so they are very pity. They put their robbery in the
               cave. So, can you help the people were lived in that village?”
Abu Nawas : “Sure… So, what should I do to help them…???”
Khadijah     : “You must take the money and gold in that cave. The cave
               located in the middle of the forest which near our village.”
Abu Nawas : “It’s very impossible, that cave is closed by a big stone.”
Khadijah     : “That’s very easy. You just use the magic spells to open the cave.
               To open the cave you just say : Syaitonirrojim mangkuuka
               hadzagua” and if you want to close the cave say : Syaitonirrojim
               Mangdzudzub Hadzagua. That’s so easy, isn’t it?”
Abu Nawas : “I don’t believe it, are you kidding?”
Khadijah     : “No, I’m serious. So, if you want to help people, just do it. I’m
               counting on you…….” (Then Khadijah leave Abu Nawas alone)
Abu Nawas : “Okay, I want to prove it, I want to help people but not now. I will
            go to that cave tonight.” (He continue to go to the river)
In the night time
Abu Nawas : (He takes his monkey to go to the cave) “Okay monkey, please be
            my friend and we will go to the cave in there!”
Finally, Abu Nawas is in front of the cave but he was not sure
Abu Nawas : “Syyyaaaaa…… Oh my God. I can’t do it, please help me!
            Syaitonirrojim mangkuuka hadzagua.”
Suddenly, the cave is open
Abu Nawas : “Oh may God, that’s gold money!!!! Wow, this statue is very
            beautiful. Ha….ha……ha…. I’ll become a rich man.
               Syaitonirrojim Mangdzudzub Hadzagua” (the cave was closed)
Then, he takes a gold money and statue to go home.

In his house, in the morning
Abu Nawas : “My darling, come out here…! I will show you something.”
Aisyah       : “Wait a minute! What will you show to me, darling….?”
Abu Nawas : “Okay, have you ever seen this stuff before….?” (Abu Nawas
            shows the gold money and statue to his wife)
Aisyah       : “Oh may God!! Where did you get this stuff, darling?”
Abu Nawas : “That’s not important. Now, we become a rich people. So please
            help me to divide this money to our neighbor tomorrow, okay…?”
Aisyah        : “Okay darling, I will ask Fatimah to help you tomorrow.”
Abu Nawas : “That’s a good idea…”
        In the next day, Abu Nawas divides his money to the other people.
Abu Nawas : “Okay my neighbor, come here please. I will give my money to all
            of you and use it for your life.”
May people come to Abu Nawas’s house
       But meanwhile, Abu Jahal is very angry because he knows that his
treasure was stolen by someone. Then he asks Siyah and Siroh to seek person
who steal his treasure.
      Siroh and Siyah also go to Abu Nawas’s house to take the money and
they see a gold bird statue which same as Abu Jahal’s mine. They see the gold
money too, it looks like Abu Jahal’s money. So they’re sure that Abu Nawas was
a man who took Abu Jahal’s treasures.
Siroh         : “Hi Abu Nawas, where did you get this money?”
Abu Nawas : “That’s not important. Come here, and take this…..!”
Siyah         : “I’m sure that you were stole our treasure in the cave?”
Abu Nawas : “No…. I’m not stole it. But I took it because this money belong to
            the people that you robed….??!!”
       Siyah and Siroh try to take the gold money and statue from Abu Nawas,
but Abu Nawas try to depend it and then Abu Nawas come in to his house and
close the door.
Abu Nawas : “Oh my God! Darling, we must careful to those men, because
            they will take our money back?”
Fatimah       : “Yes I know, they are Abu Jahal’s friend a cruel robber from side
Abu Nawas : “You know it….?”
Fatimah       : “Yes, I know. But never mind I will help you to depend this thing
                from Abu Jahal and his friend.”
Abu Nawas : “Thank you……”
Aisyah        : “Okay, we must more be careful, now.”
Abu Nawas : “Siti, come here please….!”
Servant       : “Yes Sir, what can I do for you….?”
Abu Nawas : “Listen, you must keep the house more carefully. Do not leave the
            door unlocked. And if there is someone knocked the door and you
            don’t know him, don’t try to open it before you ask me or my wife.
            Do you understand…??”
Servant       : Yes Sir, I understand…”
Meanwhile, in the other place
Siroh        : “Boss… I know whose the man was stole our treasure, now?”
Abu Jahal    : “Oh, Who is he….??”
Siroh        : “Abu Nawas was the man who stole our treasure.”
Abu Jahal    : “Are you sure, Siroh?
Siyah        : “Yes we sure, Boss. Because we see your gold money and gold
               statue in Abu Nawas’s house.”
Abu Jahal    : “Damn…!!! Okay, you must seek Abu Nawas’s house tomorrow
               and take all of the money and statue from him.”
       In the next day, Siroh and Siyah seek Abu Nawas’s house. And they give
“X” signal in the door, but Aisyah and Fatimah know it.
Aisyah       : “What do you think, Fatimah? They’re giving “X” signal to our
               door, what’s the meaning of that?”
Fatimah      : “Don’t you know them, they are Abu Jahal’s friend. I’m sure that
               they will take the money back. But don’t worry, I have an idea……
               We’re going to give “X” signal to the entire house in this village.
               So they can’t find our house, What do you think about it….!?”
Aisyah       : “Yeah… That’s a good idea! Come on, let’s give “X” signal to the
               entire house in this village!”
In Abu Jahal’s house
Siroh        : “Boss… We already find Abu Nawas’s house.”
Abu Jahal    : “That’s good, and tomorrow we’ll going to that house to take our
               money back. But did you forget it? There were so many houses in
               that village, how can we find Abu Nawas’s house?”
Siyah        : “Don’t worry Boss, we give “X” signal in Abu Nawas’s house.
Abu Jahal    : “Hey… where’s Abu Nawas’s house? Look, there is too many “X”
               signal house in here! How can we find his house? Are you kidding
               me…???” (Abu Jahal was so angry)
Siroh        : “No, I don’t know that. Yesterday, there’s only one house that
               we’ll gave “X” signal. But now……. I don’t believe it??!!“
Abu Jahal    : “You’re stupid…..!!”
      Then, they go home. But before that, they see Abu Nawas come in to one
house. So they know which one is Abu Nawas’s house.
Abu Jahal    : “Don’t be happy, Abu Nawas. I have another plan to take my
               money back, he…..he….he…!!?”
        Abu Jahal will going to Abu Nawas’s house next time.
Abu Jahal   : “Siyah….Siroh……, next time we’re going to Abu Nawas’s house
              as an “Olive oil” seller.”
Sir + Siy   : “Yes Boss….”
      In another day, they pretend to be an “Olive oil” seller with two drums. In
those drums, there’s Siroh and Siyah.
Abu Jahal   : Listen to me, when I say “Olive oil” you must go out from these
              drums and go to Abu Nawas’s house. Dou you understand?”
Sir + Siy   : “Yes…..”
Abu Jahal   : “Assalamu’alaikum……”
Abu Nawas : “Wa’alaikum salam, what can I help you, sir…..?”
Abu Jahal   : “I have no place to sleep, Sir. May I stay in your house for one
              night, please?”
Abu Nawas : “But, who are you?”
Abu Jahal   : “I’m an “Olive oil” seller, Sir.”
Abu Nawas : “Okay, no problem. You can stay in here. Siti. ! Can you prepare
            that room for this guest, please?”
Servant     : “Yes Sir….”
Abu Nawas : “Come in…. You can go to your room, now.”
Abu Nawas : “Thanks a lot, sir…”
        But Fatimah and Aisyah know that he is Abu Jahal and they make a plan
to failed Abu Jahal’s plan.
Aisyah      : “Siti, can you cook that water until boil, please?”
Fatimah     : “What is your plan?”
Aisyah      : “This hot water will be poured to those drums, because there was
              Abu Jahal’s friend in there.”
Fatimah     : “I agree, so they can not help Abu Jahal to robe this house.”
At 24.00 o’clock
Aisyah      : “Let’s pour this hot water to those drums, Fatimah!”
Fatimah     : “Alright, but keep quite okay? So, Abu Jahal doesn’t know what
              we’re doing now.”
They pour the hot water to the drums, and Abu Jahal’s friends are dead.
Abu Jahal   : “Now it’s time to do my plan. “Olive oil”…… “Olive oil”…….. Hey,
              come out…… (but there is no one come out from that drum). Hey,
              are you sleeping…??” (Abu Jahal opens the drum)
Abu Jahal   : “Oh my God, what’s going on…? How come…. they’re all dead?”
Abu Nawas : “Hey Abu Jahal…! You can’t rob my house, don’t you ever think to
            take your money back. These things belong to many people that
            you robed before. I took it for them….”
Abu Jahal    : “Don’t be so happy, Abu Nawas? I don’t give up, I will prove it to
               you that I can take off my stuffs back…….!”
Abu Jahal walking out through the house

      It’s the last plan, Abu Jahal will kill Abu Nawas and take off his money too.
Then, Abu Jahal comes again to Abu Nawas’s house. Now, he pretends to be an
Abu Nawas’s friend.
Abu Jahal : “Assalamu’alaikum……”
Abu Nawas : “Wa’alaikum salam, who are you…..?”
Abu Jahal    : “Don’t you remember me? I’m your friend…?”
Abu Nawas : “Wait a minute….. I’m sorry I forgot. Have we ever met before?
            But never mind, sit down, please…!”
      Then, they’re having conversation in the living room. Suddenly, Abu Jahal
takes off the sword from his clothes and try to kill Abu Nawas. Abu Nawas don’t
know that, but Aisyah and Fatimah know Abu Jahal’s plan. Now, its second time
Abu Jahal try to kill Abu Nawas.
Aisyah       : “I’m sorry, Sir. Let’s have a lunch in the dining room.”
Abu Jahal    : “No thanks, I’m not hungry…”
Abu Nawas : “Please…. Let’s eat together! My wife already makes a special
            food for you.”
They go to the dining room
Aisyah       : “Before we have a lunch, my friend will show you the snake
Abu Nawas : “The snake dance….?? Yeah… that’s good! What do you think,
Abu Jahal    : “Yeah… that’s beautiful….. but I’m bored…?”
      When Fatimah dancing, she gives a drink to Abu Jahal, she gives a
poison to that drink.
Fatimah      : “Please, drink this, sir…?”
Abu Jahal    : “Okay, thank you….” (but Abu Jahal does not drink it)
      Finally, Abu Jahal takes the sword from his clothes. But Fatimah takes
Abu Jahal’s sword first and use his sword to kill him. Abu Nawas and his wife are

                              THE END

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